what could it be, that makes you the one for me?
you bohemian thing, living for what you want most,
i just never thought that it could be.

we are just beatnik kids, with rules of our own
talking of all our wishes and hopes,
flower children, advocating peace and love.

we show the world love by simply being together.

that benevolent smile, what would i do without it?
and though nothing in this world is perfect,
your words wash over the flaws we have with such grace
and i feel as though i can do nothing wrong.

i have been looking over your face every day,
and it always strikes me in different ways
what is it that always brings my eyes to yours?
i suppose some things never cease.

i have loved you longer than anything else
you are the first, and you will be the last
but what could it be, that makes you right for me?