Title: The List of Amazing Awesomeness

Chapter One: The Pact of an Unforgettable Summer

"Samantha... what are you doing?" Her best friend, Cassandra Green, stared at Reina, eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"... Nothing." Reina lied.

"Fiddlesticks. You have that look. That means you're up to something." Cassandra retorted, placing her hands on her hips confidently, her eyebrow raised in a cool manner.


"Samantha." Uh-oh, that one had the warning tone.

"...Yes?" Reina answered hesitantly. There really was no beating around the bush with her.

"Answer the question." She demanded.


"I knew it!" Cassandra clapped her hands together excitedly, like she just accomplished something.

"Uh, it's not what you think!" Reina scrambled to get off of the floor, waving her hands in the air like her friend had a loaded gun aimed at her.

At that moment, her savior appeared on the scene. "Hey guys, what's up?" He greeted them, as he entered Reina's room. He lived next door, and had lived there since his family moved to the neighborhood thirteen years ago. It was when Reina was four, and he was five. They hated eachother at first, but over the years they'd grown up to be the best of friends.

"Noah-" "NOAH!" Reina's excited scream blocked out Cassandra's, and she ran toward her savior's side. "Protect me!" She squeaked, hiding her face behind Noah's fake leather jacket, as if she was a princess hiding from an evil queen.

The Evil Queen, on cue, rolled her eyes, while Noah held out his arm in a very save-the-princess kind of way, instantly catching onto the atmosphere. "What have you done to my princess?!" He shouted, glaring at Cassandra.

She rolled her eyes again, her lips curling in disgust. "Ugh, guys, seriously." But even the most disgusted look on her face wasn't able to hide the small smile perking the corner of her lips.

"Save me, my knight! The evil queen has questioned my dutifulness, and has smitten me most unfairly." Reina shouted from behind Noah's arm, barely containing the giggles that were starting to build in her stomach.

"Come, my princess! I'll save you from the evil queen's grasp." He twirled around, picking up Reina easily and tossing her over his shoulders more like a sack of potatoes than a princess. "Away!" He shouted, pumping his fist in the air as he started to run through the halls. Reina grasped the back of his leather coat, her face turning red from the giggles that she could no longer contain.

"You guys!" Cassandra's whining voice started to fade as they got farther away from her.

Noah took her outside into her backyard, and somehow even carried her on his shoulders as he climbed the old, rotted steps to the treehouse Reina's father had made several years ago. This was their meeting place, their clubhouse, their sanctuary, when they were kids, all three of them. Noah, Cassandra, and Reina. Whenever they'd come over, they'd always end up back here. And well, old habits die hard.

"Okay, let me down!" Reina demanded, pounding her fist into Noah's back threateningly. He did as ordered, setting her down with ease, before falling back onto the floor, sitting opposite of her. They both burst out into unrestrained laughter, and minutes later, Cassandra's head appeared in the entry way, an annoyed but clearly amused expression on her face.

"Seriously, guys, don't do that again. I hate being left alone in your creepy house." She said, shuddering as she pulled herself up and sat down between Noah and Reina. Reina's house had been made a long time ago, and hadn't been fixed up much, so a lot of creaks and squeaks were heard when you were left alone, with no cover-up noise.

Cassandra looked around nostalgically at the treehouse. They had emptied it a few years ago, because of neighborhood burglaries going around, so it was just plain wood and cheap curtains on the windows. The sun shone through the curtains, and the house felt twenty degrees warmer than what the actual temperature outside was, which was hot already. "Man, we haven't been in here in awhile." She remarked, wistfully staring at the creaking old boards that had at one point had been new. Reina and Noah nodded their heads in agreement, Cassandra's wistful attitude making them sober up and enter into a nostalgic state as well.

The serious atmosphere that had fallen upon the conversation made Reina start to itch. "So!" She said, clapping her hands loudly. "Summer plans. What are we going to do?"

Any sort of previous distrust of Reina was put into the past, and Cassandra's eyes lit up immediately. "Okay," She started, her voice filled with excitement for the future, "We have to be beach-ready by next week, because of the trip, you know? So that means, you and me," She motioned in between her and Reina, "And a mean work-out schedule." Reina let out a whimpering groan, "Cassy..." She stretched out the vowels of her name, and Cassy glared at her in response. "Don't even. You PROMISED. So I don't want to hear it." Reina let out a huff, slightly indignant at being forced to do something, but willing to go along with it since she was already so used to this kind of thing. And, since the trip was coming up within a matter of weeks, she knew she'd be grateful in the end.

"CEDAR POINT!" Noah's loud voice made both of the girls look at him in surprise. "Cedar point, this summer, is a must." He said, his voice much calmer and more resolute. Cassandra opened her mouth to retaliate, but Reina got there first. "Yes!" She agreed, her eyes starting to light up, thoughts of a hard work-out being pushed into the back of her mind. They both turned to look at Cassandra, their faces glowing with excitement. Cassandra's lips thinned in distaste, but she let out a defeated sigh. "Fine." She reluctantly agreed, and Noah and Reina jumped up in victory. "YES!" They both started doing a happy dance they'd established as theirs since childhood, and Cassandra glared at them playfully. "Yeah, yeah. Sit down before the treehouse collapses."

They both sat down, a bit reluctantly. "Now seriously, guys, focus. The trip's in a couple of weeks. We need to plan." Noah rolled his eyes at Cassandra's typical antics. "I'm more of a 'take-life-as-it-comes' type of guy. I'm not really into planning." He said, laying down onto the wooden boards, ignoring the familiar creak that would come from any time you made a movement.

Cassandra's eyes narrowed, obviously offended. She opened her mouth to retort, but Reina spoke up as the peacemaker. "Okay, chill out, you two. But, I do know one thing we absolutely have to do." She paused, building the anticipation as Noah and Cassy stared at her. She pulled out a list from her backpocket, the very same thing she had been struggling to make earlier when Cassandra had walked in. "My summer to-do list, or the List of Amazing Awesomeness. It ranges from the absolute ridiculous, to the most hilarious thing ever. We have to do it all. Come on, let's make a pact. Get this list done by the end of summer." She grinned, her eyes glinting with playfulness and determination.

Cassandra glanced at it unsuredly, then to her friend's face. "I don't know.. What's on it?" She reached to grab it, but Reina pulled it back at the last second. "Ah ah, you have to promise first. Come on! We've always talked about having that wild and crazy summer, and this," She pointed at the list for emphasis, "Will make it."

"I'm in." Noah remarked easily, catching onto Reina's enthusiasm. They both turned to look at Cassandra, and she glanced between them. Finally, she gave in, like she always did when both of them were against her. "Fine.." She agreed, albeit reluctant, it was still the start of an unforgettable summer.


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