Jill The Furry Trophy

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Chapter 2: Tormented!

The shark girl woke up stiff and sore from the shackles restraining her all night. After some laughable effort she managed to sit up. She saw a naked female Rabbit furry with the same marks burned into her body. She was carrying in a tray of bread and a cup of water. The rabbit kneeled infront of the shark girl and set the tray down. And cautiously reached for the gag that was in the sharks mouth. It was clear she was scared. "P..Please don't bite me..." She pleaded quietly as she removed the gag. The Rabbit seemed to relax slightly when the shark girl didn't lunge at her. She then shakily started to uncuff her hands. The shark knew the rabbit was picked to do this because she was expendable...And even if she did kill the rabbit she still couldn't get away...Her tail was still under the relaxing toxins which meant she wouldn't be able to summon the bone crushing strength it was capable of. The Rabbit backed away. The shark reached for the water and quickly drank every drop as she felt the cold moisture begin to return to her skin. "Thank you..." She said kindly. The Rabbit nodded but said nothing. "My name is Jill...What's you'res?" Said the shark girl smiling. The Rabbit turned and ran out of the tree hut.

Jill sighed and distastefully ate the bread. Soon two wolf warriors walked into the hut. "On you're feet bitch!" They ordered. Jill snarled and stood up. They smirked. "Even if you kill one of us, you'll only be worsening what you're in for!" they said. Jill growled as they re cuffed her hands and un shackled her ankles. Then one of them pushed another needle with the relaxing poison into her tail. "Alright...Get moving!" They said shoving her along out the door and through the tree top village. She was brought to a hut with a sign of a medical cross. They urged her inside. They uncuffed her hands and forced her onto a operating table with her legs dangling off the end so that they could strap her arms with the center strap, her lower torso with the bottom and her forehead with the top. "What are you mutts going to do to me exactly?" she spat at them. One of them grinned. "The alpha wants to eliminate all you're bodies means of self defense without damaging you're beuty...So we're going to file down those sharp little teeth of you'res.." He explained. Jill growled "You can't!
My teeth are what give me dignity! It's like the symbol of being a shark!" He shrugged. "Shoulda thought of that before you used them to kill our brothers..."

A wolf with a fancy skull necklace walked in pushing a cart of equipment. Jill presumed he was the doctor. He leaned over Jill with a file and a little light. "Say ahhh..." He stuck her tongue out and then closed her mouth tightly.
The wolves knew her jaw muscles were too strong to pry open, but they could use clamps if they could get her to open up again. The wolf warrior walked around and rubbed gently between her legs. Jill shuddered from the feeling.

The wolf rubbed more firmly against the cool moist lips of her pussy. She moaned softly under her breath clenching her eyes shut. Another wolf started to massage her breasts. Jill's mouth opened slightly letting a moan escape. The wolf slid his fingers into her glory hole and rubbed her sweet spot. After a few minutes Jill was panting through clenched teeth, she was so close to having her very first orgasm ever! She struggled to keep the goal in her head, to keep her teeth held tightly together, she sometimes lost sight of what she was doing and caught herself with her mouth partially open. Just as she was about to spill her juices both the wolves pulled their hands away leaving her on the edge of ectasy.

Jill bucked and wiggled her hips in an attempt to reach relief from the agonizing tease that she was feeling. The wolf smirked "If you want more...Be a good little girl and open you're mouth....""

Jill looked at the doctor and then at the wolves desperately and then opened her mouth widely. The doctor quickly put 2 clamps in her mouth so she couldn't close it. He then took a file and started filing away at her teeth. After a moment Jill began jerking against the straps crying out in discomfort from the burn like feeling on her teeth. Soon she was screaming bloody murder and trying desperately to pull away but the straps held her body and head firm against the table.
Then she felt the pain slip away for a moment and it was replaced by ectasy as she felt her fluids spill out from between her legs. As soon as the waves of pleasure ceased she relized she was still screaming. And was also aware of a strong aroma in the air. The wolves didn't seem to notice the aroma yet, they were laughing. "She came!" Laughed one of the wolves hystericaly. "She must really enjoy pain..." Said another wolf.

Suddenly everyone stopped what they were doing and sniffed the air. There was a strong pleasant aroma coming from Jill, it seemed to turn them on greatly. "Woa...You smellin that too?" whispered one of the wolves. Jill had tears running down her face from the pain she felt in her mouth, her eyes scanned the room looking at the wolves. She sniffed the air but couldn't smell anything but the smell of slight smell of something burning which she guessed was her teeth. The doctor seemed to shake off the scent coming from her. She came again spilling her juices and this time they noticed, her cum was orange and seemed to give off a fruity scent, so the scent wasn't coming from the cum, it was coming from her body. The juices drizzled onto the floor where it pooled up.

"Hey doc...You mind if we do a little work of our own on her while you work on her teeth?" The doctor shrugged. "Sure why not...Fuck her till she's sore if you want...But make sure you clean up when you're done, this is a doctors office after all"
He started filing her teeth again and jill started screaming again. The wolves wasting no time played rock paper scissors to see who would go first. The taller more buff one won. He spread her legs that were hanging off the table and positioned himself between them, lifting them up a bit so he could penetrate both her holes. As he was about to thrust his dicks into her, jills tail swung upward and nailed him in the balls. He cried out in pain and fell over holding his jewels.

The other wolf was laughing his ass off. "Right in the happy sack!!" He laughed. Luckily for the wolf they had used that muscle relaxer on her tail so it only felt about as painful as a human girl kicking someone there.

The wolf got up after he recovered, he was furious. "You think thats funny bitch!?" He snarled and grabbed a scapal from the drawer across the room and walked over to her. The dentist finished up with Jills teeth "Don't do anything rash...If you kill her or cripple her the alpha will have you're head on a spear..." warned the doctor walking out. The wolf ignored him.
He stabbed her in the leg and Jill screamed. The other wolf jerked the scapal from his hand. "I think you should leave before I notify the alpha about this..." he said firmly. The wolf who stabbed her walked out but turned, "She will regret what she did..." He threatened and then left. The wolf that was left behind looked at Jill and removed the clamps. "I'm sorry about that...However...The sooner you learn not to resist what we do, the safer you'll be..." He explained. He unstrapped her and helped her off the table. The wolf pointed to the floor. Jill looked and realized she was standing in a puddle of her own cum. "Lick it up..." Commanded the wolf. She looked at him. "What!? No way!" she cried out. The wolf grabbed her by the hair and forced her onto her knee's and pushed her face into the orange fragrent puddle. "I said lick!"

Jill closed her eyes and licked up some of it. The cum itself didn't taste so bad, but the fact that it came from her own body grossed her out. The floor however was another matter...It was filthy like it had never been washed and tasted vile!
She continued to lick the floor until it was clean of her cum. The wolf grinned and let her sit up. "Good girl..." He said.
The wolf inhaled Jill's arousing aroma that had filled the room. He grabbed her wrists and lifted her up high with one hand.
He seemed driven with lust as both his dicks became rock hard. With his other arm he lifted her leg exposing both her holes and thrusted into them quickly. Jill let out a soft cry of pleasure. He pounded into her holes brutaly. Jill moaned with pleasure and let her tongue hang out of her mouth a bit, her face was flushed slightly pink, she wrapped her legs around his waist to give him an easier acces to both of her holes. He pounded into her ferosciously until she came. Her orange liquid dripped out, as it touched his first dick he became hornier than he had ever been in his life! He reacted on instinct and pressed her to the wall and pounded holes as hard as he could manage using ever bit of strength he had until he released his seed into her. He seemed to regain his senses after a moment, he looked down at Jill who was panting and laying exhaustedly against him. He pulled out of her and threw her over his shoulder and walked out.

He walked through the village with her over his shoulder. She looked up at him. "Where are we going now?" She asked.
He smiled. "To see the alpha..." Jill rested her head until they arrived.

Once they were there, the alpha wolf was standing over a female panda furry and fucking her. She took notice that the alpha only had 1 dick... He looked up at the wolf carrying Jill not stopping his thrusting into the panda furry. "Has the task been done?" He asked. The wolf nodded. "Her teeth are now no sharper than that of a human..." The alpha smiled. "Exellent...."
His face twisted into a snarl as he started thrusting into the panda girl faster and harder untill he came. He relaxed a bit and then pulled out and walked over to his throne and hopped up onto it and curled up. "Take the shark and the panda to the slave house..." The wolf nodded and helped the panda up and then led them both to a large wooden house with 2 floors. He led the panda to room 064 and took Sora to room 087. It was a rather small room...There was 1 bed, and a tiny bathroom just big enough to fit a toilet... There was a window that over viewed the forest.

The rabbit furry from early this morning came in and froze in her tracks when she saw Jill. "Y..Y..You're my room mate?..."
she asked. Jill yawned..."Yup...I'm going to sleep.." Jill curled up on the bed. The Rabbit stood there a few more minutes and then cautiously climbed into bed next to Jill shaking a bit in fear. Jill sighed and slowly drifted off to sleep.

End Of Chapter 2