They stand there in their little cliques, watching and laughing, waiting for my next reaction.
Snickering to one another, sneaking glances, whispering in the others ear.

I sit there, laughing it all off, pretending to not notice, becoming emotionless when we come face to face.
Walking alone, never in a conversation for long, soon separated by the bells ringing daily.

They wait, they plan, they plot for unnecessary revenge.
They circle around me, always in a pack, taunting whispers, rejecting laughs.

Being shoved this way and that, books fall to the floor, but I still stand my ground.
Menacing whispers that they didn't expect escape my mouth.

They gasp, eyes wide in shock, slight looks of fear cross their faces.
But they play it off, and smirk once again, yet still fearful.

Louder I become, feeling angered by their smiles.
More of their real emotions show, more apologies rush out of their mouths.