The old Grandfather clock stands behind the small reclining chair
It looks out towards the front door
Making its click clocking sound as if to say "it's just not fair!"
Laying there, beside the door, was a rug, who looked comfortable on the floor

The old Grandfather clock click clocked louder till it made a loud DIIIIINNNGGG noise
It was angry, jealous, and confused to see the rug lay there
Making it stand up against the wall was not its choice
Laying down on the carpet, instead of standing on the hard wall, was…no, no one even care

The old Grandfather clock wanted to be able to lie down for once in its lifetime
It had been standing here behind the recliner and against the wall for a hundred years
Making its legs and back hurt in agonizing pain, as if it had commit some kind of crime
Laying down could be freedom, and standing up forever was his imprisonment fears

In two minutes it would be midnight
That is usually the time the old Grandfather clock looks at the rug laying down
But tonight it was too tired to glance, blackening out without making a fight
The old Grandfather clock, that morning, was buried beneath the ground

No, no, no.

Don't be sad for the old Grandfather clock
For now it got to lie down after standing for so many hours
The rug cried silent tears to show it had never mock
It had once, as well, envied the clock…so on its grave the rug placed on it yellow flowers