Chapter 11

Julia nervously shifted around with her feet in the mass of leafs on the ground. Autumn. Not cold enough to wear thick clothes, and not warm enough to wear t-shirts. Her least favourite season.

It's only been three days after the… incident. Julia coughed awkwardly. But she'd taken off from work and stayed home to finish some things. The first thing she saw when she walked around town again was that autumn had showed himself a little more. She stuck her hands in her coat with a frown.

But she wasn't here to criticize the weather or climate or any of those things. She was here with a mission! Julia chuckled knowing how cheesy that sounded. She hoped he'd received it on time and would actually come. Tomorrow she had to have the project finished, and she was almost done with her story.

So yesterday afternoon she met Tyler and practically ordered him to give Matt the small bundle of papers with no other note attached to it. He should get the message, right? So she was waiting in her front garden while toying around with the cat who was oddly fascinated with the leaves. Scott wasn't here, but she felt more comfortable outside then inside.

She leaned again the wooden fence on her porch and shuffled her foot around to amuse the cat. Frickles was absolutely delighted to not only have this kind of attention of his beloved boss, but also that she'd actually make the leaves move. He went after them quickly to implant his claws into it with a happy purr.

Julia looked up when she heard a cough and smiled lightly when she saw Matt standing there, hands in his pockets, a plastic bag around his arm. She had a feeling she knew what was in there!

"Very subtle, forcing Tyler to give it to me." He deadpanned. "He practically shoved it into my face. Really, couldn't you have sent it?"

"I had to make sure you'd read it, now didn't I?"

He smiled at her and sat down on the steps to her porch, holding the plastic bag out. Julia quickly took it and put it down on the porch.

"So what did you think?"

"Amusing." He answered, a tad of doubt in his voice. "But I didn't get the ending. Was it an open ending or was it just not finished?"

"Not finished."

"You have decided on an ending by now then? You can't submit it unfinished, I assume."

"Nah, I haven't decided on anything yet and yes, I can't submit it this way. Guess I'll have to write that part tonight."

"Any ideas?"

Julia smiled and shuffled her foot again for the cat, who happily mewled at her. Eventually Frickles got more than bored of it and left to inspect the plastic bag. "Actually I wanted to know if you knew a good ending. The story is about you as well, you should have some influence on it."

Matt frowned and looked at his knees. "I don't have any original ideas."

"I thought the last one was rather... original. But you're the one that has to work it out in order to make it look believable on paper."

She closed her eyes, knowing that if she'd look at her friend she'd blush madly and her plan would be effectively destroyed because he'd bully her with it. Or not. She didn't know in which kind off mood he was at the moment.

"You mean…" she heard him ask, confused, but she almost wanted to snap at him he didn't have to sound so damn mischievous.

"I'm waiting." She spurred him on further and she heard him chuckle. She knew he would think it was funny. Maybe he expected it, but Julia smiled and sneaked a peek just when he stood up and walked over to her.

"You're not going to wring away and avoid me?" He asked when he was standing before her, looking at her seriously, with a hint of a smile on his lips.

"I wouldn't avoid you or something." She muttered. "I'm quite content with having you around. I just realized that three days too late… Sorry."

He gave her a happy smile that made her stomach tingle a little and couldn't help but smile back a little, unsure of her next move. That all didn't seem to matter much though, when he wasn't too slow with putting one hand on her neck and the other on her cheek. He pulled her towards her and Julia's eyes fluttered closed when his lips touched hers quick after. Putting her hand over the one covering her cheek she pressed a little harder and felt him smile.

She completely forgot she was in the middle of her garden where people could see them, and honestly she didn't really care either, because all she could focus on was Matt, and his scent, and his hands, and his lips. Normally she would've punched him for that one mood-killing joke he made when they broke for air, but Julia just didn't find any will to do so and instead gave him a glare before pulling him back for another round.


With a start she broke away from Matt and looked at the car which just parked on the driveway with wide eyes.

"Enjoying yourselves?"

Seeing her panicked look when she locked eyes with her step father, Matt quickly released her out of his hold and apologetically smiled at Scott who eyed him with mild amusement.

"Eh, this isn't, why are you, I mean-" Julia took a deep breath, rubbing her hands on her cheeks to remove the blush.

"I'm home early because I thought you would feel lonely, seeing I worked the entire week. Guess I was wrong."

Matt snickered and it resulted into Julia punching his arm embarrassedly.

"But don't mind me, the guys have been demanding that I'd go out with them. Tonight's the perfect occasion."

She looked at him dumbfounded before she caught on. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, you two can spent the night here. I'll stay at Peter's tonight. Just don't do any things I wouldn't do."

"What?!" Julia shrieked. "What the hell do you think you are implying?!" she still had her hands on her cheeks and she positively felt them burning. This sucked!

"I think he means we might have intercourse tonight, pumpkin." He was quickly reduced to a fleeing white blur because Julia decided she had to hit him multiple times for not only the nickname, but also for saying such a thing out loud with no shame, to the step father of his… err… girlfriend… she supposed.

And if she would've listened closely, she heard Scott murmur something about young love and kids these days after he put his stuff away in the house. Julia had gotten her revenge on Matt and walked into the house with the ever remaining blush on her cheeks. He followed her soon after with a sneaky smile.

The rest of the month went by normally. For other people then. Julia had been thoroughly embarrassed after a slap on her behind at work ("before you strangle me, I want to say you have the best ass in the world, wifey!"), which was followed with a chase from her side. She couldn't leave the few heated make out sessions out either, and discovered her dear boy… friend (Julia fiddled with her fingers) loved to do these on particular places, such as in the park or in the back rooms of the ice cream shop. Of course he'd love to show affection to her in front of Scott as well, but seeing her step father didn't particularly mind, she started to mind less as well. Next to that Sophie demanded juicy details while all they did was just kissing and she had to hear Leo shamelessly teaching her sex-ed. (Why did everything thought of that so quickly?!)

All in all, a normal week for other people. Julia wondered how much more blood could raise to her cheeks.

"What are you thinking about~"

"Anything but what you're thinking about."

"Too bad." Matt grinned and petted her head, which was positioned on his chest. Julia sighed and tried to focus on the movie they were watching, but it was hard with him so close. She ought to be used to his now.

"Don't you think it's weird Scott took later shifts?" He asked, but with the amused tone in it, she already knew he knew. Scott was terrified he walked in on them, and she could imagine how horrible it would be if you walked in on your (step)daughter and her boyfriend. Yeah, she totally understood him.

Thus, Julia ignored the question and continued focusing on the television. "You're ignoring me~"

"I'm trying to concentrate." She replied smartly, burying her hands in his shirt childishly. He snickered amused.

"Don't tell me you haven't watched this movie ten times already. There's a reason it was next to the television and not stacked up somewhere." Darn it.

Giving in, Julia sat up and moved for the remote control, pausing the movie. "It was your idea to watch a movie. If you don't want to, you shouldn't have proposed it!"

"I did want to, but I grew tired of it!"

Julia's mouth twitched as she wanted to throw out he was acting like a woman on her period. But he'd prove her wrong so she just kept quiet. "I'm gonna get snacks." She announced, jumping of the couch and perfectly dodging his grabbing hand at her waist. Ha!

Waiting for the magnetron to be finished with the popcorn, she sat on the kitchen table and stared at it with a smile. Now she could brag about being in love as much as she wanted to Sophie and seeing she already had her fill, Sophie was going to listen to her as well!

"Did you pause the movie?" Matt shook his head and she pouted. "You're gonna miss Edward's confession to Jane!"

"Honestly Julia, I rather wait for the popcorn with you than watch a minute more of the theatrical drama that calls itself Jane Eyre."

"You culture bastard! It's a lovely movie. You'll have to watch it more often if you're intending on being here."

"Let's make a compromise, I'll mesmerize the movie if you become my lovely wifey!"

"Quit with the wifey thing!" Julia immediately responded out of reflex. "And take it one thing at a time will you. I don't think I'm ready to have you around everywhere yet."

"Aw? At least come and live with me? I'll kick Tyler out~"

"Nah-ah, it's not the deadline yet." Julia smirked evilly.

"Why did I ever come up with that fifty-two rule." He whined and she smirked. In order to have a little payback at him, she'd put a rule for a few things, such as living together, so she could refuse! Julia felt strangely powerful.

"I'll just have to seduce you into coming for slumber parties then~" He suggested and she rolled her eyes at him; but she couldn't say she minded. He grinned at her and moved over to her to kiss her, completely ignoring the ting of the magnetron.

"The movie," She said when he broke with her to reposition and he smirked.

"According to Jane's happy sighs, they're probably kissing. I say we should follow their example~"

"Only if you finish the movie." She pushed him away and jumped of the table to get a bowl for the popcorn, filling it, and returning to the couch, pulling her unwilling boyfriend with her. To give him at least a bit of what he wanted, Julia settled against his chest when they were both seated again, hearing him making an approving sound. She smiled contently at that.