Chapter 1

BOOM! Another bomb exploded, but Dan new that nothing must get in his way. He dodged this, and he skimmed past that. The Hunters had taken his little sister, and he had promised to take care of her. And if you new Dan, you would know he doesn't break promises. He could see the tower, rising high above him. This was where they had captured his sister.

"Don't worry, Lillie, I'll get you out of there," He said to himself, and with no hesitation, he made his way up the mountain and to the tower.

It was a long, tiring journey, but nothing could get in his way. Whenever Dan looked up to see how much closer he was, he only seemed to be getting further away. On the verge of giving up, his hand reached the top of the mountain. He was one step further to finding his sister. But as we all know, when something good is about to happen, there is a twist. Dan pulled himself onto the mountain edge and looked in the direction of the tower doors. Guards. And there was no way around them- no place to hide. And he didn't have a stun gun, or a regular gun. No weapons except himself. He charged in the direction of the Guards and started fighting. He imagined it as his training, but this time he could actually die. He remembered his masters voice;

"Get their blind spot. It's where they'll least expect it,"

But with over 7 guards, this would be tricky. When Dan got one guy, another would come out of nowhere. But then he heard it. A girl's scream. Lillie's scream. He kept all the anger inside him for the past few years, and now it was time to unleash his inner-anger. Dan hit them here, and kicked them there. In no time at all, he was making his way through the doors of the Tower.

Inside the walls were a dark grey, and there were barely any windows. a girl sat in the corner playing her guitar, and just as he was beginning to understand why she was there, she disappeared. Just like that, no poof, no explosion, just - gone. Dan blinked and thought he was imagining things. He heard guards marching on the floor above him.

"This is gonna be difficult" He said to himself. He took a step forward when someone put their hand on his shoulder, and spun him round. The man was big and muscular, and wore a black t-shirt and trousers, along with big black boots, an earpiece and- for some unknown reason- tinted black sunglasses.

"You're coming with me, kid..."

Dan heard Lillie scream and punched the man in his unsuspecting nose and ran in the direction of the scream, leaving the man clutching his nose and wailing in pain.