You should know the drill by now. This one's the headmaster.


Interviewer: So, headmaster, this is your first interview, and there is one question on everybody's mind right now; why is magick school held at night?

Headmaster: Don't you think people would notice if trolls and goblins were walking around during the day? What are you, stupid or something?

Interviewer: Well, a little...

Headmaster: *sighs* It's like the idiot convention all over again.

Interviewer: Well don't you think that's a little harsh?

Headmaster: No.

Interviewer: Oh. Well then... Hey, what's your name?

Headmaster: Is there any need for you to know that?

Interviewer: Yes. It's because... Well... Hey, I don't need to explain myself to you.

Headmaster: Then I don't have to answer your questions.

Interviewer: Is there some sort of school wide conspiracy against me or something?

Headmaster: There might be.

Interviewer: You're not feeling very co-operative right now, are you?

Headmaster: I am answering the questions, just not in the mannor you want me to.

Interviewer: Huh?

Headmaster: Or maybe I'm not answering at all, but simply making you think that I'm answering in order to stop you from asking.

Interviewer: My brain hurts.

Headmaster: I didn't realise you have one.

Interviewer: You're mean.

Headmaster: I do try.

Interviewer: (sulking)