I- Diluted Sky


Out in the horizon, the moon was bright and orange and closer than I had ever seen it before. I yawned, thinking about how exhausted I felt; I never truly slept anymore, all it was in actuality was I resting on a bed or other soft area and closing my eyes to the rest of the world. I would dream sometimes, albeit now it only seemed like my life was a dream that I waded around in for the rest of eternity.

I see her looking at the strange moon alighted in the sky. I watched her hair wave about in the wind; it was the most beautiful thing I have seen, but I never say it out loud. She doesn't turn to me—I don't think she even knows I returned from my walk long ago. I muse on the possible things she could be thinking about, and briefly wonder if perhaps I was in her thoughts, but I dismiss the thought as unlikely. I sigh and remain there, momentarily immobilized by her wondrous grace.

"Are you thinking on your country?" I ask almost involuntarily; she is startled and twirls around suddenly. She begins to laugh at herself for it, and her smile is mesmerizing.

"Oh, I apologize, I didn't notice you were back…" Her voice is smooth and calming, "I suppose I was just feeling a little nostalgic."

"The landscape is astounding tonight, isn't it?" I ask her. My mind is easily wavering from place to place in slight delirium. It is late, and we have reached high atop the mountain. I nearly forget what we came here for in the first place, but it quickly comes back to me, which is a relief.

"Hehe, it is…" Her eyes are sparkling with reminiscence, and they are so full of vitality and innocence. "I would go hiking where there were pristine lakes and rock formations that were said to have mysteriously appeared ages ago… I would watch them at night and never leave." I hear a slight accent in her English, though I try hard not to obsess over it. It was easy for me to obsess.

"Do you think maybe you want to rest here?" I feel selfish, since I may be asking her this more for myself if anything; my drowsiness is already causing me to sway slightly when I walk, like a drunkard. I attempt to keep the subject off of the fact that we were running away from our oppressors and the dictator that restricted our freedoms. We are refugees now, but I made a vow to protect her and nothing else mattered in my world. I didn't know her well, not really, and I initially feared that I never would, but she seems grateful to me for saving her life. Had I not arrived when I did, they would have killed her for being foreign. Racism and paranoia were high nowadays.

"Ah, we can if it is what you want. Is it what you want?" Her expression is always warm and sincere; it made me almost envious. I survey the land quickly for any sort of threat, however there seems to be none present, so I nod.

"Yes, it seems safe enough to camp here for the night." I feel slightly guilty, "I hope you do not mind… it's rather different from the nice home you used to dwell in."

"Oh, a little dirt and some insects are nothing to me…" She giggles again. "Nada para mi!" Nothing for me, I translate in my head.

The moon is so bright and dilutes the darkness of the sky. I see the light even when I shut my eyes under the shrubbery, and I hear her soft breathing next to me. She's already fallen asleep? I ask myself, and I smile as I feel my own consciousness slipping into the world of slumber.