Jill The Furry Trophy

Authors Note: For the followers of the Emiko version of this... I now present the alternate version of the wolf warrior tribes trophy. This story is about the girl they captured. It'll have just as much fun as the other one! along with some more brutal treatment....Hopefully I get some reviews... ALSO if you wish to see what she looks like check my profile links.

Chapter 1: Captured!

Deep in the crystal clear waters of the ocean, along the shore of one of China's beaches. A massive great white shark that put JAWS to shame swam hunting for food. It had been terrorizing this region lately. This shark made it a mission to kill and eat as many land dwellers as it could as revenge for the hunting of it's clan! It was now the last shark in its clan... It had been swimming for a while when It saw a boat of Wolf furries fishing. It saw them and them and rammed the boat.

"AAAH!!" Screamed one of the wolf furries as he fell into the water. The others quickly began trying to get him back into the boat. "Look out!" He shouted and pointed in the direction of the shark that was swimming back towards them. The shark vanished under the water. They looked around and readied their spears. The shark came up from under the boat smashing it to pieces and eating all of the wolves but 1. It circled the survivor and a beutiful females voice echoed in his mind. "Leave here...Spread word of the terrors I will bring upon you're people if they continue to hunt at sea..."
Said the shark and then disapeared under the water.

Wasting no time the wolf swam to shore as fast as he could.

A couple hours later the shark swam close to the shore. And once it was close enough it shifted it's form into a slim petit shark furry. She walked up onto the shore, her smooth navy blue backside glistening in the sun. The white skin on her bare D sized breasts along with the white smooth skin from her stomach down the iner pert of her thighs, her nipples and pussy lips lightly tinted pink. Her long baby blue hair went down to her back bone and seemed to reflect the sunlight. She had fed and now she needed to cleanse her self. She did this once a month to rid her self of the grime that never seemed to show on her delicate skin. She walked into the forest carefully taking note of every track, broken twig and mark that didn't belong.
There were Wolves in the area. But she was sure she could handle herself. She reached a rather small hot spring just big enough for her to slip her body into. As she did she picked up the scent of a wolf spying on her. She acted casually and washed her skin of the invisable grime. When she finished she slipped out of the water. The sun was beginning to set.
She walked by where the wolf was hiding, as soon as she passed he jumped out wielding a poison needle intending to paralyze her. She quickly anticipated this and swung her strong tail hitting the wolf in the rib cage with a long, loud and sickening cracking sound! Blood erupted from the wolfs mouth and nose along with a yelp and he dropped dead instantly.

The shark girl took off running making her way back to the shore. She could hear the war drums and the padding of their soft feet quickly gaining on her somewhere in the thick trees. A wolf jumped out of the brush and lunged at her, she swifly smashed her tail into his left leg creating a loud snap that seemed to echo through the tree's. It resulted in his leg badly mis shapen and bones were sticking out. Feeling no remorse in her actions she kept running. Two more wolves jumped out.
She swung her tail at them both, the first one dodged yelling "Look out!" But the second wasn't quick enough and the blow connected with his head splattering blood and brains all over the trees and ground to the left.

She twirled bringing her tail around for another round but the wolf jumped over it and readied himself for another swing.
But The girl lunged at him baring her razor sharp teeth and sunk them into his throat ripping it out. He dropped to the ground gurgling blood as he tried to breath, he would be dead in a matter of seconds as his lungs filled with blood. She started running again, she reached the shore soon enough but she fell into a pitfall trap. She tried to reach the top but it was to deep. She was grabbed by the hair and yanked out with a cry of pain. "Unhand me at once you mangey dogs!" screamed the young shark girl. There was easily a dozen of them surrounding her laughing. "Looks like the hunter has become the hunted!" Said one of the wolves. "Oh like I havent heard that before!" commented the girl sarcasticaly. One of the wolves stroked his hand across the girls stomach. "You're skin feels like damp silk...It's so rich and feels devine..." He said.
The wolves laughed. "Lets hurry up and mark her..." one of them said. They poked a needle coated with a muscle relaxing poison into her tail. "Just so you can't slaughter anymore of our men..." Said one of the wolves slyly. The girl watched as one of them became hard. And she instanly took notice that he had 2 dicks! one above the other! What kind of sick game was the lord playing at when he created these filthy vermin?! Another wolf tied her hands behind her back tightly so the ropes wrapped around her wrists all the way to her elbows. "Lets hurry up and do this! Don't forget we're in those sleezy dragons territory!" said one of them. The wolf that was hard placed his hands on her hips and lifted her up. She sized him up to be about 8 inches on both dicks. He positioned her entrances at both his tips pressing them tightly to each hole.
The shark girl took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, she was still a virgin but was well educated in this manner of knowledge.

The wolf brought her down fully penetrating both her holes and breaking her barrior. She screamed under her breath like when one jumps into an ice cold pool of water. Some of the wolves snickered at the sign of pain. She let out her held in breath and took in a fresh breath of air and held it. The wolf lifted her hips and slammed her down again causing her to whimper in pain. Then the next thing she knew he was thrusting in and out of her fast and hard. salty tears stung the girls eyes.
"This is amazing..." Commented the wolf that was violating her. "Even though she isn't even wet, I can thrust in so smoothly because of her moist silky skin!...It's like a permanent lube!" He laughed and began pounding her holes harder making her face scrunched up in pain with whimpering sounds escaping her lips. Just as she began to relax and the first soft moan escaped her lips she felt a hot thick and sticky liquid fill both of her holes until it dripped out. Jill recovered the small dignity she lost with that single moan that had escaped her and quickly lunged forward, both her holes still penetrated, and she sunk her teeth deep into the chest of the wolf right where his heart should be. He howled in pain and tried to pull her off him. She bit harder until she felt a rapid gush of blood shoot out signaling she had reached her goal. She had pierced his artory. She spit out the blood and then went collapsing to the ground along with the wolf. She awkwardly pulled his dicks from her holes using only her feet to push off the ground and then rolled over. The other wolves grabbed her and picked her up.

"Lets get out of here....Leave the wounded one, he's beyond help now.." Said the one carrying her. She didn't even bother to struggle against him.

Soon after circling that region of the forest through most of the night to confuse her, they reached a village of tree houses. She had been greatly confused by they're tactics to confuse her...She had no idea which way the ocean was anymore.
She was beginning to get dried out as well. But a quick drink of water would re fresh her moisturizing organ that pushes cold water through her skin to keep it silky soft. She wouldn't die from being dried out, her skin would just feel more like a human and she would not be able to speak.

She was brought before the head of the wolf clan. Which amazingly...Was an actual wolf! only he was the size of a cow!
The alpha wolf spoke. "This is the one who has caused us so many losses?" he asked. The wolf who was carrying her nodded.
"Yes sir!" The alpha wolf laughed. "Well I hope she enjoys life outside the sea! Because her life here is going to be very rough on her! I want her branded tonight! Make sure to get the iron nice and hot too! And make sure to burn each and every insignia into her flesh until the iron has gone cold! Then take her to the holding hut and chain her up but make sure she can sleep. She'll need every ounce of energey for what I have in store for her tomorrow.." He said smirking melisciously.

The girl was't scared...But she wasn't looking forward to what was to come that's for sure...

They took her to a hut in the tree's with a big heater and a big steel box of hot cole's. There was already a series of irons heating in the coles. She could tell it had been there a while because it had started to glow red a little ways up the poles.
She was cuffed so she stood straight with her hands above her. The wolf grabbed the first hot iron. There was a W at the end.
He walked behind her. "You are now our little whore!" He said and pressed the hot W onto her left leg just below the ass.
She screamed in pain as he held it there for nearly 3 minutes before the cool air had made the iron cold. He pulled it away and there was a dark purple W burned into her flesh, the cool air touching it made it sting. The wolf grabbed another iron this time with a B "You are our dumb bitch..." He said and pressed it to her right leg below her ass, she let out another ear piercing shriek as he held it ther as long as the last and leaving a S embedded in her skin. The shark girl slumped in the shackles with tears running down her cheeks. The wolf grabbed 2 more irons noth with a S on it. "You're a slut and a skimp.." He said and pressed them to the tops of her breasts. She shrieked in pain but it didn't hurt as bad as before.

The he grabbed a single iron with a wolf head design. "And with this final mark you are now and forever our property!"
he said pressing it to her chest just abover her breasts and below her neck. she cried out in pain for the final time that night.

She was escorted to a empty hut with shackles. her hands were cuffed behind her back and a gag was placed on her.
There was a bed of animal pelts next to her just far enough for the chain to reach. She layed down and cried herself to sleep until the last of the moisture dried from her skin leaving her unable to make anymore sounds.

End Of Chapter 1