Hapri Annivverrsery

A drabble of unhappiness

It start two days before, the drinking, I mean. Oh Dear Diary, I'm sorry if I am a disappointment to you. You have no idea how difficult this is, being with one and wanting another. The best I can do is busy work. Keep busy, be occupied, have excuses.

I ate a terrible salad tonight. I just can't eat regular meals.

I'll try some breathing excercises, but nothing helps like being three sheets to the wind. God I love that saying. You know, three sheets are not sails, right? They stand for ropes and chains, oh yes, chains that help hold the sails in place during strong winds. And it means very drunk.

Very drunk means I have courage, courage to write what I feel. I feel that I have a reason to live, whether he ever speaks to me or not. Here three more sheets to you!

Find this funny? I am laughing my butt off.

I am hearing music and I want to dance. Why isn't he here to dance with me?

What else can I complain about? How about how his body is eye candy. That sounds awful teehee

How about how good it feels to sit next to him. No not across from him. Next time I'm across from him, I'm going to play footsie with him. No, I want to sit next to him. I like that better. Pleeze, pretty please with a cherry on top and I'm not saying who's.

I look at pictures of him, but they are getting old now. I want a new picture, how do I manage that one?

Dear Diary. Guess I need to go back to my main work, finishing my manuscript. I think a rather pink elephant has become my tenant and is sitting on my file across the room. Yep, that one sitting in the dark corner, you see it too, don't you?

Sweet dreams lover boy. Oh, yeah and hapri Anniversery to the other one too.