i've never felt so young—so finite, so
limited. i've never felt so alone.
in a few short weeks, he stole my heart;
& in a few short seconds
he broke it. it's been four months.

it still hasn't been mended.

in twelve months, i'll leave this school
forever, never taking a second look,
no more hopes of second chances. in
one short & bittersweet year, i'll be done.

no more spring valley high school.
no more worrying about what mitch smetana
might think. no more avoiding his stupid
slutty (better than me) bitch. no more
of this stupid shit.

twelve months—twelve short, broken
months. & then

no more mitch, no more april. no more
stupid, stuck-up, egotistical
bitch. no more of this stupid shit.

just time for me.