Mankind has never learned. In all their years of dominating this planet, they have never learned not to be seduced by something due to it's beauty. While there are exceptions, most of the time, in the state that we're in, every beautiful object has dark secrets, waiting to unleash them upon civilization…

Thirty years ago, some scientists discovered a gem while searching in some ruins located in Egypt. This gem, which they have called Rhyzonite, had a very distinct color. It was turquoise-colored, yet when held up to the light, reveals various black patterns. Nobody knew what these patterns meant, but everybody who saw it marveled at it's beauty.

Ten years later, it was revealed that this gem could be used as a major power source. The discovery could change the world, as one small gem could power up an entire city for sixty years. All regular power lines were destroyed and replaced with the gem. Everything worked out great…until a few days ago.

The day seemed perfectly normal, like nothing could ever happen that day. But we were wrong. Around 1:00, all the power went out. We all thought that it was just a quick malfunction with the electricity, as those were very common in the last few months. We all waited for the lights to come back on. They never did.

Suddenly, blue lights beamed down onto Earth, the same color as the gem. Immediately after that, the same black patterns found on the gem flashed on the ground. We all knew something terrible was about to happen. Then, everything abruptly stopped, fooling all of my classmates to believe that it was all over. It was too soon to calm down, however.

Dark hands began emerging from the ground. We thought that the beast owning that hand was human sized. The hand suddenly turned into a blade, still having the same dark color. A head the size of my school emerged from the ground. At the moment, it was bodiless, but soon, dark vapor appeared behind it, eventually becoming a solid body. As the beast stood up, revealing itself to be five times the size the head was, it stared at us. A few moments, later, it quickly changed it's hand into a cannon. As a light began to shine inside it, we all knew that it was time to run.

It quickly fired sooner than we expected, and half of my class my teacher were killed by this beast. The remaining students and I began to take whatever vehicles were available, and run.

As I read this article in the newspaper, I wasn't really surprised. Tons of these things have been attacking lately. Yeah, I was saying everything up until the day of the first attack. Some survivors decided to run to their local newspaper companies and demanded that their descriptions of the attacks were published, so that they could warn people of the demons. Unfortunately, this will probably be my last read, as my town's newspaper is one of the last remaining, and it will probably be destroyed like the rest of them.

I don't know whoever found these damn gems, but to most of us, it seemed like it was already too late to stop the threat.