Made: Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time: 2:08p.m


Chandelier, chandelier
Crashin' to the ground
I'm fallin' here, I'm fallin' here
For keepin' you around

Hour glass, hour glass
Empty of its sand
Time won't last, time won't last
With this empty hand

I guess my time has come
Time to think up the lies
Stop leanin' on this toneless hum
And start breakin' up the ties

I guess we never had a chance
It was just my false hope
Falsely hopin' just enhanced
And I'm out of time to mope

Red carpet, red carpet
With all those pretty lights
The harp it, the harp it
Took away all those tear-filled nights

Roses, roses
Always fallin' down
Closes, closes
Never askin' to be found

I guess I lost you from the start
The game has no winners
We've taken out my heart
And I was just the beginner

I guess it was just puppy love
Fallin' for you for so long
Curses clash with gifts from above
And land on me for all my wrongs

Angels, angels
Givin' up their light
Ribbons with tangles, ribbons with tangles
Are locking up this fight

You, just you
Have left me here
Me, only me
With a lonely tear.