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Lucid Silence is the sequel I guess you could say, but it doesn't involve the same people. It has new characters and sort of a new plot.

I've written the first chapter to this story, and this prologue, back in December.

Anyway, I love reviews, and helpful criticism, because I've taken a new point of view for this story. Rather than the first person, I took the third.

I hope you enjoy. And once I get enough people interested, I'll post the first chapter.

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[Warning:: Profanity, Threats, and Child Birth.]

Track Prologue: Start To Begin Life

That everyone should
Realize how they can feel alive
Here you cry
Wipe your eyes
And believe in something more for me tonight
Start to begin life and not end it now
Here we try
You and I
To a fresh start
To wipe the slate clean
To start again
A new beginning
To get back on track"
No Motiv - 'New Beginnings'

A cold winter night chilled the woman to the bone as she shivered. The wolf beneath her padded faster and faster through the forest. The ride had become awkward, her stomach swelled and pounded against his back every time he jumped. Another kick, another contraction. "Robert," she cried harshly. Another bounce and the baby could have been seriously harmed. Not only that, but trying to hold in the cries became troublesome.

A soft bark told her that Robert had understood. Snow crunching under his paws, he sped up faster to the cave that they would take shelter in.

Once inside the cave, Robert set his wife down gently, all the while looking around for the old blanket that had been stashed there ages ago. "Roza," he said softly, "lay down, I will start a fire." The woman groaned at the pain and tried to ignore the orders of her husband. The howls of wolves filled her ears. "Tell them to leave, I don't want them here to see me exposed to the world," she growled harshly at Robert. The man in question nodded, turning to the cave entrance, wearing nothing, and was entirely naked.

"I'll call once the boy is born," he commanded outwardly, "until then, roam freely I suppose." His wife cried in agony again behind him, in which he turned gracefully to her side, forgetting the fire. Another contraction had started.

"I swear to you," she seethed, "if this baby comes out looking like a wet rat, I'm going to strangle you to death and tell him that his father died in the middle of getting castrated."

Robert chuckled softly but nervously at her comment, "Don't be silly Roza. He'll be born a small healthy baby. Nothing extraordinary will happen until he starts to go through the mid-stages of puberty." Her hand clutched his harshly, as another contraction came swiftly. They were getting faster now; it wouldn't be long. The baby was moments away from starting the labor.

"I love you, Robert," she whispered with a smile despite the fact sweat ran down her face and pain flowed through her veins. The smile was returned; "I love you too, Roza."

Although they were lost in the moment, Robert's acute hearing and smell alerted him; her water just broke. "That baby's coming—now," his eyes widened while hurrying around to position himself between his wife's legs. Roza groaned loudly while she tried to spread her legs the farthest they would go.

After grabbing hold of her pants, he ripped them into shorts. One of the legs he ripped in two, handing a half to his wife, "Put this in your mouth, in between your teeth."

She knew that she'd be grinding her teeth, screaming at the top of her lungs, and would want to clutch onto something with all her strength. The piece of material was shoved into her mouth while her hands gripped the sides of it.

Robert used the other pieces to make a small space in which he laid numerous knives upon. Hopefully none of them would be used, and she'd give birth like nature intended out the womb. If it isn't intended, then he would have to perform what doctors called the c-section. Only one knife would have to be used to cut the umbilical, but only then hopefully.

Two hours later of Roza pushing, screaming, clawing, and crying; a baby took its first breath of life. Not a scream and not a cry—only the small nose and mouth flaring and open as it giggled softly at the site of it's father. Big brown eyes smiling along with it. Even as it was covered in blood and the mother was in tears, Robert scooted over so that they could hold it together and smile at their accomplishment. Roza played with the fare amount of hair on the child's head while Robert grabbed the blanket to wrap it in. Before even thinking about cleaning the baby, he used one of the knifes to make a small cut on his wrist.

"Roza, drink some, it'll speed up the healing," he instructed. Smiling softly she did as told, color soon returning to her cheeks.

Together they started at the baby's head and rubbed off the blood with a blanket, smiling like idiots.

"What shall we call him," Robert asked while playing with the baby's fingers. Poking the baby's nose, Roza shrugged, "I don't know. I like the name Nickolas I guess."

All the while they cleaned, they discussed names and meanings behind them. Every so often the baby would giggle and smile, eyes blinking and taking in the cave curiously.

Suddenly, Robert stopped his movements to wash the boy of it's blood. Roza continued as if nothing was wrong, because in her eyes, there wasn't. "Roza, look," Robert pointed towards the baby's legs. In between them - nothing was there.

"A... girl? I thought--" she started, but stopped while spreading the legs of the child. It cried for the first time softly, a small tear streaking down it's cheek.

It was defiantly a girl. No sign of any sort of manhood was on the newborn.

Roza craddled the baby as she rocked and shushed it softly. "Na na na na na, na na na na na, la la la la la, la la," she sighed softly closing her eyes. Robert could feel the connection, of not only the evidence of a girl, but of the lullaby that his wife started to hum.

"You said we couldn't have a girl," she sighed once the baby had closed her eyes and breathing became even. Her husband took the seat next to her, pulling at his hair while his mind raced.

What would this mean? Would their lives be threatened? Would something different happen to his child? To his wife? To his pack?

"Who was your father? Was it Stefan Mancini," he asked as if he stumbled upon the answer. That had to be it! He was mate to the only woman lupo mannaro. Robert had never met her parents before anyway. It would have been too hard on them to know the reason of their daughter leaving was getting eloped to a man they had never met.

"No, I don't know whom you're talking about, but his last name was the same," she said confused while rocking their child still yet.

"Then who was your father?"

"Rapheal Mancini."

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Some people have PM'd me saying they forgotten whom Rapheal is. He's Raphe, the evil half breed, that helped Mae and Stefan escape?

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