Apparently, I am evil, at least that's what they say,

I say go ahead because I don't care, make my day.

Let them call me evil, it's no skin off my back,

I make up for all the evilness you lack.

I prefer the moon in the darkness-

And no I am not heartless-

But you seem to all worship the sun

Hasn't anyone told you the moon is much more fun?

My jacket is plain black, no designs

It goes with anything since it has no lines.

You need a million jackets for all the clothes you wear,

I need one and I even have a spare.

My room is not all gloomy and dark,

It's pink actually, without a black mark.

Don't worry it'll be repainted

In blue or purple, oh I hope you haven't fainted.

I hope your misconceptions have been shattered

But then again, what does it matter?

What you say means nothing at all,

I will rise while you fall.