Essay 2 Write a story ending with: "How will I explain everything to my dad or mom"

Mom and Dad had to go to another town for a few months due to some trades so me and my younger sister were being looked after by our grandfather who is rather.. absent minded and not too clever.. Things were going along rather smoothly until a few days later, grandpa decided to visit some friends and we were all alone for a whole day. My sister who was incredibly wild and spritey compared to a sixteen year old but that may be because I rarely socialize and was meeker and gentler compared to her when I was her age last year, suggested that we invited the entire Form 4 to a party I shook at such an absurd idea and told her she was crazy to invite the entire Form 4. Unfortunately she poohed at me and said I only said that because I was a whimp and all boys my age would approve of it. I shuddered at this since she is much taller and stronger than me and if I try to stop her, she would hit me until I bleed and tell our parents that I was bullying her and she beaten me in self defense and sine she's their favourite child I get into serious trouble for this by getting my pocket money taken away, grounded for a few days or cleaning up the entire house alone so I had to relent and tell her to host her party. She cheered up instantly but also warned me not to interfere. I swallowed and agreed. When the party started by six in the evening I was amazed at the huge amount of sixteen year old teenagers (And some seventeen year old) crowding up the house, some of them even pushed me out and slammed the door on my face and it was pouring out cats and dogs outside.. I groaned at how weak I was since I was only five feet tall and all of these people are taller than me and wished I was as strong as all the other boys my age. I never skipped gym lessons but my frail body made me behind in physical aspects. After I decided to stop being wishful I peeked at the window to see what was going on and my eyes grew wide to see all the teenagers hacking each other's laptop, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs and practicing underaged sex. I gasped at all the image and wonder if these kids hormones are overflowing. Then I saw my sister doing it as well with an unknown boy who appears to be my age, not that I look seventeen but you catch my drift. They appeared to be enjoying themselves not caring about what will happen, I clenched my fist, tried to look brave and stormed into the house and yelled at them to stop at once. The boy then sniggered at me and said I was a stupid coward who don't like enjoying himself at all while my sister whined at me telling me that I am too soft hearted and I should grow a spine. I shook at all those words and ran upstairs in tears. All girls wants bad boys.. how true that word is.. As I was crying in bed I heard my sister said she truly loved the strange boy with all her heart and wishes he could be her future soul mate and he too promised he would be with her all the time. I mumbled to myself that the boy is a hypocrite. When morning passed I found it difficult to wake up as I was crying to myself half the night and went down to see the entire living room in a horrificly sticky mess with marijuana strewed across the floor, heroin powder all over the place and spilled vodka (And white sticky stuff to add and bottles of strange liquids. I can't really make out what it is) Then I saw my sister and her so called lover boy sleeping peacefully as Grandpa returned home in a much happier mood and unaware of what was going on told my sister and the boy to wake up and have breakfast, only to find out I haven't cook any breakfast yet so he told me to cook some breakfast first before I clean up the entire living room. I did so meekly cooking porridge and making warm milk before I cleaned the house in a demure manner. As the time passed things should have returned to normal. Right? Wrong. My sister after a few weeks suddenly vomited a lot, ate endlessly and have extremely violent mood swings which shocked my grandfather. I wasn't really surprised as I suspect something fishy but I dare not tell him in case I might be wrong but when three months passed I saw her belly increase in size. I sent her to the doctor to examine her. When he finished examining her my instincts were right.. She is pregnant with a baby from that party. When I told her about it she started to scream and said I was the one responsible for all this. I shuddered at her words knowing that she will lie her way through and said I was the one who impregnate her. They too are wild but they are not that wild, knowing them they will believe in her and not me since she's the youngest child and they are pretty superstitious from reading fairy tales. My blood ran cold. How will I ever explain everything to my dad or mom