So, in a nut-shell, I had writer's block recently, so I wrote a bunch of character interviews to help get the ideas flowing. These are said interviews. They only really make sense if you've read my story 'night-school', so I suggest you give that a glance before you read this, if you haven't read it yet. There shouldn't be any spoilers, but I appologise if there are.

The first interview: Pandora.


Interviewer: So, you're working at magick school, what's it like?

Pandora: ...

Interviewer: Wel..?

Pandora: ...

Interviewer: Erm, hello? You there?

Pandora: ...ZZZ...

Interviewer: (hits Pandora with book)

Pandora: Huh? What? Ah, sunlight! Save me! (hides under the chair)

Interviewer: Pandora, it isn't sunlight, it's a lightbulb. And it's not like you'll burst into flames or anything.

Pandora: What did I ever do to you?

Interviewer: You ate my dog.

Pandora: Well, yeah, but what did I ever do to you?

Interviewer: *sighs* Can we just get on with the interview? We don't have all day, you know.

Pandora: This is an interview? Well then who the bloody hell are you?

Interviewer: I'm the interviewer. Please, answer the questions.

Pandora: What questions?

Interviewer: Why are you such an idiot?

Pandora: Is that the question? Do I have to answer that?

Interviewer: If you can.

Pandora: ...

Interviewer: Shall I take that as a no?

Pandora: ...

Interviewer: Do you not know the answer?

Pandora: ...Hey, look, a kitty. (points to behind interviewer)

Interviewer: (looks behind her) Where? I don't see it.

Pandora: (runs off the stage)

Interviewer: *shouting* You weren't being held against your will, you know. This is an intervirew, not an interrigation. (throws hands up in dispair) Why do I even bother?