for Colby F

Too far bloomed to be victimized:
for although [it] all stays perpetually
saucered and waterywonderful to your
effeminately deep, fawn-pranced pupils,
you are yet coming into
your to-be indefatigable assets (yes
spending hugger-mugger midnights coccooned
in Harry Potter sheets, barbarizing your
bulbous new self — and leaving him when
mummy calls you in for breakfast.)
Here, you are our star-cut kid:
you fil lyour notebooks with monsters
(who strongly resemble our fluffy-stuffed superiors)
and your days with your soft "b":

but again, en nox,
you are discipulus
at the merciless curiosity
of your Man.

Its as if I can see you:
become the sinking corner of your walls,
— a pair of empty spectacles—
my winking the shutter of a dream, just
caressing the idea.

Too far bloomed to be victimized;
and I am too young to be your pedophile.

mummy calls and you smell
baconandeggs, blueberries, toast, and
leave your Man under your pillow

so I ruffle your darkly-slight curls
and call your soft "b"


original font: PMingLiU