Chapter 1

The year was 1865. The town was not expecting her arrival. She rode in on he brilliant white stallion, with her cowboy hat low over her face, just so she could see where she was going. The people of the town fell silent and got the children into their homes. The sheriff was unaware, until he heard nothing. He got his feet off his desk and got his hat from the floor. He left his cool building and looked to see what was happening. To his surprise, it was Reyna Baytin. She used to live in the town, and since she had left, she had become Arizona's most wanted outlaw. He had the urge to arrest her now, and win the prize money, but there was something stopping him. They used to go to school together, and had become great friends, but she had betrayed him, and that was a reason why he couldn't quite arrest her. She rode up to the steps of the small police station and peered up at him.

"Well, well. If it isn't my old friend Pete Davies. How long's it been Pete? 10 years since I last saw ya?"

Her red/brown hair was tied in a ponytail, and her freckled face was shaded by her hat. Pete slowly walked down the steps, and they creaked under his weight.

"Looks like someone's gained a few pounds," She said with a grin. Pete was a small man, and was balding quickly. He had a small moustache which was black, like his hair once was.

"Why don't I arrest you know, Reyna?" He said in a husky voice.

"Why don't I shoot you, then cut your head off for the whole town to see. I could stick it on a pike so everyone who enters know what a rubbish Sheriff you were, because you couldn't arrest Arizona's most wanted." She grinned again, and looked up. The town hadn't changed much. The buildings were still wooden and near to falling, the ground was still dirt, and it was hard to see if they could actually grow crops. The only difference was the lake. It had been huge when she was last here. Now it was barely a small garden pond.

"Well, I don't have all day to sit and chat, Pete." She sighed.

"It's been nice catching up," He replied, and trudged back up the stairs. He stood in the doorway, and turned to say something, but Reyna Baytin was already leaving, and onto her next stop.