Untitled Book- Act: Prologue

Ah! Mio Cor- Alternate Version

(for character study and my own pleasure because death scenes are fun;

please pardon the gratuitous Spanish)

The night came early on swift cat feet—It was the middle of winter, so this was the obvious fate of the day. The distinct ash-colored clouds that foretold a terrible snowstorm suffocated the moon and left nothing but darkness. Silvia sat in complete silence, staring at the blizzard outside through her dorm window with blank eyes and a lifeless expression. She lit no candles; she gave herself no light. She had no more light, now.

The Bronze singer sighed and shifted in her chair. Hannah could be free of worry now; there was no point in thinking about her. It was late into the game, after all, and the fight was over. Hopefully it would work, and Hannah would forget. All of them would forget. She shook in what she proclaimed anticipation for the moment to come, denying that it was fear. It was an obvious denial that she would never admit. She heard the blustering gales ravaging the gardens with relentless cold, and felt truly alone.

Ah! mio cor, schernito sei.

Stelle, Dei, Nume d'amore!

A shadow descended over her place; the dim light emanating from the open doorway was suddenly blocked. There were footsteps, and a gentle creak as the door was shut carefully and quietly, and the lock clicked. An ominous wind blew, which touched Silvia's face softly and alerted her of the second presence in the room.

"Hello, Silvia." The familiar, sinister voice haunted Silvia's ears; she did not speak back to the man, nor did she make an attempt to move. Everything in the room was still, even the dust between the furniture, the books, the foreign pottery. Morgan of the Bronze Singers felt a smirk attempt to wash across his face; he couldn't help it, for this was delicious. He detected a slight movement from the girl leaning over the windowsill, which he assumed to be a nervous tensing. He prepared a taunt to break the silence, albeit was caught by surprise when Silvia's voice broke the silence instead.

"You promise you won't hurt her?" Her accent remained present and her voice sounded worn and hoarse, though her question was firm and adamant. This sparked Morgan's curiosity.

"I assume you mean Hannah?" Morgan watched the figure by the window stir a bit more.


Silvia watched the ravenous snow consume everything around it in a blinding blanket of white. There was the slightest sound of something in the distance; anything was just a figment of the imagination, no one was upstairs. Everyone was eating, and no one would know. It was the perfect time to die.

"Silvia," Morgan suddenly continued, "You worry so much. As long as she knows nothing, no… unfortunate fate will befall her." Then, he realized something. "Is this why she hasn't been with you all this day?"

Silvia looked to the side, still keeping her face away from the silhouette that loomed behind her. She spoke slowly, for her grasp on English was still not complete. "She doesn't… need me… anymore."

"What do you mean?"

"She… won't cry over me. I left everything behind. All of my feelings…" She paused.

"… Feelings?"

Silence. The wind continued its hostile singing.

Traditore, t'amo tanto,

Puoi lasciarmi sola in pianto?

The man shrugged the momentary feeling off. Morgan was not a being that felt sympathy for another's plight. "Will we begin this, then?" He was slightly interrupted in his action as the faint sound he believed he simply imagined before grew clearer. Instantly, he realized someone was coming. Silvia heard it too, for she finally and halfheartedly turned her attention from the window to her locked door. Her eyes widened and she gasped as she remembered something vitally important. She froze.

The only other person with a key to this room…

"Ah, I see. Looks like you were lying to me," Morgan said. He hid his ecstatic grin.

"But I didn't— I couldn't—"

The lock clicked again and the knob turned; the door was thrown wide open, engulfing the two students in the room with the light from the hallway. Silvia squinted her eyes and screeched, though Morgan remained unfazed. A new figure stood in the glaring light, catching her breath and staring straight into Morgan's eyes. The key she held in her right hand was promptly dropped to the floor, and it made a subtle noise as it fell to the tiles.

"What's going on, and why am I hearing what I've been hearing?" Hannah snapped, her voice sharp and demanding. "All day Silvia's acted like she murdered someone and a little bird told it was about to be the opposite." She eyed the Bronze man standing by the bookshelf, who only grinned. "Morgan, what are you doing?"

"It's simple business, my dear Hannah," Morgan replied, "It need not be any of your concern." Hannah quickly caught the glint of steel in Morgan's hand and tensed. Silvia was standing now, eager to speak though repeatedly interrupted by Hannah's direct confrontation.

"Simple business?" Hannah was skeptical for good reasons.


"And what 'business' of yours involves Silvia?" Hearing Hannah say her name caused the girl at the window to shiver.

"Just something quick and unimportant; I thought the both of you hated each other now? It's rather odd that you would express such concern."

Hannah now seethed inside. "You're an idiot, Morgan. Nothing would ever make me hate her." Silvia froze. "And whatever she was doing to hide her trouble didn't work for me. She wasn't angry with me. She was afraid of you."

"And I pray, why would she be afraid of me?"

"If you touch her, I'll kill you."

This caught Morgan by surprise. "Kill me? And how do you suppose you'll do that?" Morgan leaned against the desk.

"Just try it. Try anything, I dare you."

Silvia sank back into the corner with a distressed whimper, unable to make out the rest of anything else. "Well, then I dare you to try me," she heard Morgan utter so soundlessly. A swift movement made the situation blurred and Silvia felt stunning pain as she was shoved backwards into the bookshelf; books toppled over onto her shoulders and there was the sound of irreplaceable things being broken in a far-off side of the room. Hannah retaliated by lunging herself at the man in blind fury, turning his whole attention away from the job he was originally assigned to finish.

Oh Dei! puoi lasciarmi

For moments afterward Silvia only remembered the searing pain in her back; she was rendered incapable of standing as she heard the noises of the struggle that took place in her dorm. "Hannah!" She shouted once, almost mechanically, but got no response. The effort it took to speak was excruciating. She knew it wouldn't be too long now; dinner would be over, and the students would be returning to their respective dormitories for the night. Attention would soon be drawn to this place.

Morgan dodged another swipe from Hannah and glanced to the side. Time was up; the mighty grandfather clock that stood tall amidst the entire campus struck seven. The bell was chiming, the doom had arrived. It would only be a matter of time before Silvia's information leak would become confirmed, and Hannah was there to prove everything. He turned back to Hannah, and she took a cautionary step away. It wasn't going to save her.

"All right, oh well, let's try something new." He stepped forward and his dagger once again flashed in the night.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Hannah demanded, a nervous trembling in her voice.


She attempted to flee, though she could not; Morgan gripped onto her shoulder and suddenly a spear of pain tore through her abdomen. She cried out sharply, which alerted Silvia enough to give her the strength to stand. She saw them then, in the light of the open doorway; Morgan had Hannah engulfed in his deadly embrace. The dark-colored blood was now dripping to the floor, and footsteps of returning students began to fill the halls of dread. The dread filled Silvia's heart as she called out Hannah's name again, though she was numb to anything else at this point; Morgan turned and threw her friend to the side, who gasped sharply in agony.

"Sorry, Silvia. It isn't anything personal, just the way we do things." He walked toward the window she formerly resided at. "Let this be a lesson to you: if you slip up again, I will be back, and Hannah won't be here next time. Have a good night…"

The window was slid open with ease and the blizzard penetrated the room, taking advantage of an opening in the defenses. There was a gale that scattered trinkets and papers throughout, and Silvia found herself involuntarily run to it; suddenly the man was gone, no trace of him to be found.

"Silvia?" Hannah's weak voice in the night. Silvia forgot to close the window and went to her friend, unwilling to let herself believe Morgan's words that began to haunt her mind.

"And Hannah won't be here next time…"

"Hannah, please don't move!" Her voice was high and terrified, reaching the climax of a staggering aria. The Bronze lit a candle before taking further action, the light exposing the blood and pain and fear; Hannah lie on her side, facing the wall. She was motionless, save for her shallow, struggled breaths that she could manage. Silvia, mortified, approached Hannah carefully until she was right next to her, kneeled at her level. The dying singer detected her presence and, despite Silvia's commands, attempted to sit up.

"Hold… on, I have… to see you…" Her voice was breathy and weak and barely audible to Silvia's ears, but she could hear it like the faintest verse of a song in pianissimo. Eventually she was up, her back against the wall, her hand clutched to her wound. "Silvia… he… was going to kill you… w-wasn't he?" She gazed up into her friend's eyes, her irreplaceable friend that she loyally stood by since the day that they met. She would get the truth now.

Oh Dei!

"You're… right," Silvia responded, making a futile effort to keep herself from breaking down; and yet, Hannah smiled, over the pain and the inevitable fear of dying.

"Oh, Silvia… don't you remember… our vow?"

The flashback caused Silvia to shake again, and tears were now beginning to drip onto her uniform.

"The day… we met…" Silvia whispered as if under a hypnosis, and the words echoed through her mind. And suddenly another realization struck her senses as she began to slip into a panic.

"We promised we'd… never keep secrets. Do you… remember? La verdad, para siempre… you didn't know English then… and that was…" Her voice trailed away, and Silvia finished the sentence:

"A year ago… from today…"

With the last of her strength, Hannah reached out her hand to Silvia's, and she offered hers in return; they clasped their hands together gently, and the duet they sang on this year began to fill their ears, their souls, the room, the whole atmosphere around them. She looked back up to the one she never wanted to leave, her gaze now faltering.

"I love you… Silvia… and never… keep anything… from me… again…"

Her last words were spoken, and her grip loosened; her hand fell to her side limply, and she was gone. "No puedes morir… no… puedes…" she pleaded desperately in Spanish, and she wept in the room that was frigid from the storm and also cold in more ways than one. Students were gathering outside now in morbid curiosity, and there were school staff making their way through the commotion and into the scene of carnage. The mourning friend was oblivious to everything, and in a sudden burst of rage, Silvia whirled around and thrust herself to the window, and screamed out to the world a stunning cry of lament that was lost into the atmosphere of quiet, smothering snow.

"Por… que… ?!"

Oh Dei, perché?


-end of prologue-