Every person currently in the library were either staff running the event and their guests and escorts. All of the guests were either partially sighted or completely blind for one reason or another, and each of those people had bought a friend or relative to help them out, to be their 'eyes'.

The whole event had proven to be a huge success so far, nobody had been injured and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Moira had wandered around with Josh their arms linked completely content. On one of the tables Moira stopped at was a series of objects, most of wish Josh could guess by just holding it in his hands. He could tell by judging the weight, feeling each of the shapes and whether it was smooth or rough, he even taught some of the event holders how to guess what an object was with their eyes closed.

But there was one thing that made him freeze and feel around in awe, he automatically recognised the object as a scarf but the material... the material felt so soft against his hands he could barely keep hold of it.

Turning his head to the direction of Moira's breathing he held the scarf out in his hands. "It feels strange, what is it?"

Moira took one end of the scarf and played with it like it was a toy rubbing it against the back of his hands. "It's a scarf Josh, I know you have one of these I strangled you with it this morning, remember?" Moira giggled, Josh automatically used one hand to reach up and tug at his own slightly rougher scarf with a dopey smile on his face. Moira had done it playfully after Josh continually apologized for being hard on the young woman, she then linked arms with him and they walked towards the library.

"I know it's a scarf I have it on but what... is it?" He asked not being able to define the question and get the answer he wanted from her.

"It's uh...silk. Have you never felt silk before?" She replied with an eyebrow raised knowing he wouldn't be able to see the disbelief on her face, Josh shook his head. She gently took the scarf out of his hands and put it back on the table before leading him over to the larger table that he'd usually sit at and read on, automatically someone on the otherside said hello, startling Josh a little.

"H-hi." He stammered feeling around for Moira's hand or atleast some indication she was still there but he couldn't find her. "M-Moira?"

"Your friend just went over to the coffee machine, I'm sure she won't be long."

Josh nodded and fell silent, whoever was talking to him was making him feel uncomfortable, the young female probably didn't do it intentionally but he wasn't used to talking to anybody other then his brother, his flat-mate and Kat.

Josh listened intently for any sign of Moira's voice or her footsteps but there were far to many people for him to focus on just one voice or one set of footsteps, even someone as recognizable as her was lost in the blur of noise and movement.

What if she had left him, what if she was angry because of his yelling at her yesterday? What if she had though he was ridiculous and stupid because he didn't know what silk was so she left so she wouldn't be seen with him?


"Hey Josh." Josh turned to the voice knowing that it wasn't Moira but was someone else he trusted. Kat.

"W-where's Moira, she just l-left me." Never had his voice been so unsteady or full of fear, his hands were trembling as he reached around hoping to find Moira's hand and clutch it tight, he wanted to tell her to never leave him again because it terrified him to no end.

"She's just over at the new coffee machine we had installed by the door, if you ask me coffee and books don't go to well, its a ridiculous idea-" Kat stepped back as Josh stood abruptly determined to get to the door and find the young woman he was so desperate for. "-Josh?" She paused and Josh could hear her voice getting quieter as he walked away his hands outstretched constantly bumping into people and stumbling over peoples feet. "Josh you are going to get hurt!"

Josh blanked out Kat's words as he struggled to find the door, with so many people and so many voices in the library his senses were becoming overwhelmed and he could barely control his emotions, he had never felt such a strong urge to just curl up and cry before. He was lost, possibly alone and completely confused by both current events and the events that had taken place over the past few weeks.

Meeting Moira had been one of the best things that had ever happened to him but it was the events that followed this meet that had him so worked up, having to leave his flat because it wasn't a safe place for him to live anymore, falling and hitting his head while he was staying with Moira and then bawling at the hospital because he was so furious with himself for falling. Fighting with Jon because Josh was such a burden and needed to be looked after, running away from his flat and almost catching Pneumonia during the process. He had to tell Moira how thankful he was for her giving up everything for him.

"Josh?" That was Moira's voice. "Where are you going?"