A Lost Shadow – Reunited

After his death, everything seemed dark and dull. Life had lost all its colour and all its fun. I didn't really know what to do with myself anymore. It was like living someone else's life or watching something else happen. Time was as slow as a snail; the days never seemed to pass by.

To take my mind off him and his death, my friends suggested that I go for long walks around the town. I had never really explored it properly, we had moved here only a few months ago. I took new routes everyday and ended up in various places. A bakery that sold delicious buttery bagels, a small dark bookshop with ancient looking books and once a dead end. Today I planned on going and exploring the roads behind the main square.

A small rather dilapidated looking stall caught my eye. An old woman cackled from behind a glorious display of jewels. I began to wonder why she had set up a stall in the middle of the road where anyone could come and rob her goods. An unknown force pushed the thought out of my mind.

"A necklace fer yer pretty throat, missy?" she asked.

"Uh... Not really. I was just looking…" I said, still dazzeled by the beautiful gems.

"Come young miss, buy a pretty charm!" she held out velvet box for me. Inside lay a dozen or so delicate charms. One caught my eye. It was a snake. A silvery snake, twisting and turning. I couldn't make out the tail, but the head was quite prominent, with a green gem stone for an eye. As the woman moved the box slightly, the snake flashed blindingly as it caught the sunlight. I winced.

"See something yer like?" she asked.

"Yes, it's that green eyed snake charm." I replied hesitantly. It was as if my mind was being controlled by someone else, I didn't remember deciding to buy the charm.

"Ah. A fine choice, miss. That will be twenty-five dollars, please."

An unknown force took my wallet out, paid the woman, asked for a chain to put the charm on and then put the wallet back.

As I walked away, I fiddled with the chain and the charm, putting it on my wrist. By the time I was done, I realized that I was in a deserted part of the town. There was no one around. The buildings looked abandoned. A few windows were broken, and no one was around. Even thought the day had been slightly warm when I had started out, a cold chill began to descend upon me. I shivered slightly and rubbed my hands together for warmth. That's when I noticed my charm bracelet again. It was hot and had warmed the skin it had been touching. Steadily, it grew hotter and hotter until it began to make the skin around it burn slightly. I screamed out in pain and kneeled down on the pavement, eyes shut tight.

And then, suddenly it was all gone. The charm cooled in seconds, I stopped whimpering in pain. Silence surrounded me like a thick blanket. Then a familiar voice whispered,

"Hi Katy. So we meet – again." The voice chuckled as I looked up in disbelief. Could it be --? No it couldn't! He was dead! I saw him die! My mind is playing tricks on me that must be the simple explanation.

"No. It's really me Katy. Look --" and he touched my cheek, warm and gentle. Warm like the snake charm. When he took his hand away, I felt tired. He, however, seemed to be happy and full of energy.

"But how are you back? You died! I saw you die!" I was hysterical.

"Hush now Katy. I've come back for you!" he took me in his arms as I cried.

"Its alright." He whispered.

I felt my energy levels sink and I began to feel faint. I pulled myself away from him. And happened to glance at my arms. They were a ghostly pale, almost transparent. I let out a shriek.

"What's wrong with my arms?" I gasped, looking up at him.

He grinned at me. Grinned like I had never seen him grin before. It was a grin of pure evil. I shrank back from him.

"Get away from me!" I squeaked.

His expression changed to one of hurt as he came closer.

"Don't you want to be with me? I came back specially for you."

"Don't you dare come close!' I whispered, petrified.

He didn't even listen. I backed up against a wall.

"You have no where to go Katy." He informed me with pleasure.

"What do you want from me?" I managed to ask him.

"I want you, Katy. I've always wanted you."

"Well you can't have me!" I said loudly even though inside I felt like jelly.

"Of course I can have you.' He sounded firm now.

Taking a step closer, he put his arms round my waist. I was already feeling very weak but I became if possible, even weaker. He was draining me of all my energy!

"No Katy, I'm draining you of…" here he paused for a dramatic effect. "Life!'

"What - ?!" I screamed.

"Of life, Katy! L-I-F-E." he spoke as if to a two year old.

I looked at my hands again. They were so pale that I thought that they would disappear any minute. I shuddered.

"Yes, soon you will not exist anymore. You will become a part of me and then we'll go back together, back to the other World." He explained.

"But I don't want to be a part of you! I don't want to die!" I protested in vain.

"I'm lonely in the Shadow World. You'll keep me company. And that's final." His face was expressionless but his tone was firm.

I watched in horror as he smiled once more, and then the world became black.