Would we rob the cheetah of its speed? The shark of its teeth? The harlot of its breast? Why then, do some wish to limit the brat of its natural strength? Vicious laws to suppress brats' natural inclination to use force as a means of gaining advantage in their school houses are horrendous considering the school house is a brat's foremost habitat and meeting ground. These absurd laws directly defy nature. The brats must be freed from this heinous abuse.

Brats naturally want to use force to weed out the weak and validate the strong. Eliminating the weak only expedites the process of natural selection and strengthens brats as a whole. "Leveling the playing field" by outlawing the flourishing of stronger brats may seem to benefit particular insubstantial brats in the short term, but on a much larger and more important scale it is detrimental to the progress of brats everywhere; it robs the worthy of a future. Unnaturally aiding the incompetent and allowing them to grow and spread their seed is the worst service we could do to brats, and therefore ourselves.

If we wish to truly help brats we should think of the long term benefits and look forward to the collective future of the species. This means always thinking of the greater good rather than any individual, replaceable brat. Cultivating a fine and respectable breed of brats is as easy as stepping back and letting nature do its work. However, cultivating an extraordinary breed of brats may now also be within our control. Will we hide behind the men who cling to a withering and outdated constitution—one written hundreds of years ago? Have we not advanced since then? Will we be too timid to seize this opportunity?

Too long have our finest brats suffered, their opportunities chained by modern law. I will watch it no more. The abuse they have suffered is unbearable. It is time for change. It is time for new laws. It is time for the future.

Let the brats be the best that they can. We alone hold the power to change the laws. By promoting their coercion we can cultivate a species more powerful than any seen on this earth before. Force among brats will be encouraged by ordinance. Imagine it: Those who are not worthy of the state eliminated before grade school. Think of the money saved. Think of the problems gone. Think of all the resources we can devote to those who really need them—our healthy brats, that is to say, our future.