I guess you could say we were screwed...

The way it all started...

Lets see...

People in America started to get sick. I don't know why or how or when it started.

I always check in on America. Seeing as I live in Egypt now. I may not have family in America anymore, but I am still a proud American. You might say 'HA you live WAY over there and think you can still call yourself that?' Well yes, I very well have that right. I have to leave in Egypt to do my job. I'm an Egyptologist. I study all things ancient Egyptian. Well anyways..

The hospitals began to fill. People kept getting sick. No one knew why they just did. People were scared. Even over here everyone was talking about it. The news reported more than half of all of the countries population were in hospitals. The scientist or doctors couldn't figure out what the problem was. The sick didn't have that much wrong with them. They grew weak and turned blue. They could barely catch their breath. They coughed up blood. (You know the usual symptoms) Since the scientists didn't know what the problem was they had no cure.

The American president told people 'everything is okay'. But really and truly it wasn't. But he couldn't have known that. No one could.

All of the people that were sick died. No one survived that had gotten sick. Soon the virus (or whatever you want to call it) spread all over the world. People really began to get scared.

My best friend was one of the ones that got sick here in Egypt. Akila was my only really good friend here. She was an Egyptologist along side with me. She called me one day and told me she was coughing up blood. I was really scared. I was hoping it wasn't this sickness. We just got back from a dig the day before so I thought (more hoped) maybe sand got into her lungs or something. That wasn't it... Akila died a week after that in the hospital.

I guess you could say I was depressed for a while. But I get over things fast, so crying didn't last long. I puckered up and kept on going. I still went to work, it kept my mind off of things. I put on one of those filter masks everyday and always carried hand sanitizer. I felt very stylish...NOT! It was very depressing at the museum where I work. We all missed Akila very much.

So, I was sitting at home flipping through the channels on TV. My dog, Isis, was snoozing next to me on the couch. I found the American news station I always watch. The news lady on the television was literally freaked out.

"--dead are walking! Yes, all of those scary movies about zombies have finally come true!", the reporter said trying to hold back tears. "Here in America all of the people that have died due to that horrible sickness have come back to life and are walking around. Here is a video of one reported "zombie" attacking a family in the park yesterday. What you are about to see is real!"

When the video showed up on the TV you could see the trees and flowers. Families were playing with dogs and feeding the ducks by the pond.

"Daddy look over there! That man has blood all over him!" A little boy sitting on the grass screamed and pointed. The man the little boy pointed to turned when he heard the little boy scream. He just stood there looking at them. His clothes were torn and bloody. Blood was dripping from his mouth and hands. He looked like he just went through a blender.

The zombie started limping towards the family. His foot was twisted and faced the other way. I don't see how he could walk without pain. I looked like it hurt like a mother fucker.

"Bill! Do something!" A women said as she pulled the little boy close and started to get off the grass.

The camera fell to the grass and a man came into view. "Uh, sir please turn around and leave. We don't want any trouble."

The zombie just made a grunting sound in response and came closer. The family kept backing up. The father stepped in front of his wife and kid and put his fists up. "Stay back I warn you."

The zombie leaped on the man and they started rolling on the ground. "HELP!" the wife was screaming and crying all while trying to cover her sons eyes.


A gun shot rang out. A police officer ran up to the family with his gun in his hand. "Is everyone alright?" he asked. "What in God's name was that thing?" He said specifically toward Bill who was standing now and holding on to his arm.

"Ouch! I've no idea but you saved my life. Thank you so much." Bill's voice was growing weaker with every word.

"Are you okay, honey?" his wife asked still clutching their son.

By now many bystanders were watching the action going on between these people. Their was about twenty standing around.

"That thing bit me that's all. No worries I'll be fine." His voice was just a whisper.

He toppled over and fell hard on the grass. He began to shake. "Bill!" his wife screamed. She ran to his side and tried to keep him still. After a few more shakes he became deathly still. "Oh my God!" The wife turned to look at the officer. "DO SOMETHING!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. "SAVE HIM!"

"Mommy, whats wrong with daddy?" the little boy spoke in a shaky voice. He walk towards Bill and touched his leg. Bill jolted in to an upright position and grabbed his wife. He bit her hard on the cheek.

"Ow! Bill! What do you think your doing?" the wife screamed with shock and pain in her voice.

"Mommy!" , the little boy yelled as she started shaking on the ground. Both her and her husband got up and started attacking people. Everyone began running everywhere the police officer pick up the little boy and ran with him. The camera went fuzzy and the news came back on. The news women was struggling to compose herself.

I wish I could say to you "April Fools!" but guess what I can't this is no joke. This is happening around the world. I was completely scared to death. "What the fuck is going on?" I yelled just to vent a little I guess. Isis pricked up her ears and whimpered. She always knew when something was wrong.

"Lets go to bed. We're going to have a long day tomorrow." I said as I turned off the TV and set it on the coffee table. I got off the couch and went to the front door to make sure it was locked. Looking out the window you could see my small neighborhood. The street lights were all on and nothing looked out of the ordinary. The back door was also locked. When me and Isis got upstairs, I went to the hall closet and got out my small pistol. (I never had to use it but you never know). I set it on my night stand and patted the bed for Isis to lay down. I fell asleep the moment I closed my eyes.