It was about 10 at night and unbearably too quiet for the likes of Giovanni Maev. She slowly surfed through the 3,000 or so of channels that her stupid cable company provided her.

"What a waste of money," she said aloud, scratching her neck. It was a Friday and the night was dead as a doorknob. She was bored out of her mind with absolutely nothing to do.

The funny thing about the whole situation was that she had at least two offers from friends of hers to go out clubbing. She turned it down because she simply could not miss the new season of True Blood. Yeah, there was such a thing as DVR but she decided it would not be the same.

Giovanni threw the remote down in frustration. She stood to her height of 5'2, raising her arms to the ceiling trying to get the ache out of her for sitting down too long. She fixed her long gown that she decided to wear. It was a faded yellow with patterns of pink roses. Her younger sister always referred to the gown as "Granny Jammies". Granny Jammies or not, the gown was comfortable enough to do absolutely nothing in for long periods of time. She walked to her bathroom for the sixth time that night and stumbled to find the switch on her wall. She shut her almond shaped eyes as the light offended it, slowly lifting the left then the right.

She stared at her dark milk chocolate visage through her mirror, contorting her face into different shapes as a young child would. She was proud of her face, and though many would have thought her vain, she took pride init. Her mother, bless her soul, always told her a young black woman should do everything in her power to keep her body neat and nice. Giovanni was proud of her almost blemish free skin, prominent nose, high cheek bones that wanted to touch the sky and lips that most women not of her back ground, would spend big money for.

She had leaned further into her mirror observing her brown eyes when her house phone rang. Giovanni nearly jumped out her skin.

"Shit," she cursed to herself. Being in a dark old house at night and alone can make a person antsy. Abandoning her little fun, she ran to kitchen, stubbing her toes here and there.

Picking up the phone, she answered. "Hello?"

"Hey, Gio! Why are you at home on a Friday night?"

Ah! It was her beloved sister. Her baby like voice, despite her age of 21 was hard not to distinguish from anyone else's. Angelique was her sister's name and she was a memorable person. Looks were deceiving for both her and Giovanni. With their serious attitudes they wore at the work place or handling funds for some volunteer project, they were actually fun loving people. When one broke out in song in the mall or started doing the funky chicken or the Electric Slide in the dairy aisle in someone's local grocery, the other would follow shortly behind.

"What's up Angel? Are you getting your freak on at some club and had to check on me to see if I am still alive? Because I am still alive incase you had not notice. I am also just fine wearing my Granny Jammies making funny faces in my mirror because I have nothing better to do." Gio stopped, breathing heavily only to proceed again. "You know, you can always ask me if I can drop what I am doing to have some fun too. I enjoy fun…"

With a smile in her voice, Angelique said, "Be ready in 10."


"Yes, ten. Peace." The phone made a clicking sound signaling Angelique's ending of the call.

Giovanni ran up her stairs at a blinding speed. With the flick of her wrist, her bedroom lights turned its self on. Gio was just about to open her closet door when her sister's voice said, "I figured you wouldn't know what to wear so I came over to give you some help."

"I really wish you would give me some sort of warning before you start popping in my house like you own the place." Gio's heart was going 90 miles. "At least the ghosts have the decency to knock before they come through."

Angel ignored what her sister said as she rummaged through her closet.

"Here," Gio said flicking her wrist again. The lights shimmered as her closet began to expand within its self.

"Mmm, thanks." her sister mumbled.

Giovanni leaned against the door mantle as she watched her sister go deeper and deeper into her closet. To any other witch, the thought of expanding closet may not seems so unbelievable but when the owner of the closet had a collection of a number of traditional "witch wear" through the decades and the ages, it was quiet something. She watched her sister disappear within the interesting fabrics and colors that is her closet. She groaned aloud as she saw her sister materialized in front of her holding white cloth.

"Because it just kills to walk like a normal person," Giovanni thought.

"Well, yes it does because for one, I am not normal, plus I need to practice on my apparating." Angelique always had away of justifying what ever she did.

"Yes, yes. Now, what are you holding in your arms?"

Angelique's eyes held an unmistakable mischief in it at she played with the white fabric in her hands. Gio's eyes squint at what she was sure was not a regular outfit for a regular night of clubbing.

"Well…" Angel was obviously stalling.

Gio rolled her eyes. "Well, what, Angel? Do not you start that stalling shit with me! You spit it out or I'll smack it out."

"My gods," pouted Angel, "why do you always have to be so mean?"

"Angelique Vieola Maev!"

"Okay! Well, you now tonight there is a full moon -"

Angelique shook her head violently, "No."

"But you didn't even let me finish what I was about to say!"

"You don't need to." Angelique folded the sleeves of her gown to just below her elbow. "Because I know what you are going to say and what you intend for us to do and the answer is no."

"But it won't be like last time," Angel pleaded.

Last time… Last time Angelique and Giovanni decided to don their white and spend the night with some of the fellow witches of Salem, jealous werewolves decided to crash their get together.

Stupid werewolves think they own the got damn place just because of a full moon.

"You say it won't be like last time," Gio crossed her arms against her chest and stared at Angel incredulously, "How do you know?"

Angel looked down and shuffled her feet. She thanked the gods for her dark complexion because her cheeks were burning with blush. Obviously, she wasn't to dark because her sister saw right through her.

Gio's eyes were slits as she stared at Angel, "You didn't…"

Angel smiled impishly. "Yes, I did and look: I am getting married!"

On her left hand, incased in a platinum band, laid a cushion cut amethyst gem. How did Giovanni sharp eyes miss that? She stared at the deep purple gem until her vision turned red. All hell was about to break loose.