Hana Mi

(Flower Viewing)

A/N: Anna Maugrite wishes to travel to Japan. Since her Japanese is a little shaky, she enlists the help of a tour-guide and translator by the name of Midori Suzuki. The translator that walks with her, Hideki Tora, has a bit of a crush on her and calls her "Hana" because she reminds him of a beautiful flower. Midori conveys this message to her, and Anna finds herself falling for him before she knows it. How will the relationship survive after Anna returns to Oregon ?

~*~ CAST ~*~

Anna Maugrite:

Elise Frieda Valor:

Nanette Maugrite: (Anna's mother)

Daegan Maugrite: (Anna's father)

Midori Suzuki:

Himeo Suzuki: (Midori's mother)

Akeno Suzuki: (Midori's father)

Keitaro Suzuki: (Midori's younger brother)

Hideki Tora:

Kiyoshi Tora: (Hideki's father)

Choko Tora: (Hideki's mother)


Juro Ebisu: (hardworking fisherman, falls for Midori)

Hitomi Ebisu:


Scene 1--Adventure Awaits

(Anna films herself while taking her first trip to Japan, a voyage she has wanted to take since she first became a lover of Asian culture.)

Anna: (with pep, vim and vigor) Ohayou ! That's good morning to all you gajin. It has been a long-time coming but I am finally traveling to Japan ! (squeals) I'm trying to contain my excitement, but I simply can't ! I'm about to board my flight to Tokyo, where I will be meeting Midori Suzuki, who will be acting as my resident translator. Apparently, she will be joined with another guide and translator, Hideki. I have been told all I desire will be provided for me. Well, who could ask for more ?

(Over PA: Flight 101 to Japan now boarding. Flight 101 to Japan now boarding.)

Anna: (giddy) This is it, the supreme moment ! Here I go everyone ! Yahoo !

(As she flies to Japan the theme song to Final Fantasy Unlimited plays and she sings along with it with some people looking annoyed by her Faye spirit and others looking at her as if she has completely lost her mind. Opening credits. Plane flies over familiar landmarks, like Fujimoto and soon, she lands in Tokyo.)

(Over PA in Japanese: Flight 101 now landing. Welcome to Tokyo. Enjoy your stay. Thank you for flying Orient Dragon.)

Midori: (cheerfully, congenially and in a friendly manner) Good evening and welcome, Anna Maugrite !

Hideki: We trust you had a pleasant flight ? (is slightly bashful when he first sees Anna at one glance)

Anna: It was splendid. We had slight turbulence, but it was nothing.

Hideki: That's a relief.

Midori: I bet you're tired though.

Anna: (yawning a bit) Yeah, the ol' jet lag is starting to kick in. This is the longest flight I have ever been on, but it has been worth it ! I am almost too excited to go to sleep tonight.

Midori: Don't worry about that. We'll be reconvening in the morning to begin sight-seeing.

Anna: How magnificent ! I can't wait Midori !

Hideki: I also know some really excellent ramen shops around the area and I'll be glad to take you. That is, if you are a fan of ramen.

Anna: Am I ? Hideki, I practically lived off ramen when I was going through college. (Laughs) Most college students do in my country. Convenient little staple you guys have, and ingenious at that.

Hideki: Good ! (claps hands) Then we'll be set for tomorrow.

Anna: Where are we heading now ?

Midori: The hotel. I do so hope all the accommodations will be to your liking, Anna.

Anna: (coming upon the lavish hotel and is speechless)

Hideki: I think I can take that as a 'yes'. (chuckling)

Anna: Domo arigatou gobemasu ! (bows politely) This is absolutely grand ! I couldn't ask for anything more.

Midori: Excellent. Then Hideki and I shall meet you again at 8:00 am in the morning after you have had breakfast.

Anna: I shall look forward to seeing you then. (bows long)

Midori/Hideki: Good night then, Anna.

Anna: Good night my friends. Can't wait until tomorrow ! (squeals happily as she skips away singing the theme song to "xxxHolic")

(Scene fade)

Scene 2--Smitten

(After Anna enjoys a lavish breakfast, she dresses herself and packs her camera and Ipod for her trip sightseeing with Midori and Hideki. Hideki has worn his best suit and Midori is looking suave, flirty, and casual.)

Midori: Did you really have to wear that suit today ?

Hideki: Why ? Is it too much ? I want to look my best ! (flips hair a bit and brightly grins)

Midori: (knowingly) You have a little thing for this American girl, don't you ?

(nudges him) Don't you ?

Hideki: (a bit bashfully) She's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. When I first saw her yesterday, time came to a stop. All I could see were those brilliant blue eyes of her, staring into mine. My heart literally skipped.

Midori: (becoming concerned) Woah, ease up there, Romeo.

Hideki: I can't help myself. She inspires me. I want to better myself, improve everything around me, or do something ridiculous just to hear her laugh.

Midori: (takes his hand for a moment) Think this through, Hideki. You don't know if this affection you have will be returned to you. Even then, will you be able to travel to her country and earn citizenship to ensure no other man takes your place ?

You know the probability of a long distance relationship is low ! Don't do this.

Please. I don't want you hurting yourself.

Hideki: (with confidence and self-assurance) Midori, you don't have to concern yourself about me. We're colleagues ! I promise you that I'll give this my all; my whole being ! Whatever happens, I guarantee you, I won't do anything foolish.

Midori: I'm glad. (to herself) But, I wish you weren't going after Anna when someone here cares about you equally and even more than she wants to admit to.

(Anna meets them and catches her breath)

Hideki: (out of Anna's earshot) Be still my heart, she's here right on time.

Midori: (as Anna approaches) You're a bit ahead of time.

Anna: I can't afford to miss anything. I want to see each and every detail while I am here. You only live once, right ?

Hideki: Yes. (stands right next to her) I was thinking though that, perhaps you would like to see our cherry trees first ?

Anna: Absolutely ! That is one of the main reasons I came, for the sakura !

Hideki: Allow me then. Follow me, if you will.

Anna: Lead the way, Hideki. I'll follow.

Midori: (observing, in a mutter) Oh, he is good. (to herself) I want to sabotage this before it becomes any more serious, but for some reason…to see him like that (grumbles)

Hideki: Hey, Midori ! Best catch up, slow poke.

Midori: (slightly irritated) Why you…You're such a child, Hideki !

Anna: (laughing)

(As Hideki shows her the trees, he puts a blossom in her hair and she blushes. A romantic Japanese song plays as the two become closer to one another and Midori looks on, happy for them but jealous that her would-be lover is being stolen from her by a foreigner.)

Anna: I'm famished ! All this sight-seeing has worn me out.

Hideki: I've got just the place in mind. Come on ! (takes her hand)

Anna: (laughing)

Midori: (tries not to fume) Tora…If I didn't adore you as much as I did now, I'd be skewering you with a samurai sword !

(At the ramen shop)

Hideki: So, what interested you in our country to begin with ?

Anna: (hand atop his, brushing it lightly) I had always liked culture from the time I was a little girl, but Japan fascinated me. I became an otaku early on in life when my best friend Elise introduced me to Astro Boy. After that, I wanted to learn more about the country that produced anime and had a technology empire to its fame.

I also find your androids simply incredible. You're light years ahead of us.

Hideki: We still look to your technology here. Don't account us as the best at everything, dear.

Midori: Have you ever traveled outside the United States ?

Anna: No ! This is my first experience abroad. I've traveled all over the United States, but nothing compares to the beauty, history and scenery I've seen here.

If I could speak Japanese better, I'd want to live here.

Midori: You parents would miss you, surely, if you did so.

Anna: Yep, and so would my buddy Elise. Come to think of it, she's probably exceedingly jealous she couldn't come with me. At least I can email her…I'll have to get some souvenirs for her !

Midori: I know great spots for souvees. Let's go !

Hideki: (holding her hand) I'm hardly finished with my meal, though.

Midori: (sternly) You can box it for later.

(Anna's hand slips from Hideki's and Midori sweeps her away to another shop where they buy souvenirs. She buys EVA mechs for Elise.)

Anna: These are so incredibly detailed. Elise is going to love them ! And these CD s by Matsuri are uber sugoi !

Midori: Hadn't you heard of Matsuri before coming here ?

Anna: Actually, yes. Elise is into tons of different bands from all across the world and has listened to bands and music I had never heard of before.

Midori: Interesting.

Anna: (paying for merchandise)

Clerk: (in Japanese) Thank you, come again.

Anna: (in Japanese) Thank you so much !

(They walk out of the store, and Anna is delighted)

Anna: I had somewhat of a hard time deciding what Elise would truly like but I had remembered she was a hard-core EVA fan and had been collecting EVA merchandise since Evangelion came overseas. I think she'll be pleasantly surprised.

Midori: (in a put-on semi-saccharine way) She's lucky to have a friend like you !

Anna: (effervescent) Certainly is. (comes to quick realization) Hey, I don't mean to be improper, but I noticed you were bristling back there when Hideki was holding my hand and flirting with me.

Midori: (trying not to show anger) Whatever gave you that idea ?

Anna: My dear, it's as plain as the nose on your face. I can sense you love him.

I'm starting to like him quite a bit as well. In fact, I feel happier than I have ever been around him and I might even go so far to say that it could be love. (stops herself) I'm sorry ! I shouldn't have stepped over the line. I'm so foolish sometimes !

Midori: (getting a little teary eyed, but Anna takes a tissue and wipes her tears) No.

Thanks. You're right in your assessment of me. I never thought I'd be so transparent.

Anna: I never meant anything like this to happen, but…He's so magnetic. He's got such a sweetness and gentleness to him. His playful free spirit is contagious.

Midori: I know, which is what attracted me to him. I myself had wanted to be his bride, but he was never interested in me. To him I was always his best friend.

Nothing more.

Anna: And now you hate me and probably think of me as a witch.

Midori: (smirk) Truth be known, yes. But, I am actually happy for him. I have never seen him so energetic. You seem to bring out a different side of him.

When he works, sometimes he becomes so serious and stoic, but, now that you're here, he's a big kid.

Anna: (blushing) I hope I didn't cause any pain for you. I just met you and I consider you a friend.

Midori: (surprised) I'm honored that you do, Anna. That means a lot to me.

I suppose I simply have to let go of the delusion that Hideki and I can ever be more than simply friends.

Anna: Don't worry. Midori, you're a beautiful woman. If any man doesn't see that, then he needs to have his vision checked as well as his sanity.

Midori: (bashful for a moment) You're just saying that to make me feel better.

Anna: No, Midori. I'm not. I'm being honest. Don't put yourself down. I know there's a handsome guy out there for you somewhere. And I think he'll show up when you least expect it.

Midori: That's a bunch of crap if I ever heard it.

Anna: Hey, I know what will help put a smile on your face. How about we go to a sweet shop somewhere…

Midori: Well, I don't know…There is one, but we could be stuck in there all day.

And honestly, I don't want Hideki worrying about us or thinking that we got lost.

(Cell phone rings, and shows it to her)

Midori: And, cue Mr. Worrywart. We're on our way to a sweet shop. Yes. Yes.

Yes ! We're fine. (rolls eyes) Jeez.

Anna: (trying not to laugh)

Midori: Hideki told us to stay put. He's going to catch up with us.

(A musical montage done to an upbeat Japanese song occurs as the three of them enjoy treats and then walk back to where they began under the cherry trees.)

Anna: (inhales deeply, meditatively) I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a cherry tree. Gloriously, they sway in the breeze, the pink blossoms never cease to delight me. The scent, intoxicating, letting me know it is spring !

Midori: (impressed) That was terrific ! Did you write that yourself ?

Anna: Yes, completely ad lib.

(Both applaud)

Anna: (laughing) Come on, it wasn't that good.

Midori: Would you like to see a kabuki play tonight ?

Anna: (avidly) Would I ? (slight pause) And karaoke later ?

Midori: (somewhat shocked and awed) Woah. It's like you can read my mind.

Anna: (playfully, wriggling fingers) Perhaps I can ! Woooo !

(They enjoy a traditional play and sing songs together. Hideki sings an anka ballad for Anna, which almost puts Midori to sleep.)

Anna: (applauding and whistling)

Hideki: (hand behind head) I'm not that great, really.

Anna: Karaoke machine disagrees. Look at your score ! That's impressive !

Midori: You beat my score ! And with all things…Anka ! That's so unfair.

Anna: You have a pretty voice too, I just guess the machine is biased.

(They thank the owners of the bar before they leave and Midori hails a taxi to take Anna home, and she soon falls asleep.)

Hideki: Is it permissible if I take her to one of my favorite temples ? It's sacred to me and I want to express to her how special she is there.

Midori: Don't you think you're moving a little fast ?

Hideki: My heart is urging me onward. I can't just stop now.

Midori: Please be careful.

Hideki: (serious but reassuring) Midori, trust me. I know what I am doing. I know now what I want more than ever.

Midori: (looking up at the starry sky and sighing, to herself) Somehow, I believe you and as I wish on these meteorites tonight, I pray, dear God, that this blossoming relationship is blessed. Amen.

(Scene fade)

Scene 3--Sacred Kiss/Man of the Sea

(Anna meets Hideki and Midori 5 minutes ahead of schedule.)

Midori: You're awfully overly punctual !

Anna: I figure if I was 5 minutes late, it'd be rude. Better to be early than late, mom always said.

Midori: True.

Anna: Where are we going today ?

Hideki: (taking her hand) I was thinking of taking you to a shrine I visit quite frequently.

Anna: Oh, how marvelous !

Midori: I'll let you two go on alone. I'll be off to the market to see if I can procure some good salmon. You don't mind fish for dinner, do you ?

Hideki/Anna: Fish's fine ! (the both look at each other and laugh)

Midori: (gleaming) Salmon it is then. (she runs off into the market)

Hideki: (taking Anna's hand) It's not much further from here, come on !

Anna: (chuckling, coming upon the shrine) It's absolutely gorgeous !

Hideki: No more so than you, Anna. (taking her hands and caressing them, brings one up to his lips and kisses it)

Anna: You're just flattering me, Hideki.

Hideki: Flattering ? No ! I would never do such a thing. I'm a gentleman, a man of my word.

Anna: There's something…magical about this place.

Hideki: I know. I always felt the presence of the Divine here. It's all around us, but here at this shrine, whenever I felt down or lonely, I'd come here to pray and I would be filled with incredible calm.

Anna: Incredible.

Hideki: And since I met you, I haven't stopped feeling that way. I feel a fullness I haven't experienced since…well…ever.

Anna: (stammers slightly) I'm not sure what to say. I felt that way about you the first time I set eyes on you. Those handsome beguiling baby blues of yours, my lovely flower…

Hideki: (leans in close to kiss her and they begin kissing lovingly)

Juro: (singing happily in the fish market) Fresh fish ! Freshly caught today !

Get your fresh fish !

Midori: (rushing up to him) Do you have any salmon ? (noticing how handsome she is, she becomes suddenly demure)

Juro: Certainly do, miss. Just caught it too. Devil put up quite a fight but I was able to hold him down.

Midori: (looking at the size of the salmon) Lord, he's a behemoth ! How did you ever manage ?

Juro: (starting to puff himself up slightly, but not come off as too 'macho') It wasn't easy…Why are you talking to me though ? Don't you want to purchase your salmon and be home in time for dinner ?

Midori: I do, sir. This is actually for a couple of friends of mine.

Juro: Ah, you're a kind woman. I knew it, I could sense it in your aura.

Midori: Aura ? (chuckles) Are you a mystic ?

Juro: (leans close toward her ear) I don't talk about it to the other fishermen, but I have the ability to sense people's personalities. I can discern whether someone means me harm or good. You, lady, are a golden soul.

Midori: (blushing) All that just by looking at me. (awed) Fascinating.

Juro: (taking one of her hands and tracing the lines in it) I can tell more from your palms…

Midori: (giggling) Oh, dear ! (shyly) I must be going. Here, this should cover the cost !

Juro: Will I see you again ? What's your name ?

Midori: Yes, I am sure you will…Gods willing. Midori Suzuki is my friend. (Quickly takes out a piece of paper and writes her phone number on it) Don't lose this, it's my cell. I leave it on most of the time. By the way…What is your name, fisherman ?

Juro: (with a confident grin and slight flair) Juro Ebisu. (wink) I'll see you around pretty one.

Midori: (lowers gaze for a moment and waves as she rushes back to the temple, finding the two lovers still locked in a kiss) I see you didn't get your chance to tell Anna here the history of the shrine, did you ?

Hideki: (hand behind his head, laughing in embarrassment)

Anna: I learned quite a bit actually. If you want, I could give you the Reader's Digest version.

Midori: (laughing) Suuuuure you could.

Anna: (noticing the glow to Midori's face) You seem a bit different.

Midori: (in denial) What do you mean by that ?

Anna: You met someone at the marketplace, didn't you ? Midori ! Who is it ?!

Midori: (softly) Juro Ebisu.

Anna: (pat on the back) What did I tell you, sweetheart ?

Midori: You were right as usual.

Hideki: Is that monster what we're having for dinner ?

Midori: Yeah. Ebisu caught this freak with his bare hands and wrestled him down.

Hideki: (astonished) No way.

Midori: Believe it.

Hideki: Well, what are we waiting for…Let's go and cook this puppy.

Midori: Sounds like a plan.

(Scene fade)

Scene 4--Returning Home

Anna: (over her camera) I have seen so many things and experienced Japanese culture so closely…(starting to get weepy) I don't want to leave this beautiful place.

I also don't want to leave the one I have just begun to love. My heart aches within me. I can't even speak his name without weeping. Why did this happen ?

At least Midori is lucky. Her love affair can come to fruition and she can have a happy life with Juro someday but as for myself and Hideki… (sniffling and drying her eyes, Hideki is coming to send her off)

Hideki: (stroking her face) I am going to miss you. But I promise, as soon as I gain the ability to come to you, I will. I vow, with all my heart. (kissing her intently)

Anna: (melting into kiss, running her fingers through his hair and holding him close)

I hope so. I am already missing you. (bites lip to keep from crying)

Hideki: (lifts her chin up to kiss her lovingly again, and speaks in Japanese) I love you, Anna.

Anna: (responding) As do I, darling. Always. (boards the plane and while on it begins to cry with soft emotional music in the background)

(Anna says her final goodbyes to Hideki and hugs him once more before leaving. She is soon carried home and meets up with Elise and her parents.)

Nanette: Welcome back, dearest ! (hugging her)

Daegan: Welcome back, indeed ! (hugging her at the same time)

Elise: (like a kid, jumping up and down) What did you bring me ?

Daegan: (rolls eyes) Oh, brother.

Anna: (gives them all souvenirs) I know I was gone for a while, but it sure is good to be back in Oregon. Fortunately, it wasn't too long of a flight.

Daegan: You sure about that, honey ? Last time I remember going to a flight overseas, it took hours for us to get where we were going.

Anna: Didn't feel that way to me at all, dad. (hugging and kissing him again)

Nannette: We're just glad that you're back and safe and sound. So…do you have any stories to tell us ?

Elise: (nudging her playfully in the side) Oh, does she ever, Mrs. Maugrite !

Anna: (sharply) Elise ! No !

Daegan: What is it ? (sternly and scowling) You didn't meet some Jap and fall in love with him did you ?

Nanette: (a bit sharply but subdued so others aren't taken off guard) Daegan !

Daegan: (somewhat chagrined) Sorry, but gramps was in the Second World War and that's what he always called them.

Anna: Whoever I fall in love with is my right, dad.

Daegan: And how do you expect this long-distance relationship to work then, hmm ?

Nanette: Daegan, please.

Anna: Love will find a way.

Daegan: You're a fool then, Anna.

(There's a bit of a pause)

Elise: So ! Why don't you tell us about your adventure overseas, then ?

Anna: With pleasure, sweetie. (hugs her from the side)

(Scene shift to Japan, where Hideki is riding home in his car from work and listening to the radio while the latest popular song plays. He arrives home, sits down and watches the news, and gets online, hoping Anna will be there.)

(A few hours later appears on screen)

Hideki: Come on, Anna. Please be online.

(Anna's name shows up on the computer as OtakuGirl97.)

Hideki: There's my Hana ! (calls her on Skype and has his webcam available and on)

Anna: (in Japanese) Good evening, my love.

Hideki: (blushing lightly) Good evening, sweet flower.

Anna: Why did you want to get in touch with me so soon ?

Hideki: (a bit anxiously) It happened all so suddenly. The problem is I can't stop talking about you and well…My whole family wants to meet you.

Anna: (mouth agape for a moment, gathers her wits about her) Isn't that sort of…sudden ? We have only known each other for a week !

Hideki: Mother takes things very seriously and she's very curious about you.

(laughs nervously, not really knowing what else to do or say)

Anna: I'm interested in meeting your family, too my dear but this is much too fast for me.

Hideki: It's ok, sweetheart. I'm not going to be able to procure a passport for at least a week and I won't have enough money to travel to Oregon for a month or two.

Anna: (relieved) I was a bit concerned.

Hideki: It was never my intent to worry you so much. I thought the whole ordeal was sudden myself. (chuckles) It's good to see you again, nonetheless.

Anna: How is work treating you ?

Hideki: Work's great, and guess what ?

Anna: What ?

Hideki: Midori has begun dating Juro.

Anna: Super ! I couldn't be happier for her.

Hideki: It's a wonder too, since her parents are so terribly picky about the men she dates and her grandparents are severely traditional. But they all approve of him.

Anna: Great ! Now if only I can convince my father about you.

Hideki: I will have plenty of time to win him over. Don't you worry. (cell phone starts ringing) (grumbles) Sorry about this. (aside) Who could be calling me at this hour ?

Anna: Go ahead and take your call, darling. You know I'll try to be online as much as I can to talk to you later.

Hideki: (sweetly) You're really too good to me, Hana.

Anna: I love you, Hideki.

Hideki: I love you too, my dear.

(Seeing that it is late, Anna says her goodbyes and signs out of her computer, turning it off. Sighing, she looks out her window at the stars before she sleeps and "The Lonely Moon" plays in the background as she falls into a deep sleep.)

Scene 5--Trembling on the Inside

(On screen the words, "A Few Months Later" appear…And the next scene occurs much like a music montage, everything happening rapidly after Anna receives a call that Hideki and his family will be coming to visit. "Circuit No Mitsume" plays until everything is prepared for the families to come together and get acquainted.)

Hideki: (standing with roses outside of Anna's door, rings doorbell, rocks back and forth on balls of feet)

Kiyoshi: Son, could you not do that ? It makes me nervous !

Hideki: Sorry, dad.

Daegan: (answering the door, trying not to show disgust) Looks like the guests are here.

Nanette: (bustling to greet them) Greetings and welcome to the Maugrite household. I pray your flight wasn't turbulent.

Choko: Our flight was most pleasant. Thank you for asking.

Nanette: It's no trouble at all.

Hideki: (Seeing Anna, presenting her with roses) For my Hana.

Anna: They're beautiful, Hideki. (puts them in a vase with water and kisses him)

Hideki: (taking her chin) Not so beautiful and extravagant as you, my dear.

Anna: (looking down at her feet demurely) You flatter me.

Kiyoshi: This must be Anna, Hideki's girlfriend.

Anna: (speaking Japanese) Pleased to meet you, Mr. Tora. (bows lowly and slowly)

Kiyoshi: And speaking proper Japanese I see. Impressive.

Choko: You told me she was polite, but I never realized how much so.

Anna: I just want to make you feel at home. I know it's frightening being in a country that's not your own.

Kiyoshi: Actually, the culture shock hasn't been so bad. You have some rather exquisite sushi here in Oregon.

Choko: I never actually thought there would be so many Japanese people here, and Russians too.

Nanette: (laughing) I know, it sort of takes me by surprise to. Come in, sit down for a while. I already have dinner on the stove. Do you like Italian food ?

Choko: Yes, in fact, I do.

Nanette: Fantastic !

Kiyoshi: (whispering) I think I like it here more already. The food smells delightful.

Mmm. Chicken parmesan. My favorite.

Daegan: (simply sits at the table not making much eye contact with anyone, and acting distant)

Hideki: (aside to Anna) Is your father usually this quiet ?

Anna: (a little disappointed) No. He is sizing you up this instant. He doesn't know whether to trust you.

Hideki: (patting her hand, in a sing-song way) Be happy, be happy.

Anna: Now you're quoting Tekkonkincreet ? (chuckling)

Hideki: Only because I know you adore it and I love seeing you smile.

Anna: And you know Shiro is my favorite character.

Hideki: That too. (kisses her cheek lovingly)

Nanette: (serving everyone) I had heard from our lovely daughter that Hideki here has news for all of us.

Hideki: That I do, Mrs. Maugrite.

Choko: (intrigued) You didn't tell us about this son.

Hideki: I keep secrets well, mother. I wanted us all to be together for this announcement.

(Daegan still looks unimpressed and is eating food quietly, not adding or detracting from the conversation.)

Hideki: I have applied for green cards for the lot of us. I have been approved, and am waiting approval for you.

Kiyoshi: (surprised) Huh ? So now…what ?

Hideki: You can come and visit me anytime you like. As for me, I am going to try becoming a citizen because I have something very important I want to do.

(gets down on one knee and holds Anna's hand in his, tenderly)

Daegan: (drops fork, mouth agape)

Hideki: Would you do me the honor of joining me in holy matrimony ?

Daegan: Oh, no…you didn't ! Look here, mister ! You've only known my precious little girl for a month, and I am not about to have some Jap take her from me !


Nanette: (shocked and mortified) Daegan !

Daegan: (still breathing heavily, quite upset) I'm just speaking what's on my mind.

There's no way this kid is going to get a job here. Not in this economy. It's ridiculous.

Anna: Dad, give him a chance. I love Hideki and I am not going to say 'no' just because you don't approve of him.

Daegan: Fine. Do what you must but I am not getting involved. (storms out of the room)

Nanette: (deflated) Daegan… (looking at Kyoshi and Choko) I am sorry about this.

Choko: Don't worry. He's just acting like a normal father would.

Kiyoshi: But we bless our son and daughter. Maybe he will come around the more he is around Hideki.

Nanette: I can only hope so. I have never seen him so riled up.

Hideki: (still kneeling, inhales deeply and exhales) So…are you up for it, my Hana ?

Anna: (getting up to her feet and hugging him) Yes ! Yes ! Of course, without doubt. I want to be your wife, whatever it takes, my gentle samurai.

(As he puts the ring on her finger he lifts her up and kisses her, she lifts her foot up and squeals girlishly and the scene fades.)

Scene 6--Acceptance

("A Year Passes" appears on screen. Hideki stands at the front of the altar waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle. Midori is a maid of honor, and Juro is a best man, their parents and grandparents are in the congregation. Soon Mendelson's wedding march begins to play and the crowd waits with bated breath.)

(Daegan can be seen walking his daughter down the aisle with a large smile upon his face.)

Daegan: You go get 'im, tiger.

Anna: (hugging him before he presents her to Hideki) Thank you, dad.

Hitomi: (walking down the aisle, throwing flowers)

Midori: That's my little girl.

Juro: Who gets her beauty from her mom, of course.

Crowd: Awwww.

Priest: Dearly beloved, we come together today to bring this man and this woman together in bonds of holy matrimony. Marriage is the most blessed and sacred union of souls God ever devised. So, I say. What God has joined let no man rend asunder.

(The theme song from "Sunako Of Many Forms" plays as the two say their vows and kiss.

Elise: (weeping joyfully) I just love fairy tale resolutions !

(Anna and Hideki run down the aisle and are taken away in a limonene. On the back, it is written in kanji "Just Married" and translated into English underneath it. Everyone cheers as they follow.)

Hideki: (holding her hand) And that is how we begin our happy ending.

Anna: (pinching self) Ow !

Hideki: Why pinch yourself, dear ?

Anna: Because I want to make sure this isn't a dream.

Hideki: (kisses her passionately) It isn't.

Anna: Indeed.

(As they close the tinted glass the words "The End" appear on them. The cavalcade of people behind them continue following them. End Credits. The theme song from "Kobato" plays in the credits, followed by the theme song from the one episode {apparently} anime, "The Shrine Project" and "Guru" from Morning Mitsune.)