staring at the sky and dreaming about you tonight

i feel the rich humid air wrap around me, whispering softly

the darkness keeps me still and wishing you were here with me

the stars glow like crystals in the sky, keeping me company tonight

but i can hear the echoes of the emptiness i feel inside of my heart

as time moves on i pray for an answer, someone to hold on to, someone to say "i love you" to

i know that i won't get an answer, i've given up a long time ago. but when is it going to be my time?

i feel like a broken record, going on and on and i can't find my stopping point

nobody listens, everybody runs. shining brilliantly like the stars at first and then fading like i slowly am.

do i head towards that darkened path or should i stay put in the fading light?

i don't know where to go, i am stuck in a hole with no help up. could you send me a lost love to cure my loneliness on this night?

i see a glimpse of something moving, a hand sifting through the darkness and a figure within reach

caving quicker now and i don't know if i will make it. but my eyes and hopes are fixiated on the twilight sky

fingers stretching, arm flailing, i grab onto the strong hand that pulls me up.

i don't know if this is real or if i'm dreaming. please tell me i'm dreaming.

i'm not sure what to do, what if I wake from this dream?

i don't want to be alone once again. please don't leave me, please don't leave me.

if you leave me than lay me gently down and don't let me fall, hold my hand just for a little while

if you leave me from this dream, make this the best night i've ever had. hold me forever inside your warm arms.

if your going to break my heart than can you do it softly, let me live inside this bubble of happiness and never leave

if you decide to love me, then open your heart to me. i promse you that i will never let you fall as long as you're still here.

open you heart, just a tiny bit and let me slide in

i will try to never break you, never hurt you. i will love you, i will adore you.

will you love me back, will you release your heart even a tiny bit?

and when i close my eyes, i hope with all of my heart that you will still be with me, so i can wake every day with you

i want this reality to never end, i want you by my side every night, when the darkness sets in i want your warmth to heat me

the only thing i need in life is love. filling up my entire existence, pouring out through my soul. only for you. everything would be always for you.

i'll give you the moon and stars only to be with you, in the end i want your love like i need to breathe

neverending and everlasting, i was born to love deeply and only for one. do you believe in soulmates? i do.

what would you do if I gave you my soul? would you hold on to it and protect it or let it slip away?

i wish that love wouldn't fall away and give away like they always do. could we be the exception? i want to know.

will you let it last forever? for me please? will you let it last forever?

questions haunt me as i see my reflection through the night streaked window and i wonder what my heart is in store for next