is what keeps you in line
and pleasing other people
(which suits them just fine)

slut's training you to stay in
cuz it's your vagina that's guilty
for original sin

girl, your boobs have potential
if they're shakin' the earth:
your rights ain't experimental.

emancipation occurs
from yourself, from within
and if enough of us do it
then power transfers

cuz fag keeps boys in their places
fucking for pride, leaving
bruises, babies, welfare cases

while thug keeps whites segregated
it's not just minorities,
we gotta free all of the races

so come to our picket line
and raise up your fist,
cuz power is challenged
when the women resist

essentially--multiply exponentially
speak your mind unedited,
don't let yourself be
discredited, cuz there's a
movement, world needs improvement
if they ignore requests, then we gotta protest
have we progressed? payin'
for our own rape tests, demandin'
we get undressed, you can't tell me
we're not oppressed, it's the solution,
the retribution, patriarchy's execution,
the evolution of male institutions,
it's the women's revolution.