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Note: I don't support slavery; nor am I sexist, they are both terrible and that is my point

James Matsuda; Enemy of the Lab [Chapter 03: Pat]


I watched him as he sat by his computer, carefully reading the labs files, the catgirl played on the floor with a ball of string, the cliché scene was rather amusing, but I could help but wonder, ever since I left my first master, one who I shared with the girl, I had faced unkindness, I had lived on three different farms, giving milk and even being the mother of several colts my the seed of different bulls. The last year as the docs favourite had been the worst though, being fed through the tube`s, the door hadn't even been opened in the whole year, my milk was pumped away somewhere else.

I had expected his grandson and heir to be the same... but as soon as we had left that office I had been proven wrong, first by his letting me set the pace, except when others could see, then by his use of bottled milk for his drink when I had fully expected him to take it from me, I had even proffered my breasts, expecting it to come. He had respected me, called me Pat, not that silly cliché cows name that jerk had given me.

I used to believe the same as them, the way James`s mother seemed to think. But that was only back with the first master, it had been a game then, I simply had a different form, and it was amusing to see the others at the productions enjoying their coffee with my milk, but once had experienced true slavery my views changed, now I hated all of them for what they had done, and in some ways myself for initially agreeing to it, and trusting that man`s promise to keep me with him.

I had been surprised to see kitty when I arrived at his house, I was there when she was changed, I helped convince her to stay a slave, my stomach churned when I thought about it, I had helped strip her of her will. Over the years I had noticed a connection between how far a woman had transformed and her attitude toward slavery. The fully transformed, code named anthro`s, always seemed happy to be slaves, and averse to anything else, with those like me with partial transformations seemed to resist. I had long since decided that this was because during the final part of the transformation they were highly impressionable, tell them to be a slave and that is all that they would want.

Kitty was like that, refusing to accept her own real name, James was trying to return her humanity and so far he was succeeding, but that much would never change, she would always be kitty. She had recognised me immediately as I walked through the door with him, greeting me loudly and having no qualms about taking milk from me, I had after all given her permission the last time we met, she seemed to see me as a good friend, it might just have been the familiarity, with everything she was gone I was part of her early memories along with our old master, maybe I was like family to her, though I wouldn't want to presume something like that.

It had been difficult for him to find me something to eat, cows exclusively ate plants, and meat was out of the question, he had been careful to keep all steaks out of my sight, seeming to blanch at the sight of it himself. He had eventually managed to make a meal, me with a with a plate of cabbage, cress, lentils, and other such veg, kitty with a salmon, while he just settled for a cheese sandwich, after asking if cheese offended me, I had laughed at that, the first time in years.

While James had been researching the lab, I also had been telling him what I knew. While he was interested in how the change worked, he was more interested in the company itself, and how to safely expose it. The lab received funding from large companies in nearly every country on the planet, each of them contracted to help out and cover for the lab, several officials in the NPA, FBI, CIA and other such organisations had been bribed and sold anthro sex slaves. In short, the lab was like a weed, tangled up in everything else and completely unmovable, it seemed totally hopeless.

I saw him restraining himself from striking the keyboard in frustration, instead deciding to take a break. He collapsed onto the bed beside me, removing his hair from the ponytail and covering his head with a pillow "I don't know what to do pat" he said, his voice quiet "I just don't know"

I wondered what I should say, should I comfort his, I didn't know him that well, but he had been good for me so far while I had been with him, which was only a few hours, but he must be a good person, to make this impression on me in such a short time, maybe he was worth it, maybe... he could do what he wanted to do?

"I think... that if you're really serious about this, and there is a way, then you`ll finds it eventually, until then..." I stopped, what now... ugh, whatever "I`m going to sleep"

And with that I lay back on the bed, ignoring his surprised face.

I was woken several hours later by kitty, who was desperately trying to wake him up, she was breathing hard. Sighing I punched the boy in the arm, waking him immediately "Wake the hell up and take care of the cat before she goes and rapes one of us!" I growled in aggravation. Well, on the bright side my life just got a whole lot more interesting.

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