Adam and Eve
Stand still forest -
the lovers approach.

Sweet, steady entourage
of flesh;
waltzes she,
saunters he,

lungs for mouths,
without rib,
mother moans
miraculously: the light!

He lingers; tight-lipped,
tighter still then the tiger
stripe of doom-sound

a rip between sky
and ground.

Surge of bird wings
walloping without
the mockery of her

as though smiling
she could break
natural flight.

As though dismissive,
she forgets,

tugs fingers from
bones, and he, in
breaking himself
christened her
alterations; though

no father here;

only brother and
sister here,

only lovers,

only the erroneous light -

stand still chameleon skull.
Serpent heart with the
flowering grace.
Stand still continent,

they approach.

a/n: written for the June WCC.