Essay A Nightmare

Luckily my parents were going out somewhere and I decided to watch some adult shows in the television even though I'm forbidden to watch such shows. I turned on the television and went to the adult channel and saw a murder film it has a lot of shooting, slicing and blood with people screaming ear piercingly loud. I also screamed from seeing so much gore, blood and shooting happening in a bank robbery but I still watched the film to the very end even though the ending was not a happy ending. When I saw my parents car arriving I turned off the television and sprinted to my bed. The next day I woke up and heard my parents screaming so I dashed downstairs and soon started to scream as well for I saw the entire neighbourhood being murdered by some yakuza (Japanese Mafia). Me and my parents started to tremble and went out of our house to inform the police. When we told the police about our problem they told us that the yakuza had also invaded several part of the cities and they couldn't do anything about it, since the yakuza are very incredibly powerful and fearless. Shortly after saying all this some yakuza member came and attack the police station everyone screamed as me and my parents tried to run out of the station and the police started to shoot the yakuza unfortunately they were extremely skilled at dodging and killed most of the policemen

As me and my parents were running some yakuza were chasing us with guns and knives on their hands it was just like the film I watched yesterday only a lot more brutal. Soon the yakuza managed to shoot both my parents dead I stopped for a moment and started to scream since now there's no one to take care of me since all of our relatives lives faraway in another country. Then I saw the yakuza that killed my parents, he glared coldly at me and I noted that his expression was like ice before he walked off with a sniff. I stared at him shocked to be spared. A short while later the remaining police men arrived and told me that I have to migrate into another country and live with my relatives since the yakuza has invaded the entire country and lifted me up to head over to an airport but when we reached the airport we saw several yakuza and started to scream like a little girl the yakuza managed to kill the remaining policemen while I was running away from a fearsome looking yakuza with really big, strong, muscular arms and a scar tattoo between his beady eyes, I ran as fast as I can before I saw more yakuza blocking the way so I turned to an alley unfortunately it was a dead end since a wall of bricks was blocking the way. The yakuza then cackled and unleashed a knife to cut off my arms and legs I trembled with fear as he did so. Then he points his knife at my neck and I started to tremble with fear and screamed loudly and heard a voice telling me to wake up

I opened my eyes and discovered it was all a really bad nightmare. My bed was soaked with sweat and urine so I took off the bedsheet and tried to wash it before my parents returns to see the mess I did but when I was drying it my parents appeared sooner than I though and asked why I was cleaning my bedsheet. I've tried to tell them a lie but knew it was no use so I confessed about my nightmare and what started it. I closed my eyes ready to face the music but that just told me that at least I have learned my lesson and hopes that I will not do such a thing again until I'm older I sighed in reliever and promised that I will never do it ever again