For with the capture of conscious
arrived the moment that could not:


There is nothing ampler,
as I attain the gate of nothing's end,
and there is yet another.

How closer I obtain.
How close to center I go
before the people must say as so?

And so further
as so many did
in nothing to remember.


In an extensive tone,
"You now leave this endless entrance.

vainly using my name.

Such magnanimity
towards such inability
to define my last impression.


"Do not speak.
We defect.
We find in us directly,
...far outside,
...and then behind,
cannot tell each other why.

…There it is!

Necessity to know more."


"Do not speak?!
I have no motive but reason."


so far from successor,
consider always reason.

The matter before us:
More than one's known cost."


"Hear me now
as I append
your destructive last history of language:

The World,
The Center from the Universe of Time
in everyone since Then butt Time,
is a mere way to know the past or future
in the most universal sense;
and I want not anything of life
but Now."


Time, Now
has hit upon

The input: infinite.


The word: endue.


"Wider, not so far
as I take me about the center,
put forward there
before people think what to speak,
who tried all this,
there is nothing which they would mean.

With all, one ought;
With all that is,
It has to do

Desire reads – 'Sotte.'"