Chapter 1

"Sheena!" called Gomph. "It's time for your ceremony! Hurry up!" It was a very unusually rushed morning. It was the day of my ceremony and I was supposed to wear this blue dress which was impossible to tie up at the back. It's a tradition to the water nymphs that when a female nymph turns 14, she will have a ceremony to certify that she is a fully grown nymph. Anyways, the dress was really nice, made of this rear silk made by some Japanese spider and I was having a little trouble.

"Sheena!" Gomph called impatiently. "We're going to be late!"

"Yes Gomph like I don't know that, but I can't tie the back of this dress up so you'll just have to wait!"

I heard the loud thumps of Gomph's big feet coming up the stairs. He barged into my room muttering to himself until he saw me with my fingers behind my back all tangled up the lace. A smirk appeared onto his face. I glared at him and it disappeared as fast as it had arrived. He quickly came to help me and we were out of the house in no time at all. To this day I still don't know how he did it. Gomph is my brother and we don't live with our parents. We don't need them after what they did. So, we were going to the ceremony at Gills park. As I reached the gates, I looked up at all the decorations. I knew that the ceremony was a big thing, but I didn't know that this many people would turn up. The colour theme was sea green and turquoise blue. There were flags, and water Lilly's, and banners. Everyone was talking and laughing, and little nymphs were playing and running in between the annoyed guests. But there was something that bothered me, but I couldn't work out what it was. Suddenly, a horn played, and the talking stopped. We faced the stage at the front of the park and a nymph walked onto the stage. It was Gomph! But- he was right beside me…

"I'd like to say a few words before the ceremony starts. Firstly, thank you all for coming to my sister's ceremony. Secondly, congrats sis on surviving the past 14 years under my care! If you thought that your life so far has been difficult, it gonna get a whole lot harder!" He smiled that annoying crooked grin and walked off the stage. It soon came to me that everyone was staring, and that the music was playing. Mrs. Fynch- the lady who did rehearsals- was glaring at me and nodding her head towards the stage. I realized I had to get to the stage and something else happened- luckily, I didn't have to say anything, because I am rubbish with remembering words- and I just had to sit there and smile at the audience at the right time, which was most of the time. Before I knew it, I was off the stage and walking towards the buffet. People congratulated me and I just nodded at them, focusing on the food. I finally got there, the food so close now, and I reached to grab some when Mrs. Fynch screamed.