Right. This my journal of the summer in between leaving Year 11 and starting Year 12.

At this precise moment in time, I am sitting on the floor of my bedroom (where I spilled orange juice earlier...oops), and it is very sunny. It is 5 minutes past 5 in the evening on the 3rd of June 2010, and I am 16 years old in 6 days. It happens to be a Thursday. I am listening to Bliss by Muse - a rather amazing band, whom I love and wish I could see.

I had to be in school at 9 o clock this morning, never mind that a)its the holidays and b)I offically left last Friday. For maths. I suck at maths. I hate the subject.

I have recently discovered many things about myself. Mainy that I don't like people as a whole, and the people I do like, most of them are ones I don't see very often, due to them living far away from me. Gig friends, as I call them. They are called this becuse I met them at gigs. Which I go to on a regular basis. I have been to 9 this year already. 7 of those for the same band.

I am writing on the laptop I got for Christmas two years ago. The screen half broke a year later. I can see the top third of it. That's it. Yet my parents think my brother's laptop is more important. But hey, I don't care

Music cheers me up whenever I'm down. The website GMH makes me cry without fail, and FML makes me feel better about my life. Sometimes.

I need a job. I am permently skint. I am not getting any presents for the aforementioned birthday because I have already had them. You remember the 7 gigs this year? 3 of them of my birthday present. That including the merch, hotel rooms etc etc etc. So I am going to ring the place I went for my work experience last year, to see if they'll have me back.

I have GCSE exams currently. I have maths, english, history and german left. History on my birthday. Life sucks like that.

Me and my friend write bandslash. We read it too.

Avenged Sevenfold make me happy. As do 30 Seconds To Mars. I have a small obsession with Rusted From The Rain by Billy Talent at the moment. My favourite band in the world is My Passion. Yes, that is their name. No amusing comments please. I've heard them all before.

I couldn't care less about getting a boyfriend. I have kissed precisly 4 people in my life, and one of those doesn't really count. I was drunk for 2 of them.

Anyway. Thats enough from me for today.

It is now 21 minutes past 5, and I am listening to Rusted From The Rain by Billy Talent.

Over and out.