Growing up, I know we weren't that close

But this is just over the top, I suppose

You think this is okay?

To jerk my feeling around like this

To do this to me

To us

To everything we built up until now.

I've never been angry at you before

Never in my life

I've never yelled at you before

We've never disagreed on ANYTHING

But now, I think we've grown apart

Like we were catapulted back to start

What you did was not okay

Get yourself together

DO NOT pass go

And DO NOT collect $200

You crushed me with your words

You joked like everything was okay

Everything is defiantly NOT okay

After all the tears I shed

It's going to take some time for me to simmer

All of this nonsense that has happened

You tell me you're setting an example

But in reality, you're just pissing everyone off

Especially me

Do me a favor

And don't EVER do this again

Because I don't ever want to have to stare at those flowers

Knowing that it was you who did it

I don't want to gaze at that picture

And know that it was you who made it that way

I love you more than anything in this world

So don't take the only thing I care about

And use it to play your retarded little games

You left this small feeling of guilt and dishonesty here inside of me

And forever it will remain

Until I am buried deep into the ground

Tucked cozy into the earth

I wonder

If the shoes were different

Would you be as hurt,

as I am now?

Tell me

Show me

Allow me to understand

Because right now, I'm going to need new antennas

Tonight I'll lie in bed

And probably think about the what ifs

I'll most likely start crying my brain out again.

Don't say sorry

Just show me that you've changed.

Until then

I will wait

Until then…

-Keyra B. Corey