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James Matsuda; Enemy of the Lab [Prologue: Kitty]

I was eighteen years old when kitty was brought to me, an amazingly beautiful cat-girl who was unloaded off the back of a truck with a strong but delicate looking chain. She had a gorgeously long tail and her sleek naked body was covered in blondish fur which tuned almost milk white over her stomach and six breasts. Her hair reached down to just above her tail, tawny and striped like a cats, her cute padded hands and feet treading softly on the ground as she was walked towards me, a bright smile on her catlike face that concealed her true feelings, she had been scared, I could tell.

My parents put a hand on either of my shoulders smiling proudly; though my mother had to stand on her tip toes to do this, I had inherited my father's height, 6`7 and still growing. I was aware that I looked older than I was, at only eighteen I looked around twenty five, maybe thirty, I wore my thick dark brown hair in a long ponytail that reached the small of my back, and as I had for as long as I could remember, I wore one of my favourite hoodies [black with silver Celtic symbols on the chest] and a pair of jeans.

I blinked my dark green eyes in surprise and turned a questioning gaze to my grinning parents, it was my father who explained "James, your mother and I decided you were old enough to be introduced to what we really do, we thought this was the best way as it`s kind of a family tradition" he took the cat girl`s lead from her handler and waved him off "Come inside and I'll tell you the full story"

Inside my parents sat me down and removed the leash on the girl, she mewed happily and jumped onto the three seater sofa next to me, putting her head onto my lap for me to pet which after a little hesitation I did.

My father took out a pack of cigarette and offered one to me, I shook my head in decline, he shrugged and lit one for himself "A hundred years ago, your great grandfather worked with an African tribe who worshiped the animal kingdom and went to great lengths to stay as close to it as possible, each child when they came of age would chose an animal and be give a totem shaped as that, they would attempt to live as that animal did in all ways…

However their priests and tribe leaders took it a step further, they used what they believed to be a magical substance mixed with the blood of an animal to gain some small features of that creature, such as tails or ears. Your great grandfather saw it for what It was, a natural chemical with an amazing ability to manipulate DNA. He took the source home with him and with the help of his son, my father, created a more perfect version, which could completely change a human into an anthromorphic creature.

When my grandfather died my father used this chemical and his collage funds to set up a small company who sold the drug to people who wanted to be closer to nature themselves, but after a few years he attracted notice from high ranking businessmen and with their help set up a much larger company named `The Lab`"

Here he smiled gesturing to the girl "My father still runs that company, they call him Doc apparently, a few years ago he divided it into two smaller companies connected to the larger, fairy tale INK, also known as FREAKSHOW INC, The Productions and SPOOGE. Kitty here comes from The Productions"

I stared at him with a confused expression "But… I don't get it… what's she here for? And why three branches?"

he nodded understanding my confusion and continued "over the years the company has evolved, the three branches now sell the girls they change or use them, SPOOGE films their transformations and sell the video`s as porn, fairy tale creates legendary creatures such as centaurs and mermaids for private collectors, and finally the productions film porno`s then transform and sell their actresses as sex slaves"

It was then that I realised what was happening, my father, son of a man who mutilated and sold innocent women for sex, had bought me a cat-girl sex slave, for my eighteenth birthday…

Now what would you have done…? I'm sure you, like me, would like to say you would stand up and protest, free the girl who even now prostituted herself on my lap. But no, I like a coward, afraid to disappoint my parents, acted shamelessly and put on a huge smile, thanking them for my new Slave… and that was the beginning… but despite my words, I, James Matsuda, would always be an enemy of the Lab.

I stood in the shower just letting the water fall over my body, trying to fully come to terms with what had happened. Kitty was waiting in my room, she was obsessively obedient when I had said "stay here" she had stood in the same spot without moving more than a foot in either direction until I had told her she was allowed to move about my room.

I shivered, trying to banish a memory that particularly disturbed me.


I smiled, thanking my parents for their gift, slowly and deliberately petting my slaves head, my stomach flipped, my slave, it sounded wrong. My parents continued their story in detail, describing how the two had met and how, on my fathers eighteenth birthday, grandfather had taken him to his lab and shown him his life`s work.

But then something they both said struck me, both of my parents firmly believed that ALL women should be the personal sex slaves of their men, and those who were single property to be traded and sold.

"But…!" I exclaimed, my confusion evident "… If that's what you believe mom then why aren't you like kitty?!" she had smiled slyly and unbuttoned her blouse, standing to drop her skirts. I yelped, covering my eyes before I could see anything. My mother laughed at me and told me firmly to look at her, and I did.

I had always believed my mother to be overweight, but now I saw that she, like kitty, had three pairs, six individual breasts, her entire body was unshaven; the hair much thicker over her crotch and chest, from the base of her spine sprouted a short blue-grey wolf tail, wagging happily as I looked at her.

On my lap kitty`s instincts made her hiss slightly at her natural enemy and my mother let out a primal growl in return causing the cat-girl to bury her face in my chest for protection.

I gaped at my mother`s body unable to speak, when my father continued it must have been several minuets later because she was already re-dressed and laying in his lap as kitty did with me.

"When I was nineteen years old I realised that it was hypocritical to help your grandfather do these things to other women while my own girl remained safe and untouched, I wanted to change her and take her as mine but I also could not except the women who was to be my wife having to hide, so once again the serum was reinvented, this time entirely by me. It wasn't fully successful as you saw but I managed to make a new version that I kept to my self, this one allowed the one infected to revert to their original physical appearance, but maintaining the all important slave mindset"

He beamed proudly over his design and like a coward I encouraged him, congratulating his success.

//Flashback End\\

I shuddered again and shook my head, turning off the shower I wrapped a thick brown towel around me and returned to my room. Kitty was on the bed curled up like a cat sleeping peacefully. Now I wondered what I should do about her, in both the temporary and the long term. For now I couldn't bare to wake her up, she looked so peaceful having seemed so scared when she came out of the tuck, but my parent would expect me to sleep with her, no, they would expect me to fuck her like a wild animal, a slave.

I didn't want to do that, not that I didn't find her attractive, nor was I gay or even bi, but it just didn't seem right.

As for the long term, she was my property, my slave, for life, but how should I hide her? Not from my parents obviously but from my friends.. did my uncles and my aunt know about this, what about my cousins [not that I had much contact with them any way] and my grandparents on my mothers side… I couldn't picture nana ever being granddads slave… maybe the other way around but that was not how this worked.

And what about the authorities, slavery was illegal, perhaps "The Doc" had bribed some of the higher ups to turn a blind eye but did every cop and bobby know that? I doubted it, at least mom and dad had the convenience of being able to disguise most of her features but kitty…

Despite my body disagreeing with me, and it made sure it`s protest was well known, I slipped into a pair of boxers and slipped under the sheets. Trying to ignore the lack of space my boxers gave me and the warmth of kitty pressed against my leg.

Unfortunately she was only half asleep; she stretched in a very erotic and catlike way giving me even less room in my cloths; I rolled over and pretended to be asleep. I could feel kitty crawling up the bed towards me and slipping her arms around my neck, her six assets pressed tightly against my back as her rough cat tongue flicked my ear-lobe.

I wondered if she could talk, had they removed all of her humanity. My mother could certainly talk, ha, she could talk for England. I turned over to face her, gently pushing her off as she attempted to kiss me "Can you speak…?" I asked looking her in the eye and propping myself up on the pillow.

She nodded and spoke in a dry voice that sounded underused but a beautiful voice all the same "Yes Master" I winced "You don't have to call me that…"

Kitty cocked her head to the side "Why Master?" I frowned "Because your human, you`re not a slave" she giggled in response "Silly Master, Kitty is a cat-girl, kitty is your cat-girl slave" she hugged me again as she had done on the sofa, she seemed desperate to just be in physical contact with me, or anyone for that matter. Hesitantly I wrapped my arms around her, both feeling and hearing her purr of content.

"So your name really is kitty then?" I questioned, she nodded "I'm Kitty" I frowned again "But… that sounds like just a pet name these people gave you, what's your real name?" she looked up at me confused "Kitty is a pet… my name is kitty.., do you mean my old name?" I nodded and she cocked her head again "Why does that matter? Sara`s not here anymore… she let kitty out to play"

I didn't know what she meant about that "So your name`s Sara then?" she shook her head "No… kitty" I sighed, abandoning that subject for now, maybe the name didn't matter. I began to question my goals, what was to point of trying to get through to her? Would she rebuff every attempt to make her be Sara again? Maybe even if that was impossible I should still try, if only to give "Kitty" some individuality.

"So what did you do… before you were kitty?" she blinked, I tried again "Did you have a job or…?" she smiled when she realised what he meant "No Master, kitty was just out of high school, had a job for a while but kitty… uh, Sara didn't like it, kitty doesn't either but she wasn't there…" I sighed, wondering if I could at least get her to stop talking in the third person and calling me Master.

Before I could ask anymore though I noticed she was breathing hard, as if in a stifling room, her chest swelling as she sucked in air. I blushed and fixed my gaze on her eyes "S-Kitty… what`s wrong?" she was beginning to sweat, her fur flattening against her wet body.

"Kitty… [Gasp] Kitty needs Master…" I frowned "Huh, what do you n…" I stopped when I realised what she meant. Right at that moment she gave me a long lick from chin to ear. I backed up unwilling to take advantage of her as she slipped under the sheets to press herself against me.

She was shaking, and seemed to be partially in pain as she begged me to take her as she was unable to do anything herself wile remaining the slave-girl. I gulped "W-why… why are you so desperate, what did they do? Did they give you a heat?" she shook her head quickly "K-kitty`s always Horney… Mmm" my knee had brushed the inside of her leg, I pulled it back.

Always Horney, I cursed the bastards who did this to an innocent young girl including my father; to have a truly insatiable lust would be unimaginably horrible. Another question occurred to me as I looked down at the quaking, sweating, begging girl, pressing her furry body against me in a desperate search for release "Kitty… why were you scared when I first saw you…?"

She stopped immediately, for the moment her eternal heat banished as she quaked, hiding herself in my arms "Kitty… kitty was scared, when kitty woke up and Sara went away her master treated me nice, he woke her mother up too and kitty had sex with her to please him. Old Master took kitty home and kept her for a long time… Kitty loved Old Master… Kitty loved Old Master… B-but, even though kitty knew he would do it, he told her so when he woke her up, when he sold her to someone else it hurt… Kitty Has lots and lots of Old Master`s… but last time…"

She stopped and began crying.

"Kitty, didn't have a new master for a long time, it was dark for so long, Kitty got food and water but kitty was so scared. After a very long time they put kitty in the truck again, when kitty saw new master she was so happy…!"

She stopped, looking up at me hopefully; all she needed was something to hold on to…

I sighed and wrapped my arms firmly around her waist, was pretty much out of options "… alright kitty… if you really want it… I'll take you…"

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