Seven years later…


Oh…I'm so nervous… I never would have thought that we would make it this far… I thought to myself. My father stood across the room simply beaming at me. He looked like an old dork. I was glad that he was happy for me though. I would have died if he had said no.

"You're absolutely stunning in that dress, Abigail." My father said. He looked like he could burst into tears at any given moment. It seems like you were just learning to speak yesterday." He said.

"Aw, Daddy, please don't cry." I said. I rolled my eyes at him and adjusted my dress.

"It's not every day that you have to give your daughter away to another man." He said as the tears welled up.

"Don't start crying now, Hugh." My mother chided. She grinned at me and winked. "He cleans up very nicely." She said. I smiled shyly and nodded. My bridesmaid, Emma walked in with a bright smile on her face.

"It's time, Abby." She said. I flushed and slipped the veil onto my head. I stepped off of the stool that I had been standing on and walked over to my father.

"Are you ready, Dad?" I asked. He nodded and offered me his elbow. "Let's go."


As soon I rounded the corner of the doorway the pianist began playing. I sucked in a breath when I saw him standing up at the altar. This is it. It's actually happening. My God he's so handsome… I thought. He smiled at me and I'm pretty sure I saw him blushing as well.

My goodness. You are the most beautiful creature I've ever seen, Abigail. He said. I blushed and glanced down at the ground. Get up here. I looked up and he winked at me with a grin on his face.

I came to a stop at the altar and took my place next to him. I'm so nervous… I thought.

Me too. But now we'll be together…

I sucked in a breath when we stated our vows.

"Do you Tyler Lindstrom take Abigail Niederer to be your lawfully wedded wife?" the pastor asked. Tyler looked into my eyes with pure love and raised a ring into the air.

"I do." He said confidently. He slipped the gorgeous ring onto my finger and held it there for a quick moment.

"And do you, Abigail Niederer, take Tyler Lindstrom to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." I said. I slipped the wedding band onto his finger and smiled softly.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride." The pastor said with a thoughtful smile on his face.

Tyler wrapped his arms around my waist and I encircled his shoulders with mine. He leaned me back slightly and kissed my lips ever so gently, but made himself clear that he loved me more than anything else on the planet.

The kiss broke quickly. "I love you Tyler Lindstrom." I whispered.

"I love you too Mrs. Lindstrom." Tyler said happily. He kissed me once more, and then we walked out of the church and out to the gardens where we danced our hearts out and where I fell even more deeply in love with him.

The End

Dedicated to all of those odd balls out there that believe in true love.


So...It's over. See, it was only a 25 page short story, but I really liked it. So I posted it here. :D Thanks to all of my readers.