Summary: A story about a vampire who moves into a small town in Virginia with his stubborn sister and brutal brother. He falls for a shy girl who nobody ever looks twice at. This story tells about how he tries his hardest to win over her heart and the conflicts they face when she finally meets his extended family.

Romance/Young Adult

POV may vary. Starts in third person.


Author's note: This is my second story on fictionpress. I'm going to continue my Forbidden Lust story but for now I'm taking an extended vacation from it. Writers block hit so I wasn't too good with updates. And…school didn't help either. But it's my last year of high school. Yay! Ok, this particular chapter is dedicated to Nickleback's Gotta be Somebody. One of my favorites and I highly recommend listening to it because it's just that amazing. I hope you enjoy my new story. Please review and…try not to see it as twilight like in any way. X( Now onto chapter one….

CHAPTER ONE: Nights Love and New Homes

The dark night sky filled his eyes as he stood over the cliffs he didn't remember traveling to. He watched the vicious waves crash together below him in furious motions that reflected his mood. His eyes closed and he took deep breaths to calm himself. He was infuriated for losing control tonight and was already weighing the consequences of his actions. He listened to the sounds of the sea and the stillness of life around him. As he stood there—the surge of fresh blood still flowing through his veins—he felt the familiar presence of his sister. She stood maybe twenty feet away and yet he could hear her every breath thanks to his intensified senses. She sounded worried. He ran a hand through his dark hair before turning to face her. She looked worried. She walked forward, a frown on her face. He noticed without even looking that her hands were covered in blood. He furrowed his brow and shifted through her most recent memories—using a power that had been passed from his father to him—before coming upon the one that explained the mess.

"You saw her?" He asked although he already knew the answer. He was sure he felt his broken, dead heart twitch in guilt over the death of the poor blonde girl. She walked closer to him, a concerned sigh escaping her lips.

"Dante, it wasn't your fault." She said in her silk voice. He growled in response and she glared. "Don't back talk me. I'm your sister. I know what I'm talking about." He turned back to the cliff and stared over the water.

"What did you do with her body?" He asked. She didn't answer; and as he inhaled through his nose, he understood why—she smelled like smoke. After a long silence, he spoke again. "We'll have to move again." She sighed, sounding irritated.

"Can we go a little south? Like, say…California? I've heard good things. And…I want an excuse to wear a bikini again." She rambled as if it were no big deal. As if it were an everyday thing. He would have smirked at her if he hadn't realized that it was becoming too frequent. He would have found it amusing, knowing how much she hated the cold Alaskan air, but things were too serious.

"I was thinking Virginia." He said calmly and her eyes widened at his back. She began throwing questions at him through her mind but he acted as if he didn't hear a single one. He refused to think about it any more than he already had let alone answer her confused questioning. He knew she would understand in time. Even he didn't fully understand his decision but something was pulling him back east. He learned that it was better to listen to that. An image of his mother's face from over a decade ago when the three of them left home flashed through his mind and his heart gave another guilty twitch. "Go find Damien and drag him back to the house. I don't care who he's screwing at the time. Tell him we're leaving. Tonight." Before she had a chance to object, he jumped off the cliff and disappeared into the night…

"Can anyone tell me what 'X' would be?" Mrs. Cheryl Peterson asked in a light voice. She was a thin older woman with sand colored hair that swayed over her shoulders as she walked to the back of the class, snatching up a Nintendo DS from a boy who was obviously not paying attention. A pale hand raised in the air nervously. Her teacher smiled and called her name.


"Perfect. Now, can anyone tell me what X is in problem number—" But she didn't get to finish her question because the door swung open and everyone turned to see someone they'd never laid their eyes on before. Heels clicked on the linoleum and a beautiful black corset dress flowed around her legs as this new girl walked to the front of the class. Boys whistled and she merely smiled as she stood with complete confidence and sheer beauty in front of the flustered Mrs. Peterson.

"Hello. My name's Mia Rinaldi. I just moved here from Alaska." She said in her unique silk tongue. She held her papers out and smiled politely. Her new teacher eyed Jade with a curious look before taking the papers from her. She gave them a brief look before smiling at her new, and rather beautiful, student.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you Miss. Rinaldi. Please take a seat beside Miss. Harper, there." She pointed out the empty desk and the whole class watched as the teenage goddess glided to her seat. Mrs. Peterson had to clear her throat to get the class' attention again. She continued with the lesson and the boys eventually tore their eyes off of the new girl, knowing they'd need to relieve themselves in the boy's bathroom if they didn't forget about her perfect legs and curves soon. Mia glanced up at the girl she sat beside and studied her for a long moment. Melanie's brilliant amber eyes glanced up at her in confusion, feeling her gaze. Instead of looking away immediately like most did when caught staring, Mia merely smiled wider.

"Hello. Do you have a first name, Miss. Harper?" She asked in a teasing tone. Melanie raised an eyebrow at her and chewed lightly on her bottom lip. She wasn't too comfortable with talking to…anyone. But this new, beautiful girl sat in beside her, looking expectantly.

"Yeah…I'm...Umm…Melanie." She replied nervously confused. The other girl chuckled ever so slightly. The sound had music like tones twirled in it. It was like wind chimes and classical violin. She couldn't help but be so enthralled by this girl's perfected beauty. It was like she had been specifically made and molded by God. She nearly frowned from looking at her, jealous of her outstanding natural beauty.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you, Melanie Harper. Something tells me we're going to be great friends." She said and to the core she believed that. Something about her pulled her in and she couldn't get away from it. Images of her older, and basically favorite, brother popped into her mind and she wondered what the connection was. Maybe she should introduce them? New images of Mayella Robertson's dead, bloody body lying on the beach came to mind and she frowned. No, it was too soon to bring another girl into her poor brother's life. After what he'd done to the ones before…it was a bad idea. But there was no reason why she couldn't hang out with her. The class bell rang and she gathered her things quickly. "Hey Melanie? Do you want to hang out today? You can come over to my house if you want; my parents are basically never home." She offered as the walked out of the class room together. She caught glances of guys walking by and noticed their curious looks. She could see it in their eyes, each and every one of them was wondering if they'd ever be invited over on a night her parents weren't home.

"Oh, uhm…yeah. Sure? I guess.." Melanie replied awkwardly. She wasn't exactly used to being asked to do anything, especially not with someone who could probably be ranked as the hottest girl in school. Mia now grinned ear to ear.

"Great." She said and continued walking with her to class.

Dante's POV

I walked out of my English class in a groggy sort of mood. How many times would I be forced to read The Crucible in an eleventh grade English class? I knew I would probably have to read it over and over again for years to come. I didn't exactly look old enough to be out of school. My father said it would change but I was starting to doubt that considerably. I continued walking away from the droning teacher's voice and towards my next class. Algebra 2; pretty easy and the same in every country. I always liked math for that reason. As I was walking, however, I started noticing things. I was picking out hair colors and face attributes that reminded me all too much of the girls I'd basically obliterated. I'd hurt so many young women that I'd gotten so close to. My annoying twin sister always calls me a romantic at heart. I just think I'm an animal. A crazed, wild, blood-sucking animal. I should be locked up for all the damage I've done. Of course, on the brighter side, I'm not nearly as dangerous as my horny, pig-headed brother Damien. He also does everything he can to get the poor girl into bed with him before enjoying the feast. He plans every meal he encounters. I simply lose control of myself and the instinct and bloodlust takes over.

A familiar, musical laugh echoed in my ears from the other side of the courtyard—able to be heard with an acute hearing and familiarity to it—and I suddenly wondered how my sister did it. She moved from school to school and every time we moved it only took her five minutes to get the whole school in love with her. It made things hard when you want to keep a low profile but there wasn't much I could do about it. It was her personality. I knew that she would soon have her traditional "welcome me" party our new home in the country and everyone would show up. That's how it always went. Then one—and usually more—of the girls attending would end up missing, all over the news. Her body wasn't usually found until we were on the other side of the country. I sighed and grinded my teeth together. I was so exasperated with being uncontrollable. I walked slower, taking in every scent, testing myself before I felt a hand on my shoulder. I tensed immediately, already knowing who it was.

"Hey, little brother. How goes it?" He said and I turned to glare at Damien. I could see the look in his eyes and knew he already had plans; so typical. He had such a smug look on his face, like he felt he was a god or something. I knew that was true. He'd admitted to thinking that before. We walked to class together and he continued talking as though he never asked a question. "So, I found this clique of girls who are really into bad boys. They were practically fawning over me within a few minutes. It was unbelievable. Like a new record or something." He chuckled darkly. "They'll be virtually begging for a bite from everyone's favorite vam—"I cut him off with a look. He smirked. "What's wrong, baby brother? A little jealous?" He seemed to find it amusing when I fought with my instincts. He thought that humans were the animals and the kill was so delectable that there was no way it wasn't right. I thought differently. I knew if I'd been born a human, I'd be a vegetarian. Life was sacred to me. My mother raised me to think like that. I was grateful, although it made it harder for me to be what I was: a blood sucking vampire who tore women apart without the ability to control myself. I sifted through my brother's thoughts, wondering what he was planning. I saw three girls circled around him, giggling as he flashed them his teeth. It was a turn on for them. They thought vampires were sexy and something to chase after and sleep with. They would be willing to give up their blood to be with him. As I looked at the adoring eyes of those teenage girls from his memory, I knew that was true.

I didn't understand it. This generation of girls and even mature women were fascinated by our kind and would kill—no pun intended—to have a vampire mate. During my young years in the 16th century, I couldn't get a woman to talk to me because of the rumors about my family. They were all so frightened of me, and that was before my teeth came in. I sighed at the memory and continued walking to my next class.

See, with vampires—like my family and I—you aren't born with fangs; you grow into them. They're also not always sharp. In fact, they only get that way when we're thirsty or are about to feed. It makes it easier to live average lives. With that thought, my hand automatically came up to grasp the pendant that hung from my neck. Without it, I wouldn't be able to attend school like I do now. It's what kept the sun from burning my skin. Every member of my family had one that was similar but they all had different gemstones. My own necklace was a silver chain with a silver pendant hanging on it and a quarter-sized amethyst stone in the middle of it.

"Well, looks like Mia's getting attached already." Damien commented and I followed his gaze to our favorite and youngest sister and a human girl that stood beside her in the courtyard. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head and my heart writhed in my chest.

She was a goddess before me. Her smile was so elegantly beautiful. Her eyes were so mysteriously haunting as I felt I'd seen them a million times over. Her lips were so full and pink and looked deliciously tasteful. I found myself biting my own lip, wishing I were biting hers. The breeze picked up and she raised her hand to keep that stunningly, chestnut brown hair from blowing in her face. Instantly as I caught her scent, the teeth on my lip felt sharper. She smelled as astonishing as she looked. I couldn't help but be drawn to her. I heard a chuckle beside me and glanced at my brother. "I see you're getting attached as well." My gaze turned into a glare and I pulled myself out of a trance of that beautiful woman before me, turning to walk to class as the bell began to ring. I knew I would hear all about her later. Mia wouldn't be able to help herself at the chance to talk about her day and her new human friends. She was as fascinated with them as they are with us. I envied her of that; she never had to worry about killing any of them.

I still had a glare set on my face as I gave my new schedule to my poor, quivering, weak teacher. She looked frightened by the obviously menacing features that adorned my face. She barely gave an audible gasp as I walked in and pointed to my seat, staring at me wide eyed. She didn't bother introducing me; as if afraid I'd pounce on her if she spoke my name. I sat in her class, brooding about the girl with the chestnut hair and amber eyes.