- - - - - R.I.P - - - - -

..::By Utada, Rumiko::..

I said I was sorry even though I had nothing to be sorry for.

It wasn't my fault that you did the things you did.

It wasn't me, but you that closed that door.

Making it impossible for anyone to get in.

You hold on to the bad and forget about the good.

It makes me wonder how you lived that way.

You did the wrong things because you know you could.

Something you did every day.

That was the way you kept on living your life.

Having people give up on you because you didn't care.

Everyone was trying to help but you'd rather fight.

You thought you were moving forward but you were just standing there.

The past was what was slowing you down, keeping you still.

I could only imagine how you must've felt.

Things like a lost one is a hard gap to fill.

But that was no reason to lose yourself.