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The Stealthy Invasion

By David Scholes

The aliens always invaded by stealth. Our world was no exception.

The first three waves were sleepers. Living and growing in our communities they were natural leaders rising to positions of power.

The fourth wave of teleportation's contained the Scorth leaders, those who would ultimately run the Earth. Gradually they filled those final gaps of power that the sleepers had been unable to fill.

Aliens had come and gone before but never anything like this. The takeover was so gradual, so masterful as to be imperceptible to the bulk of humanity. Those few who began to suspect were quietly and efficiently dealt with.

The remarkable alien similarity to humans helped. Short of a full autopsy dissection it was almost impossible for us to distinguish Scorth from human. The aliens themselves though were acutely aware of the minor differences.

Then finally the starships came. Two leviathans. The first starship contained the advanced technologies: security equipment, weapons, communications technologies, cyborg and android enforcers and other things that would cement alien power. After disgorging its mammoth ordinance the colossus left. The other leviathan remained. It was the ultimate enforcer. The city destroyer, indeed the world destroyer, in the unlikely event that men could throw off the alien yoke. It provided the ultimate guarantee of alien dominance.

Soon afterwards the first alien pronouncements were made. Others were to follow.

Over time, the aliens had merged almost completely into our Society intermarrying and inter-breeding with unsuspecting human spouses. The resulting children "knew" the truth of matters as the alien genes always predominated. Despite Earth being their birth world the spawn were almost always loyal to the alien cause.

The human/alien spawn were given equal ranking to the aliens themselves. Often the spawn combined the best attributes of both races. The human spouses, if cooperative, formed a second class of person. The rest of humanity gradually descended into very much a third class. Not that this was so bad for some in a relatively affluent world. If one didn't mind being told what to do all the time. The biggest losers, perhaps, were the humans who would have been the planetary elite but would now be forever denied the positions of real power.

When the alien pronouncement came no one was more shocked than the humans, both men and women, who had unknowingly taken alien spouses. The sheer deception on such a vast scale and the knowledge that their children had taken part in it was almost too much to bear. It seemed they were either overwhelmed by it and driven to insanity or meekly knuckled under – a variation on the Stockholm syndrome.

Christine Lloyd was one such. Tall, intelligent and very attractive, she had been the chief of surgery at Chicago's largest hospital. In some ways she was an example of the best that humanity had to offer. She had unknowingly married an alien and had a beautiful daughter by him. There was a difference though. Her alien spouse was now the leader designate of the Scorth on Earth and by definition soon to be the most powerful individual on Earth.

Though the true consort to the alien leader elect Chris could never rise to the level of the lowliest aliens or alien/human children. Always she would rank below her own children. She decided to go along with the alien takeover appearing to be the cooperative human spouse. Still if the time ever came when Chris could use her privileged position for the benefit of humanity she resolved to do so.

Chris was with her daughter in the gardens of her husband's expansive country retreat. Only a light force field protected them from the rugged landscape beyond the gardens. The alien leader elect was briefly off planet having been teleported back to the mother world. The country retreat was in a highly inaccessible area, both unknown and also off limits to most humans. These factors themselves offering what was considered substantial protection.

The man seemed to come from nowhere startling Chris and quickly disabling her one alien bodyguard. A very rare event indeed for any human to best an alien.

Even taller than Chris the man had white hair but unlined skin and was of indeterminate age. Chris judged him handsome though in a hard steely sort of way.

Finger to his lips he gently steered Chris and her daughter into the nearby residence. Somehow the intruder had avoided all alien detection systems at the retreat and also overcome the light force field protection at the edge of the gardens. Inside the residence the object of his attentions was soon clear. A room to which Chris and her daughter never had access. The alien force field surrounding the room was much more formidable than the light field in the gardens and the large reinforced composite plasti-polymetal door contained locking mechanisms beyond any human locksmith. All of which proved totally useless against the tall man.

Chris had a sophisticated personal alarm that the man was possibly unaware of. She could activate it and within moments at least half a dozen armed aliens would be in the room. Though, in truth, Chris was at a loss to understand why they were not already on the scene. The former chief of surgery wavered sensing this was a moment not to alert the Scorth soldiery at the retreat. A time not to hinder this man. Whatever his mission she sensed it had to be inimical to alien interests.

Inside the room were a hybrid of impressive computing facilities, some recognizably human, most undeniably alien. The aliens now operated their own internet basically sitting on top of the human internet. Although linked to our internet it was totally inaccessible even to the very best human hackers. It was a crucial element in the alien control of Earth.

Sitting at the alien computer the tall man didn't make more than half a dozen key strokes before the entire Scorth internet came crashing down and with it, although on a more temporary basis, the human inter-net.

The very first casualty was the alien dreadnought in high stationary orbit above New York City. The ultimate arbiter of alien power entering a decaying orbit crashing into the North Atlantic Ocean.

Long after the tall man had returned whence he came the events he had set in motion kept on snowballing. A relentless unstoppable juggernaut.

Chris knew now how long it had taken the Scorth to achieve their dominance over man.

The long years of stealthy infiltration before they finally asserted themselves. She knew also that the aliens might seek to reassert themselves. To teleport in still more of their kind and to back this up with the heavy technologies that could only be sent by starship.

But then the tall man, or others of his kind, might come back

The seeming effortless ease and elegant simplicity of the tall mans actions were not lost on Chris. Would the Scorth be prepared to engage again in such a staggering display of resources, at the risk of being thwarted so easily?

She took it as a sign that there existed a hierarchy of power in the Universe and that those who ignored it, knowingly or otherwise, did so at their own risk.