Thank God I Know You

Take a seat right next to me
You always do anyway
And you'll say, "Hey, what's up?"
I'll say, "The ceiling."
Because that's what I always say
Is that okay, I think it's okay—

And I won't say a lot
And you probably forgot
That I'm even here, lend me your ear
Someday I'll say I love you
And be nothing but sincere
For now I'll thank God that I know you—

We'll all laugh and we'll all smile
And we'll hang out for a good long while
I'll thank God for Fridays and Sundays and Wednesdays, too
Please say you're my friend
Because I know you're mine
Until the happiest end
Boy, the end will shine—

And then you'll sing about everything
Well, everything that's important in life
Look me in the eye nearly every time
Someday- just maybe someday I'd be your wife
But for now I'll just be thinking
And thanking God I know you—

You have important things to do
Important people to see
Those who are more important than me
And I'll write my essays
Think how in a few days
I'll mean as much to you, too—

Send me a line any time
You know I'd be happy to help
And I'd be glad if you want to add
Something… else.
For now, we're friends without ends
And I'll thank God I know you
And pray that someday, things will be

Just having a bit of fun. :) Fancy some e-cookies?