A/N: Inspired by a photo my friend took, and the feeling of being forgotten.

I'll Forget Your Name But Never Your Eyes

I dream of white castles and

Sweet kisses and

Faces long lost in this mess of reality

I'll lean in to kiss his soft lips

And withdraw when it becomes your face

One pair of cobalt eyes

Reading into broken memories of

Conversations on the phone late at night

Where you pretended not to hear me cry

Reading into fallen tears

Reading into almost sincere apologies

You'll take me in your arms

And we'll dance until the sadness breaks away


But I awaken to a crash of thunder

A flash of lightening

To one missed call from the boy

That loves me more than anything

From the boy I wish I could love back

Rain patters the rooftop

Like your voice batters my heart

Breaks it in two every time I hear you breathing

A storm churns angrily as I fall back asleep

Back into an escape where

A lover never leaves me


I'll feel better in the morning