Two friends

I am the kid nobody perceives.

I am the kid everybody sees.

I walk around with my head held down.

I'm the one always with a smile and not a frown.

I like to stay quiet and reading a big fat book.

I like being a pirate, jumping around, and swinging a hook.

I smile shyly when someone comes to talk to me.

I believe there's nobody better or cooler than me!

I hate getting distracted….

I dislike being in a small room where someone farted…

But I guess it's okay sometimes.

Not everybody can pretend otherwise.

But there is someone I really like…

Even though I'm shy.

Even though she's so short she can hardly reach the sky.

I'll stick a sticker on my friend's shoes…

She'll stick a sticker on my shoes, and laugh and smile that would get rid of flues…

And we would both say together with laughing hearts

"Be HAPPY!" and then we would never part.