I was in a sappy mood. :) Thought I'd write this little blurb.

You sit at the bottom of the metal steps. The slide winds next to you, and the playground is empty. It's getting dark, but you don't want to leave just yet. You hold your head in your hands and stare at the ground. Your foot digs a hole in the woodchips. Your golden hair is tucked behind you ears. Your blue eyes trained to the ground, I see your head in the clouds.

Do you realize how beautiful you are? Do you realize that you're the world to me? You're not perfect but close enough to it. You're perfect for me. If only you knew. I often wonder what you think of. Is it me? I'm thinking of you. If only you would look up. See me. Maybe if I stare into your eyes long enough, I'll see inside your head. Maybe then you wouldn't have to stay in the clouds. I could pull you back down with me. Maybe you'd pull me up with you instead. It doesn't make a difference, so long as I'm with you.

But as I watch you, a tear slides down your cheek. What could trouble such a soul, such a free spirit? You're the one who's always laughing, loving life. Nothing can touch you. Yet, here a misplaced teardrop finds its way to the ground from your eye. I can feel my own heart break for you.

I sit down next to you, but you still don't look up. That's fine; I'll wait. We have all the time in the word, nowhere to go and nowhere to be. I could sit there with you forever and never wish to leave. I have all the words in the world, but none could describe this moment. I'm not sure why I attempt it.

Another tear drops from your eyes. I'm silent still, but internally begging you to speak. I can't go on much longer with you like this. Speak to me.

My mind is whirling. You sit next to me, but are silent. Tears are streaming from my eyes now. Don't you understand? I love you, but can't say it. I lost my voice on the swings. Maybe it flew away while I was in the air. I gave it lift and it took off, leaving me alone with you. I'm trying to speak, but no words will come out.

And you sit there, calm and steady. I can't see anything but your blurry feet through the tears. I always wondered how you could walk around barefoot in woodchips. It serves as a distraction for a bit, but my pain comes whipping back.

Can't you see that I'm not good enough? I can't live up to you. You're near perfection. Sure, you piss me off sometimes, but we forgive and forget. Why can't I just tell you how much you mean to me? We've left too much unsaid. I feel your grey eyes burn into my back. I know you're waiting.

You're arm finds my shoulder, and you pull me against you. I sob like an idiot into your shoulder. How can you sit here like this while I cry pathetically? You're too important. Yet, I wouldn't be able to stand it if you left me. Never leave me. Hold me like this forever. Maybe you can pull me out of the clouds to be with you. Maybe I can pull you up with me. I don't care, so long as we're together.

And I can't speak of your perfection. Instead, tears burn my eyes. I want to tell you how much you mean to me. What if you don't understand? You hold me here, but how can I be sure you'll understand? I'm not strong enough to keep you with me. Will you say you love me? Will it be true? Let it be. Please, say you love me.

The ginger boy holds the golden-headed girl. Both are about ready to scream inside. The boy is begging to the girl to speak. She can't; she's lost her voice. She sits next to him, sobbing into his shirt. He doesn't know what's wrong but holds her anyway. He'll be there for her. He'll be there forever. He mulls over what could be bothering her but draws a blank.

He whispers the only thing he can think of, "I love you."

The girl catches her breath in the middle of a sob. "I love you too."

And she can't believe he figured it out. She's rejoicing now. He loves her. He loves her. She's good enough. She's good enough. Her head clears of the fog for once. She's here with him and nowhere else.

Suddenly, he knows he said the right thing. She still doesn't realize how much she means to him, but she knows he loves her. That would do for now. Or he could continue.

"I love you more than you know," he whispers, "You're the most beautiful and thoughtful girl I've ever met. Nothing and nowhere compares to you."

The girl stays silent. She doesn't know what to say. Her mind is whirling again. No fantasy she's ever dreamed of has compared to his words.

"You like to pretend," the boy continues, "Pretend you're Juliet and I'm Romeo. I'd die for you. The difference is: You aren't the sun; you're the universe. I'd never compare you to a summer's day; it's blistering and hot while you're simply warm and beautiful. And, most of all, you're never ever allowed to die for me."

And the boy sighs with content at his own words. If only they could describe what he felt, but they were his best shot. He hopes she understands.

Finally, the girl speaks again. "I'm not Juliet," she says, "If you were exiled, I'd run with you, not beg you to stay. I wouldn't send a messenger to speak to you; I'd march over and speak to you myself. If I married you, I wouldn't allow it to be secret; I'd want everyone to see you with me, not hide in shame."

The boy is hurt at first but soon realizes what she's saying. He smiles and turns her face towards him. He looks into her eyes for a moment.

"Then, let's not be Romeo and Juliet. We'll just be ourselves. Let's be ourselves together."


End of sappy scene. :P Tell me what you think!