Tarot sighed as he came into his office after a meeting with Jinx. He'd been in charge of the illegal or 'black' side of the company for a little over a year now and things were starting to get (dare he say it) monotonous. He rarely went out on assignments lately and deskwork had always bored him to tears. At least tonight he could look forward to. It was his birthday and he'd put on his best puppy-dog face and convinced his antisocial brother to participate in the party. It was a little annoying he had to plan his own party but at least he'd be getting one.

He came to an abrupt stop when he heard the door click behind him. Tarot turned and saw his new husband leaning against the door with a smile. Tarot raised an eyebrow; it was a bit unusual but a very welcome surprise. "Dani. What are you doing here?"

Dani shrugged. "I had to do a lot of thinking to figure out what to get you this year, Tarot. But I think I finally figured it out."

Tarot smiled a bit. "You didn't have to get me anything, Kitten." He said. Dani didn't reply; he just tossed something at Tarot, who caught it on instinct. He frowned at the softness of it before looking at what it was. His eyes widened as he recognized the boxers that Dani had been wearing that morning. Blood rushed through his veins to pool in his groin and he swallowed hard as he looked back up at his husband.

Dani was blushing a bit but had a determined look in his pretty blue eyes. He pulled his suit jacket off and tossed it to the side before starting on the buttons of his shirt. Tarot's eyes devoured every movement as Dani undid the shirt and let it slide off his shoulders to expose his modest yet still toned chest and abdomen. He'd left his tie on, knowing that Tarot would probably find it sexy. He was right as Tarot groaned a bit and caught hold of the silky black fabric and pulled his husband closer so that he could crush their mouths together.

Tarot cradled the back of Dani's head as his tongue savagely took possession of Dani's hot mouth. He ground his erection against Dani's thigh as he slipped his own leg between Dani's. Knowing his husband wore no underwear beneath his trousers just made him want to tear them off that much more. His free hand slipped down and dug beneath Dani's waistband to grab at his firm ass.

Dani moaned slightly and pushed against Tarot's chest. Tarot reluctantly pulled away though he was a bit confused. "Sit down." Dani said pushing Tarot back a few steps. Tarot's erection twitched and he nearly growled in anticipation as he sat down in his high backed chair.

Dani slowly undid his fly and pushed his pants off his hips so they could fall and pool around his ankles. Tarot gripped the armrest of his chair hard as he fought to keep from jumping the brunette. He was so sexy standing there aroused and wearing nothing but a tie in the middle of his office. Dani crossed the few steps separating him and his husband before sliding onto his lap, straddling the blonde before kissing him.

Tarot met his mouth with an equally anxious one as his hands found purchase on his lover's hips. Dani wrapped his arms around Tarot's neck as their tongues and lips fought and moved against each other. Tarot couldn't help but jerk his hips upwards. Dani let out a soft mewl-like sound as his husband's clothed erection brushed against him. He ground down against it, causing Tarot to gasp. "God!"

Dani smirked a bit as he peppered kisses across Tarot's neck. "You're a bad influence."

Tarot groaned. "I don't know…looks pretty good from here." Dani ground down again in retribution. Tarot groaned again. "Show a little mercy, Kitten."

"Never." Dani hissed before biting Tarot's earlobe gently.

Tarot growled a bit and smacked Dani across one perfect butt cheek. Dani gave a slight yelp and a jump. He glared down at the blonde who smirked. "Tease. I'm so fuckin' hard here…" He said rubbing his hand across Dani's exposed length. Dani moaned and shifted anxiously. "It's not even funny." Tarot finished sliding his hand around Dani's waist to squeeze his ass.

"Is that so?" Dani breathed letting one hand find the prominent bulge in his husband's pants. Tarot moaned slightly as Dani rubbed his palm against it. "Well then, let me fix that for you." He said slipping down to crouch between Tarot's legs as he unzipped his pants.

Tarot moaned and tossed his head back at the first touch of Dani's soft lips. He knew Dani didn't like giving oral all that much so he relished the rare gift of getting it. Tarot tangled his hands in Dani's hair as he fought to remain still while Dani's tongue was driving him insane. Dani sucked and licked and put all of his limited skills to use and drew moan after moan from his husband.

Tarot grabbed the tie around Dani's neck and pulled him up before he burst into Dani's mouth. Dani came up and met Tarot's kiss instantly. Tarot fumbled with something as he pulled Dani into his lap. The brunette felt a slick finger prod his entrance and instantly shifted. He moaned into their kiss as Tarot slowly fingered him. It was a bit of a strange feeling it but he knew mind-blowing pleasure was soon to follow and he was right when Tarot's finger found his prostate and made him jerk and mewl in pleasure.

His breathing turned into short, needy, gasps as Tarot fingered him. He road Tarot's fingers almost desperately as Tarot thrust them into him. The blonde sucked and licked at Dani's neck as he took care to stretch out his lover as much as possible. Dani's hands were clinging to his hair. Tarot groaned; he couldn't take it anymore. He needed to feel Dani all around his aching length. He pulled his hand away and grabbed Dani's hips.

He pulled Dani down against his lap and the brunette let out a slight cry as he was entered. Tarot bent down and played with one of Dani's nipples as he tried desperately to restrain himself from pounding into Dani with reckless abandon. Dani moaned as Tarot made his nipples hard through careful teasing. "Tarot…" He rocked his ass against Tarot's lap and the blonde instantly started moving.

Tarot took firmer hold of Dani's hips and helped the brunette ride his long thrusts. He moaned in pleasure at how tight Dani was around him. "God…Dani…"

Dani pulled Tarot's hands up from his hips, bringing Tarot's attention with them. Dani pulled one finger into his mouth, making Tarot's eyes widen and his mouth almost drop open. Dani smirked a bit and ground down against Tarot's lap, loving the feeling of his husband inside him. Dani sucked the finger in his mouth as he gave his husband a slow lapdance. He moved onto sucking another of Tarot's fingers as he pulled himself up and impaled himself on Tarot's length again. Tarot moaned loudly and his head fell back against the chair.

Dani smirked and let Tarot's hands go to lean forward and lick his jaw instead. Tarot moaned and grabbed at Dani's hips. "God, Kitten!"

"Yes, Tarot?" Dani asked wickedly.

"I think I might explode if you keep this up." Tarot ground out as he pulled Dani down against him hard. Dani's breathing hitched at the suddenness and he was soon completely breathless as Tarot took control thrusting deep into him with increasing speed.

"If…this is my…punishment…for teasing…I'll do it…more often!" Dani gasped as he clung to Tarot's shoulders and rode his husband.

Tarot growled and bit Dani's shoulder. "Teasing is bad manners." He ground out.

Dani gasped as Tarot thrust against his prostate. He was soon too busy moaning and mewling with pleasure to do more than hold on as Tarot took him with increasing passion. Dani cried out as he climaxed across Tarot's shirt but the blonde took little notice. "Dani!" He shouted as he pulled his husband down hard as he came.

Tarot took hold of Dani's thighs and pulled him up long enough to pin him against the top of his desk. Dani moaned as Tarot started thrusting into him again from a new angle. "I love you like this." Tarot said. "Wild for me." He added breathlessly.

Dani moaned and fumbled with Tarot's shirt. After a minute, he succeeded in pushing it from the blonde's shoulders. Dani wrapped his arms around Tarot, his fingers digging into his sweaty skin slightly. Tarot moaned and Dani gasped as their bodies came together again and again. Dani felt his stomach tightening as his climax got closer and closer. He moaned and clung to Tarot's back, scraping his nails across the skin and leaving pink lines behind.

Tarot moaned at the feeling, he loved when Dani got that out of control. He thrust harder and faster. He covered Dani's mouth with his own as Dani screamed in his second climax. Dani tightened around Tarot's length and the blonde moaned as he came inside his lover again. Tarot almost collapsed against Dani as they both fought to catch their breath. "Happy…birthday…" Dani gasped.

Tarot chuckled a bit. "Best yet."

"I think I ruined your shirt." Dani said kissing Tarot's shoulder.

"I can get another." Tarot said simply. "Is this going to be my present every year?"

Dani snorted a bit. "Hardly."

Tarot hummed in thought. "Well then…we still have hours before its time to go home…" He leered letting his hand drift between them to gently fondle Dani's length and balls. Dani moaned softly. "I say we explore how many positions this desk provides…like you bent over the edge here…"

Dani moaned again at the thought of himself bent over the desk with Tarot pounding into him from behind. "It's your birthday…"

Tarot chuckled and gave Dani a brief but scalding kiss. "I love you."

"Shut up and get to the fucking." Dani replied as his length started to ache with need.