Helium: Balloons

I have 3 balloons. 3 balloons I have, you see.

Bashful Blue, stunning Green, and a Red as bright and fiery as fire itself.

There was a large variety of choices for me when I stood in front of the man with a thousand balloons. He told me I could have one for free, but I shook my head 'no' because I wanted three. So I bought them and left with an empty little pocket in my little, blue jacket as I clutched the balloon strings in my little, cold hands.

I popped one, the green one, with pure jealousy of the green that was greener than my green eyes would ever be. I used a small needle I found in a store as the people around me stared in pity at this child, who had popped their balloon, but they did not worry and comforted me with small words such as, "You may have lost one, but you still have two more."

Not for long! I cried mentally to myself, which is obvious for someone else cannot hear my thoughts. The red on was the next victim of mine as I pulled the string downwards with a sharp tug and stomped on the balloon over and over and over again. Disapproving stares filled my vision as the adults began to whisper amongst themselves.

"What a terrible child with such bad behavior!"

They may have been kids before, but they wouldn't understand the anger of seeing such a passionate red with the ambition and energy that I'll never have.

At last I am left with my final balloon with a color that seems to be the most perfect blue I have ever seen in my entire life. Those who were around me gave me wary glances.

"What next?"

"What a waste!"

"Those poor balloons!"

…but I simply let it go and watched it float towards the sky that was a deeper and richer blue when compared to what once was 'my balloon'. I was jealous of the green and the red of my other balloons, but I know my blue balloon must have felt similar feelings towards the vast sky above us. I let it go so it too can fight against what it cannot be and I know it will win because the blue of the sky disappears with each day as the sun leave to go somewhere else.

I always believed the blue left because it lost against the balloons in the great "Balloon-Sky War."

This has been done for a while, but I was trying to do another to go with it and....eh. No ideas (somewhat).

So I figured I might as well just give you this for now (until I can think of something/get inspired). Ahahahaha~

I apologize for the shortness and lack of double-storyness.