Fifty Two Flavors

Chapter 1

"There he is again." Sophie muttered to her friend, Julia. Said friend looked up from her strip and eyed him. The 'he' her friend mentioned, is a guy with short black hair and bright blue eyes. Julia had the growing suspicion her friend fancied him.

"So go and ask him what he wants, then."

"I can't, he's with friends." Yeah, often he just came here to meet up with three of his friends. Julia thought they were idiots. The blonde guy always cat-called every girl who worked here, there was a nerd with them, then you had this guy who was… normal, she guessed.

"…You work here. It's normal for you to go and ask if they want something to drink. Maybe they want an ice cream." Well, that's not true, for ice cream most people came up front and bought one.

Julia sighed when Sophie shook her head and went to help another customer. Julia was eighteen years old, and currently following classes in journalism. She got this horrifying (according to her) job because Scott, her stepfather, thought she should get a little more independent. Her mother, Sarah, died about six years ago, and since she didn't know her biological father, she just went and lived with Scott. At the time Julia hadn't been in the mood for searching, and took the first job available, which happened to be in an ice cream shop which didn't pay too bad.

Her friend, Sophie, worked here as well, even though she was from a very rich family. She claimed this was fun. Julia countered that.

She swallowed her pride and walked over to the group of idiots, trying not to pull at the new uniform too much. She hated skirts. Her boss thought it would be cute if they wore something girly…

"Do you want something or are you going to sit here all day." Julia announced and the blonde guy chuckled.

"Hello there, our favorite maid~"

"I'm not a maid. What do you want?"

The black haired guy eyed her for a second before going through the card with his four-eyed friend. Julia waited impatiently as the blonde guy continued to irritate her. Only moments from now the 'normal' guy would join in.

"Why not work at a maid café, then? It pays better and you certainly have the right looks~"

"Because I don't feel like selling myself to idiots like you."

"But what about the pay? Surely you must need to money, seeing your age. Are you in college?"

"Just give me your damn orders already!" She sneered, getting just about enough. Oh yeah, did she forgot to tell she had a very quick temper? Hot guys or not, she wouldn't be treated like some dumb twit. The blonde guy whistled and the guy next to him adjusted his glasses, scowling at his friends.

"Ouch, did I hit a nerve?"

She glared at the blonde guy. "No, but I have better things to do than to listen to your ramblings." Seeing they didn't give up yet, Julia sighed, getting frustrated. Should she just leave?

"Just do four latte's to go, that's fine." The black haired guy said, glaring playfully at the blonde guy, before handing her the card. She nodded at him and walked back to give Sophie the order.

"You give it to them." She hatefully said and Sophie sighed.

"You'd think their behavior would go with their looks."

"Oh but they do." Julia muttered and she scooped an ice cream for a kid who looked like he was in heaven. She smiled at him and received the money, before turning back to Sophie, who was doubting whether she should go or not.

"I'll kick you if you don't go right now. Your nervous shifting is edging me." Sophie pouted and walked off, nervously giving their lattés and smiling shyly when the blonde guy started making comments on her as well.

Julia sighed, reminded by a few good things. She got some praise from some teachers, that was always good, and spring vacation was due in two weeks. She'd still have to work, but at least she'd be free afterwards. Perhaps she could ask if Leo and Thomas wanted to go to some theme park. Maybe Sophie wanted to go too, she knew Leo had a thing for her.

"Who's the lucky guy?"

Julia looked up from her daydreaming about theme parks and all the snacks you could buy there (only to get sick from the rollercoaster's) an looked at the black haired guy who walked over to her with the four eyed guy to pay. The other two had already left with their drinks.

"Excuse me?"

He smirked. "You were dreaming off. He must be lucky for having a cute girl thinking about him all the time."

Julia scrunched her nose. "I'm not thinking about a guy."

"I'm perfectly fine if you swing the other way. In fact one of my-"

"I'm not thinking about a girl either!!" She sneered, glaring at him. Up close, she noticed they weren't much older then her, probably around the same age as Sharon.

The guy chuckled amused and put some money on the counter. "Keep the change as an excuse."

As soon as they left Sophie ran up to her. Yup, she definitely had the hots for one of those guys. "Oh my, even his voice sounds good!" she piped in and Julia shook her head.

"When are you going to plan your wedding?"

"Very funny." she scowled at her, but Julia smirked. She never wasted a chance to tease her three year older friend…

Matt sat down on a bench in the park, tired from today's classes. Once in a while, he'd have a hard time concentrating and today was one of those days. Besides, it was Monday, he longed for the weekend to return.

He idly twiddled with a leaf that rested on the bench. Maybe he should just quit studying and just do some full time work. It's not like the library didn't pay him good, and it's not like he didn't enjoy organizing their interesting files and books and reading through them, but he had to get somewhere in life and he was sure it wasn't connected to the library. Maybe he could take up some extra subjects, or study for something big, like law or medicine.

"Damn it Frickles, come down from there!"

He knew that voice. The way the voice said 'damn' sounded awfully familiar. He already grinned lightly as he turned around halfway to see where it came from. Ah, yes, the girl from the ice cream shop. He wasn't too surprised when he saw she actually dressed quite boyishly instead of the frilly uniforms they need to wear as their uniforms. He watched as she practically swore to a tree, before pointing up and he heard a cat mew disapprovingly.

"You'll be getting no dinner tonight. And you're grounded! If you don't come down here, I'll buy a dog to personally drag you out!"

The cat ignored her.

Matt looked around and found a small stand which sold hotdogs. And milk in cartons. He smiled to himself, quickly bought a carton, and walked over to the girl. She noticed him and glared at him. Well, at least he left an impression.

"Trouble?" He inquired and she shook her head defiantly. "It doesn't look like he's coming out any time soon though." He nodded up towards the tree and the girl blushed embarrassedly.

"He will, or I'll castrate him."

"Ouch." Matt said amused as the girl looked up to the cat for extra emphasis. "Let me help."

"I don't need help."

He shrugged and handed her the carton with milk. "Suit yourself, then." He turned around and walked back to the path, figuring he might as well go home. He had stuff to do, such as the homework he postponed because of the weekend or the entire mess his roommate had left. Liam might look like he was perfectly organized, but looks were deceiving.

"…Wait!" He looked back and saw the cat out of the tree, happily sipping the milk that was in a food box. The girl patted his head and straightened up, getting her wallet.

"I'll pay you back for that,"

"That's okay." He winked and she pouted.

"I don't wanna be indebted, even if it's about something as stupid as a one-dollar carton of milk!"

Ah yes, that did seem like her. Matt looked at her in thought for a while, before smiling widely. "Tell you what. You give me your name, and I'll consider that payment."

"My name. Seriously?" She quirked an eyebrow. "I'd rather give you twenty bucks rather than having to hear you idiots call my name during work."

He waved his finger at her and made a semi-serious face. "We'll keep it our secret~"

She cracked a disbelieving grin and shook her head. "I don't know why I care... It's Julia."

He grinned again. "Well Julia, my name is Matt." She shrugged, not saying anything. "I look forward to seeing you again~"

"I bet you do." He smiled amused and turned around, waving as he walked back to the path. Julia frowned lightly before picking her cat up.

"Now for your punishment." She muttered and the cat purred lovingly while rubbing against her shoulder. "Oh, you won't get away with it so quickly."

The rest of the week she took off due to an important project, but the first day she went back to work, Julia resisted the urge to quit her job when she noticed that, no, the idiotic four-some wasn't in the shop, but yes, her 'favorite' black haired guy was loyally sitting there, grinning at her.

"Good afternoon, little Julia!"

"…" Julia walked straight past him and to the back, to put on her uniform. Once she finished and splashed cold water in her face so that she'd calm herself, she walked back and smiled deceivingly at him.

"Can I help you?" He gave an amused chuckle at her and she blushed embarrassedly, her façade not working.

"Chocolate chip perhaps… You're much like some kind of Cinderella." Matt said, twirling a napkin in his hand. Julia sighed, wondering what he meant now. Not responding, she scooped up the flavor he wanted and handed him his ice cream. "Just when I thought I figured out on which days you are working and on which days you are free, you're schedule changes again! How can I even think of trying to reach you~"

"You shouldn't reach me, that's all." She murmured, giving him his spare change. He feigned a hurt look.

"Aw, why must you hurt my feelings so? I merely wish to spend some time with you!"

Julia smirked and leaned her elbows on the counter. "I don't spend time with customers."

"Playing hard to get? How exciting, Julia." He countered and she blushed before glaring at him, grabbing a cloth and rubbing the counter.

"I don't play anything. Darn, I shouldn't even have told you my name." She sighed, already regretting it, and more talking to herself. He shrugged.

"I'll make it up to you. I'll buy you an ice cream!"

"Ew." She muttered, looking at him distasteful. "I'd rather have you treat me to a hotdog or something." He faked a gasp.

"You don't like ice cream?" Julia nodded, wondering what was so weird about it, and she nervously blinked when he grinned widely at her, his voice lowering to what could be described as a deep whisper. "In that case, I'll make it my goal to find a flavor you like."

She blinked before blushing at his tone of voice. He sounded like he was proposing something entirely different. "Thanks but no thanks. I really don't like ice cream."

"Now, we'll just go along with the fifty-two rule."

Julia quirked an eyebrow. "Fifty-two rule?"

"Yeah, this guy once made a bet he'd eat a different ice cream once a week for a year. Fifty-two flavors. If I don't find a flavor you like within those fifty-two flavors, I lost this bet and I will do anything you order me to for a day. Now here," He held out his chocolate chip flavored ice cream. "Lick."

"I ain't licking anything. I need to help some customers and if you want do something to that might please me, you should keep your friends from harassing my friends." She nodded her head to his group of friends who were holding another maid op.

"I'll let you of the hook today if you try it~"

He looked like he meant it though. Julia sighed, leaned forward, grabbed his ice cream and gave it a quick, small lick. Scrunched her nose. "Disgusting."

"Ah, how could you! Don't worry, I love you~" He playfully said to the ice cream. She smiled lightly and held it out. "Here, it doesn't even smell nice." He leaned forward to act along and when he got close, she pushed the ice cream on his nose lightly.

"Sucker." She chuckled when he pulled a long face because he fell for that ancient old trick, before taking his ice cream back and whipping his nose. Julia shook her head and moved to help some people who just arrived. Fifty-two flavors, at least one a week…He certainly wouldn't keep it to once a week, she could tell. So she might be stuck with him for a half a year, or more? Julia resisted the urge to head-desk herself.

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