Sinner: Side Story - Amidst the Thorns

"What is this creature on my doorstep?" Dull blue eyes looked at the trembling figure with contempt. "It quivers like a dog that's lost its owner." The teenager blinked, languidly looking up to the forest landscape that surrounded her large, almost mansion-like house. "But what is it doing here?" She droned on, the air left dead and empty as she waited for a response. Of course, one never came.

The sky-blue eyes suddenly sharpened and snapped back to the frightened figure still standing on her porch, "Who are you dog, and why are you here?" She asked, her voice void of any distinguishable emotion; simply watching, staring as the girl in front of her froze up under her gaze.

All the other did was look back with wide, orange eyes, wanting to anywhere but where she was. She was hunched over, her purple sweater's over-sized sleeves covering her fidgety hands. Her legs trembled, itching to flee right then and there- but no, she had a mission. One given to her by one of the nicest people alive. How she wished she could go back and be comforted by those arms—

"Let me guess," The teen owner of the houses started up again. Softened blue orbs regarded the now confused girl, "Let me guess who your owner is."

A hand slowly rose towards the cowering female, the limb's movements followed by cautious flame-colored orbs. Skin met skin, resulting in a sharp gasp as the smaller girl flinched away from the fingers. "Shh, shh, shh…" The owner of the hand softly cooed, moving her hand back to the cheek. The girl with wheat brown hair tensed up a second time, only to slowly relax when no harm was immediately inflicted. "That's a good girl," The taller teen cooed again when the other girl completely calmed down. The smile on the older teen's face a bit too sly, too shrewd to be friendly, but the other didn't notice.

A small, rare smile broke out on the younger girl's face as her eyes closed, subtly leaning into the thumb that lightly caressed her left cheek. She was reminded of when she was comforted by the girl who sent her here on her mission, the one that would smile so kindly at everyone that passed her by, and give her a compliment whenever she did something good. The one that could make her forget her horrible past that traumatized her to this day. She could hear that gentle voice even now, 'Good job, Penelope.'

"It's Elise, isn't it?"

The younger girl jumped at the voice next to her ear. She opened her eyes to find that she was no longer outside the mansion, but about ten feet inside the lobby. Her orange darted around in a panic, skittish in this unfamiliar setting. Even if the house looked well taken care of on the outside, the inside was a very different story: vines! Thick green vines cover the floors, walls, ceiling- everywhere! It didn't look unlived in, but with all the cracks and flourishing plants everywhere, it seemed that the outside forest was overrunning the house.

Ginger finally settled on amused sapphires. "Elise Downing is your owner, isn't she?" The dark haired brunette suddenly pulled the smaller girl's stiff form to her and wrapped her arms around Penelope's small waist. The girl with long wheat-colored hair started to struggle, only to feel a sharp pain in her ear.

"Settle down!" The words were uttered harshly, the voice commanding obedience despite the fact that it never grew in volume. The girl wearing the purple sweater continued to tremble, but stopped her wriggling about for fear of the pain that seemed to always linger about this girl holding her loosely. "Good girl," These words were followed by a moist, smooth stroke moving back and forth across the shell of a pink ear where the pain once lingered.

Penelope gasped, recognizing the feeling of a tongue running up and down her ear, "Wh-what're you doing?!" She struggled once more to get out of the other's suddenly intense hold.

"I'm rewarding you obviously," Came the calm response as the tongue went back into the mouth it peaked out from. The dark brunette leaned back so their gazes could meet once more. The delighted look in those twin azures set off warning bells in Penelope's mind; the grin from the older girl was a little too big, too many teeth showing, to be just another calm smile, "I thought that's what dogs wanted: Rewards."

"I-I'm not—"

"A dog?" The grin only grew, making Penelope even more uncomfortable as the insane pleasure was becoming more and more evident. "Oh, but I could have sworn you were my sister's pet." A degrading chuckle followed when the owner of the mansion saw disbelief in those large round eyes staring back at her, "Surprised are we? I have to say I'm rather shocked. I thought you would have at least caught the resemblance. If not, maybe the name Rose Downing rings a bell?"

"…. --!" Memories of rumors she's heard flooded her mind. Rose Downing! Rose Downing! The insane twin of the Downing sisters! But how could she possibly be the elder sister of Elise Downing, the nicest person on the planet?! "You're that sadist!" Penelope screamed as she thrashed about harshly, throwing all her weight into each jerk of her body.

A laugh filled with nothing but mirth escaped past Rose's parted lips, "Indeed I am, indeed I am!" A wild look made it's home in her eyes, her grin taking up half her face, "But I'm so much more than just a 'sadist', my sister's dearest pet. Surely you've heard the rumors— rather, you've heard the various murmured truths?" Her short, thick dark hair swishing back and forth as she continued to hold the other girl in her harsh grasp. Every kick Penelope sent to her legs only fuelled on her masochistic side.

"STOP!" The older girl roared after a bit, stunning the other into a stilled silence. They were both frozen to their spots, panting heavily for two very different reasons. An irked stare was sent Penelope's way, "I don't believe I allowed you to squirm."


"Silence," The command was quick and sharp. Rose narrowed her eyes warningly to the petrified and confused orange looking her way, "I don't think I allowed you to talk either. Any more disobedience will be punished." One would have to be a fool to think she was merely bluffing with that tone of voice.

Penelope frowned back, the rarest hint of defiance in her stare, "I—Ah!" She cried when a surge of pain ran up her hand from her pointer finger. She followed up the cry with whimpers as the last joint pulsed sorely while resting between Rose's teeth. The light haired brunette stared on in fearful confusion as Downing's tongue gingerly peaked out and licked at the wounded digit.

"Do you get it now?" Rose asked in a soft, gentle voice, as if she wasn't just roaring in psychotic glee only a minute ago. Her tender licks continued to come, all her attention on the small, shaking hand she held in her own. "You've been -mm- abandoned by your owner, pup. My sister has sent you here to check up on me and -nn- report back to her, not knowing she's sent a sheep to dine with the wolves. Planning things out was never Elise's strong point." The soothing tongue stopped and clouded blue looked past the finger to stare into orange, "Face it, you're mine now."

Gingers dilated as Rose's words sunk in. Abandoned? That kind, smile flashed in her mind once more. No… She could almost feel that soothing pat through her long, light brown tresses. "No!" Penelope pushed Rose away with all her might and dashed forward, hot tears wielding up at the corner of her eyes. "No!" She yelled again, blindly sprinting down the first available hallway in her path.

Downing stood there for a little bit, after she regained her balance, staring at nothing. Slowly but surely, a grin formed on her face and a low chuckle rose up from her chest, "Run as fast as you can, my pet. You won't get very far in this house." Linking her hands across her back, the short haired brunette turned around and started to leisurely walk toward the hall Penelope took off in, her faded yellow dress swishing slightly as she strolled along.

Penelope ran from door to door, her black flop-flops clopping loudly as she zigzagged down the poorly lit hallway. She thrust doors open, only to stare on in disbelief as the foliage got more and more dense in the rooms with each opened door she tried.

She slammed shut the last one she tested and kept going, finding a way out of this mansion being the one thing on her frightened mind. She started toward another door and almost tripped when her baggy brown pants caught on a torn of some kind. What's with all the plants?!

She threw opened the next door, a broad smile forming on her face as relief set in. Unlike all the previous rooms, this one has considerably less plant life in it. It seemed to be a lab room of some sort- but no time to dwell on that! Orange orbs whirled about until she found what she was looking for: a small window leading to the outside. She ran for it without a second thought, adrenaline pumping through her system. She got to the counter and started to climb it, trying to get to the sliding panels; she reached up to unlock the nearest panel to her.

"Grab her."

Suddenly, a thick, green vine shot out of no where and wrapped around her, lifting her thin form up and slamming her into the corner of the room. She let out a loud yelp, pain shooting outward from her spine and reaching the far nerves of her body. She was slid against the wall, unable to fight back as her body was stunned by the impact.

"So I see you made it to the lab," A calm voice talked to her, nearing the fallen body with every unhurried step she took. Penelope frowned, her body still aching as she lifted her head, just in time to see Downing kneel down in front of her. Rose smoothed out the wrinkles of her dress before addressing the fallen girl, "You know, it's not very nice to run away from your owner," She teased.

Penelope would have backed farther away from the mentally unbalanced teen if it weren't for the constricting vines holding her in place, "I'm not your pet!" Her voice cracked, her evident fear dispelling any brave front she might have otherwise shown.

That same degrading chuckle resonated from Rose's throat once more, a devious glance mocking Penelope and her attempt to put up frontage, "We'll see how long that defiance of yours lasts, my pet." A hand came up and buried itself in Penelope's wheat colored locks, the hand moved in a light petting motion as the 'owner' cooed at her 'new pet'.

A shiver ran down Penelope's spine at the affectionate touch and she was immediately reminded of Elise and her smiling face. How can these two be related?! Miss Elise is so kind and wonderful this woman's… Tears threatened to fall once more as she struggled to move even a little. It was no use, however, as the vines were incredibly tense in their grip. A whimper once again escaped her throat, shame and humiliation carved into her features.

"Now, now, calm down," A small smile grew as the sky-blue eyes flashed for a brief moment, "Or shall I force you to sleep?" The struggling caused her grin to widen another notch, "So I see you wish for option number two. Good choice, good choice," Rose smirked as her gaze dropped to the wooden floor.

When Penelope noticed that Downing's attention wasn't on her any longer, she settled down a bit and caught sight of Rose touching the ground. Her curiosity overcame her natural paranoia and she watched in amazement as a large flower grew where Rose briefly tapped. It stood about a foot off the ground and bloomed wonderfully, it's yellow petals preening beautifully.

"You're a—" Penelope's eyes met Rose's amused, expectant stare, "You're a Sin!" That's why Miss Elise wanted me to check up on her! Because she's one of the selected Sin!

An emotionless smile was on Downing's face as she responded to the claim, "I am a Sin, the Sin of Nature. I have been ever since the ending of the last 'War', but I've never made it public. I suppose I should be thankful to my dear sister for keeping it a secret, but I just can't bring myself to care." Her stare sharpened a bit and the side of her mouth twitched upward, "All that being said, the new War is starting up soon and I don't have a partner yet." The grin spread across her face and turned into a toothy smile as she watched realization dawn on Penelope's face, "Guess where you come in."

Frustrated grunts escaped the younger girl's mouth as she tried her hardest to budge the foliage, but like all the other times, she couldn't move an inch. She panicked as she watched Rose pick the flower from its stem and hold it up to her mouth. "Now sleep," Came the order.

Rose gently blew the flower, causing a small cloud to blow up from the blossom and softly drift toward the trapped teen. Penelope coughed and gasped as the particles drifted down her throat and into her system. "This particular flower produces a pollen that lulls any nearby incents to sleep. As you're probably realizing now, it's strong enough to be used on a human," Penelope heard Rose explain during her coughing fit.

Sure enough, once the light haired girl was able to breath, she quickly found herself fighting to stay awake. But it was just so hard with that calming hand stroking back and forth behind her ear…

"You've been abandoned by my sister," Those hauntingly soft words came, as Rose whispered in Penelope's ear. "And you have been adopted by me. You are now my pet and will follow my orders. My word is your law and any disobedience will be punished." The soothing hand continued to brush across Penelope's scalp, slowly lulling her towards sweet slumber. "You belong to Rose Downing, my lovely pet. You are mine, now and forever."

The words rang throughout Penelope Puppet's mind as her eyes grew heavy, finally giving into the deep slumber that so temptingly pulled at her.

"Sleep well, for you have a big day ahead of you." And both their futures were set in stone…


Author's Note: This is my first time posting anything on Fictionpress, so I hope I'm doing this right... Anyway, this is the first original piece I've ever finished. (I also had quit a hard time figuring out where to place this. ^^; If you think it's in the wrong section, please tell me so that I may fix it.) It's a side story (a back story for two characters, rather) to a main one that I hope to start typing up sometime in the future; hopefully when I'm done planning it out.

A word of warning though, if you don't like wicked, calculating or just downright insane characters, you probably won't like this piece. I happen to have a love for them, but I know some people might be disturbed by it. This isn't a happy, love-y dove-y story so don't jump into this thinking it'll be all lollipops and rainbows. It's far from it. =P

In any case, please enjoy and tell me what you think in a review! =D Questions? Comments? Critiques? I'd love to hear them. =)