the music's playing, getting hot

no time for talking, no time to stop

there are so many possibilities for us now

but the more you run the more I'm dragged under

but i won't let that affect me tonight, the music's pumping, the music's pumping

i'm fearless when i'm dancing, even while your watching

your eyes are on me, i can feel them burning

i know that if I glance your way i'll be trapped within that stoney gaze

and i can't decide what i want

to stay by your side or to run and hide

are you worth it? stop thinking.

i'm not looking, at you or anybody else i'm going to let the music be my love tonight and waltz me away.

but i can't help but think of you when the lyrics touch my lips

the humid air, the sensual movement of the dance, i'm getting lost in this chaos and i can't help but need a lifeline.

will you be the man i've always wished for?

or will you drop from the sky and leave me hanging on nothing but a thread?

the music is intoxicating, and i wish you'd come and join me

but you stand by yourself looking in

your heart's not in it, your heart's not in it. but would you just join me and pretend tonight?

you remain standing at the edge, staring at me as you slowly begin to fade

i hate the way you make me work. come and feel the music, in your heart

i see the the truth in your eyes but why can't your heart start anew?

you're lying to yourself. i know you want to share your life with me. tell me the truth.

are you so afraid to let me in that you'll run and hide, from the music, from me?

i will help you. take my hand and feel the music.

take my hand now, before I move on, there is such little time until the next song

do you feel your heart? i think we could be right together. as right as these lyrics fit our life

so tell me why you can't love me when i'm willing to repair your heart and hold you close?

and if you try to speak, i will shut your lips with mine

from your lips mine will travel to your ear and then i will promise my very heart and soul to you

i will hold you forever. i will never let go. but you already have.

so whatever promises I made will now be shattered like broken glass

once my everything is yours, i need someone to catch me. my heart is yours for the taking.

but now i'm beginning to doubt that it will be you who catches it.

and the applause rings out. i can't help but think that our hands should be together.

i move my hand but only find air, where have you gone?

gone, gone...gone from my life, like every other. and my heart lays at your feet.

will you trample on over it or will you pick it up place it next to yours?

i feel lost, incomplete, without you. you were my everything, my one and only.

so please turn around and come back to me.

and the music fades as i realize there is nothing without you.